Dec 16, 2011

Libya Liberation Front news [16.12.2011.]

Photo by Forzza Comandante
(1) The city of Bani Walid was returned to the Werfalla people after a three day intense battle between Werfalla and the rebels, green army supported Bani Walid with artillery, airforce and reconnainsance to take back their city, signs of jubilation, gun shots in the air and normalcy were starting to return back due to the city, due to Islamic laws against shopwing horrific scenes and dead bodies of the enermy, bodies of 403 enermy soldiers will not be paraded, broadcast or shown on digital electronic camera's for global view, but videos will remain open for private viewership after completeion of hostilities. 
Though rebels fall and are being killed in large numbers in combat, we do not follow satanic rituals of displaying enermy bodies days and days in the open for the whole world to see, for us every human life lost is precious, we would prefer this not happening in Libya. Family members of the killed rebels will be notified by the tribes of Bani Walid about their burial places and identity of the killed rebels. Unlike what American forces did with Saddam Hussein, and the utterly disregard of the deceased by rebels with Libyan citizens in Sirte, Tawhorgha and Bani Walid.
(2) The son of Khalifa Heftar who was appointed by his father as Chief of NTC NATO rebels ground forces has been shot on the foot by Zentan brigades, he was rushed to hospital.

(3) Green Army Libya is prosecuting a war against US Army and military government officials for direct involvement in many of the deaths in Sirte, brutal murders in Sirte with horrific deaths, usage of chemical, biological warfare, the unleashing of untold tones of depleted uranium on the city of Sirte which renders many parts of the city forver uninhabitable, quantities of depleted uranium found in Sirte by returning people, scientists, and forces of the green army found large quantinties of uranium bombs, piles of bombs that exceed the normal practices allowed for civilian usage, the display of martyrs body in Sirte for days, US has a macabre culture of death originating to the temple of Zion, which was used by Pharises as a tool, a weapon of choice to humiliate, taunt and denigrate the enermy, we have seen these happening in all Israeli operated diamond mines, where guerrilas are mercilessly slaughtered after raising the white flag of peace and surrender, many of the American in CIA and Pentagon often bath in human deaths. Though legal laws existing in moderb books state clearly nations must refrain from aiding internal conflicts, knowing these were not peaceful rebels, rebels had been uncrating brand new FN NATO grade Belgian manufactured rifles. Justice was not served in this case, green forces will pursue fierce justice to the very end with the force of arms.

(4) Guest workers invited by Moammar Gadhaffi to work in Libya from nearest poor African countries, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, TChad, Sudan and Mali were brutal murdered by the rebels, their wives and daughters raped by NATO sponsored rebels, US has often engage in blood sports. Libyan governement forces did not have mercenary amongst national Jamahiriyah army, the legacy of these NATO sponsored rebels is horribly bloody all over Libya, US forments these rebels in foreign nations, external extremist Islamic forces that you can find and gather around the earth.

(5) 32 Khamis brigade attacked rebels outpost at area 50 in Sabha, scores of rebels have been presumed dead and hundreds heavily injured, rebels were scattered all over the place at the outskirts of Sabha.

(6) Demonstrations are continuing in the rebel hotbed of Benghazi in Al-Sharara Benghazi, demonstrations are being staged by thousands of young Libyans gathered in the Al-Sharara neighborhood.

(7) Libya was an ally of the United States, Italy and many European nations when they attacked, green army feels as US has never been interested in allies, they are always on the look out for vassals rather than allies, UNited States has enough peaceful civilians blood on it's hands around the world, US and it's allies cannot live without disgusting, bloodied scenes found all over it's path around the world. Is that the type of democracy Libyans want?.

(8) NTC rebels and militias are using heavy weapons and firing into a crowd of protesters in Benghazi, and also many demonstrators are supporters of Gadhaffi.

(9) Green army engaged in fierce battles around Tripoli, dressed as rebels as mode of operation to confuse the rebels and spread them with bullets. Green Resistance also attacked convoys of trucks smuggling stolen Libyan oil, leaving many Pickups and trucks destroyed.

We will keep you updated with Green Libyan Resistance when news becomes available, always green and always real with events in Libya.
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