Dec 1, 2011

Libya news [backup libyasos] 14. November - 24. November 2011.

Libya resistance news: 18. - 24. November  2011.

Libya resistance news: 17. November  2011.    
00h/ Libya S.O.S. – Daily News ->
/ Helicopter landed with eight of the persons parachuted from the air, and Apache circling around skies in Vhlom P Ben Achour, Dahra
1 - bloody day all around Tripoli ... heavy explosions shaking the Abu Salim and Ain Zara, Salahuddin and Got Alhaal and the road to the airport ...... violent clashes in the tourist area and Frenaj and angle of Dahmani and Vhlom Friday market and Sarraj and Tripoli airport and Republic Street and Gurgi and Aldrebe.
2 - bombing of a traitors car on the road June 11th in Tripoli and the death of them/
3 - two successive explosions in the center of Misurata
4 - clashes between members of the Almgarjh and traitors from Misurata in Sabha, some fights happened around airport as well.
5 - violent clashes on the airport road Bsabha
/ Warning:
Khatma large cars type of fast tanks.. Benghazi written on it in white colors.
To all residents of Abu Salim plateau green Gargour Friday Market Abu Sitta and surrounding areas in Tripoli to enter their homes, the commitment to Balhaddr will be launched two hours after the battle on streets now between the Green Libyan army and Jerdan.
TUNISIA 16.11.2011.- Protest in front of Qatar embassy in Tunisia- Tunisians protesting against Emir of Qatar
23h/ NATO BOOTS IN LIBYA - As it became known to the public in the intervention involved the following Libya's land forces of the coalition:
To capture Tripoli, Sirte - involving 30 000 U.S. Army mercenaries, called the landing from the sea.
To capture the Ras Lanufa - involving 32 000 men 82 Air Division of the U.S. Army.
... The brigade included Misrata - 50 000 Israeli mercenaries.
French legion  - 40 000 mercenaries. Participated in military operations, Benghazi, Ras Lanuf, Al Zawiya, Tripoli, Sirte.
was presented - 70 000 Egyptian mercenaries, 30 000 - mercenaries from Saudi Arabia, 10, 000 - Qatari mercenaries, the Afghan Taliban mercenaries - 1 500 soldiers.
British Special Forces SAS - 3000 mercenaries.[
Jazira Chuibekova]
22h/ Breaking news: Dr. Musa Ibrahim is safe in Libya.
Musa Ibrahim, spokesman of the legitimate Libyan Jamahiriyah government and one of the leaders of the Green Resistance is alive and well. Deepest respect to him for staying loyal and to all the martyrs who have given their lives to defend Libya and the Global South
The Ongoing Imperialist Events - Lizzie Phelan -
21h/ Prisoners escaped from Abu Salem NTC bandits cage! Clashes in Abu Salem yesterday and today, was very heavy. Cage does not protect only with 2 guards, council treat all their soldiers and followers on fighting with our brave boys! Prisoners ( Gaddafi supporters, most of them from Misurata),brokened the door's and killed 2 guards and escaped.
20h/ News who shocked all in Libya- "No Money ,said Libyan ministry"
Demonstrations,ahead NTC headquarter's. No Money... shame !!!! "Shame shame ministry Libyan no money," the source
20h/ Report Libya :
MISRATA: Misrata was hit by Major blasts as Tribal war continued between Pro-Gaddafi South misrata against North misrata rebel brigade
SOUTH LIBYA: NATO continued airstrikes in South of Libya bombing Tuareg’s bases and military that continue fighting against NTC mercenaries
Taureg fighters continue to fight against the Rebels in Sabha. But NATO airstrikes continue on Southern libya region

SABHA:several clashes between Green Resistance and bandits in the city of Sabha -explosions and heavy gunfire in the area of the airport ...
The Libyan sources said the Mujahideen of the tribes Al Mgarhh and Al Qmazfah, held  communications between them to unite and attack bandits in  the Gardah center brings 
EAST LIBYA: Cities of Baidah and Derna and Tobruk are preparing for War against Benghazi Brigades. East Libya infighting begins
NTC NEWS: NTC is furious as all brigades refuse their orders.. Belhadj ALQAEDA brigade and Misrata brigade both of them reject NTC
- Misrata brigade declares it will leave the NTC and Continue on its own. Refuses to Integrate with NTC army.
-  EU Representative Met with Different Brigades and especially Misrata Brigade spoke about Splitting of Libya into 5 parts.
- Green resistance and ARRAI TV discovered document by EU stating a Plan to split libya into 5 parts and Permission by EU for it
- Misrata brigade has executed all civilians that were healed by Red cross and executed Civilians that survived in Hospitals. Misrata brigade has lost many Fighters... but they still have 700 tanks and need to attack new areas as Misrata lacks oil
SIRTE: Green resistance has Removed Rebels from another Area in Sirte. heavy Fighting continues Rebels removed from 3 areas in city
TRIPOLI: Green resistance attacked Checkpoint and International airport they burned Fuel Trucks and Pickup trucks and left the scene. 35 Rebel pickup Trucks were destroyed in Ain zara. 3 tanks were destroyed in Tripoli by Green resistance
North misrata Brigade commander has been Killed by South Misrata Tribes in Misrata.
Warfalla Tribe is heading to Baniwalid
ALQAEDA news:  Rebels From North Misrata brigade and Belhadj brigades are fighting with People of Bani Walid. fighting is not inside of Bani Walid its in the surrouding areas and sometimes close to the city of BW
Belhadj ALQAEDA Brigade and Zintan Brigade are fighting each other in Tripoli and destroying civilian homes reckless shooting
- North misrata Brigade commander has been Killed by South Misrata Tribes in Misrata.
 Warfalla Tribe is heading to Baniwalid
- Big attack on Compound housing bel haj brigade in tripoli many mortar rounds fired into Compound many rebels seen rushed away
- Benghazi brigades prepare for War against Ajdabiyah area and Brega and Ras lanuf people and Brigades.
19h/ Ahmed Shaater is man with influence from Zintan tribe. He said half of Zintan are pro-Gaddafi
Ahmed Shaater said I traveled to Tripoli/Benghazi/Zintan "rebels offering children cigerates and Drugs and alcohol to later join brigades"
 He visited Zintan “there is no life and civilians all suffer. Few deceived youth joined brigades even they are sad now"
 "Traveled to Benghazi its total poverty there. recently NTC called people to celebrate nobody came so Aljazeera just left"
"walking in Tripoli Between hotel and main road. not less then between 5000-10000 foreigners brought by Qatar"
18h/ LIBYA (Reuters) - At the Mellitah Oil & Gas facility, a joint venture between Italy's oil major Eni and the Libyan national oil company, NATO/ALQAEDA/NTC bandits from the mountain city of Zintan stand guard.

Deep in the Sahara desert, 700 km south, another , NATO/ALQAEDA/NTC bandits from Zintan -- say they are securing the Akakus oil field.
Groups of , NATO/ALQAEDA/NTC bandits from Misrata, 190 km to the east of the capital, have joined some Tripoli , NATO/ALQAEDA/NTC bandits to guard the naval base where several military ships that escaped the bombing by NATO during the war are docked.
" NATO/ALQAEDA/NTC bandits are crossing the border illegally from Niger and Mali. They are smuggling drugs and attacking oil fields to steal cars and equipment,"
Who Mehdi is working for is unclear -- both the defence and interior ministers are yet to be appointed -- but he collaborates with the Tripoli Military Council, the armed wing of the NTC.
16h/ ALGERIA ISP / Zengtena According to the members of the headquarters of the CNT to Tajoura resigned. Recent events and the various operations of the fighters of the army of liberation of Libya prompted the rebels to rethink their positions to their engagement with the CNT.
15h/  MI6 role in Libyan rebels’ rendition ‘helped to strengthen al-Qaida’ - The papers, discovered in the British ambassador’s abandoned residence in Tripoli, raise new and damaging questions over Britain’s role in the seizure and torture of key opponents of Muammar Gaddafi‘s regime. - >
The triumph of a new international gangsterism 2011.
14h/ iLibyaTV – The military governor of Tripoli, Abdelhakim Belhadj, was targeted by combatants.  – Fighters of the cell. “Sakr Elawhed” have confirmed it to iLibyaTV.
They do not know if they were able to kill him or if just was wounded.
Tripoli yesterday : two powerful explosions were heard in Tripoli, Souk Jomo area. A shooting at Jomo and Zawiya Eldahmani Souk in Tripoli.
Sabha: violent clashes near the city airport of Sabha. The fighters of the Libya Liberation Army set fire to the headquarters of the CNT Sabha. [Libyan Free Press ->
13h/ Abdel Hakim Belhadj is now the military governor of "liberated" Tripoli -the development of the LIFG and the first assassination attempt on Gaddafi by Al-Qaeda was funded by the British MI6 to the tune of 100,000 pounds>
12h/  USA - On Libya, Now They Tell Us - Exclusive: The Washington Post now admits that the key role of Islamists in Libya’s uprising “went largely unnoticed” before Muammar Gaddafi was toppled last month. But Robert Parry asks whose fault was that, since it was the Post and other Big Media that were acting more as propagandists for “regime change” than honest brokers. ->
11h/  LIBYA  -  Fearing Libya vacuum, ex-PM urges rapid vote - Jibril, a U.S.-trained planning consultant who abandoned a post in the Gaddafi administration and became the face of the Libyan revolt
"The more we prolong this period, it's very dangerous for the national unity of this country. Too many actors started to intervene in Libyan politics," added Jibril
"This is a political vacuum which can be filled by any power, whether a foreign power or an internal power which has weapons in its hands ... It's not healthy for the security of this country," Jibril said. ->
10h/ LIBYA - Libya imposes visa requirement on Egyptians: agency - Libyans and Egyptians could come and go relatively freely before popular uprisings in both countries this year.
That arrangement made it easier for millions of Egyptians to work in the oil-rich desert country, which has less than one tenth of Egypt's population. ->
09h/  NATO’s Law of the Jungle in Libya - As U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, said: “NATO’s top commanders may have acted under color of international law but they are not exempt from international law.
“If members of the Gaddafi Regime are to be held accountable, NATO’s top commanders must also be held accountable through the International Criminal Court for all civilian deaths resulting from bombing. Otherwise we will have witnessed the triumph of a new international gangsterism.” ->

Libya resistance news: 16. November  2011.    
00h/ November 15 2011 – News from the Libyan Resistance LLA (Libyan Liberation Army) - Tripoli: Qatar is looking for the occupation of Tripoli against the CNT, using groups of Bel Haj Al Qaeda. Tripoli is very rich in oil and gas, and Qatar with the goal of Al Qaeda is to get these resources. Yesterday and last night the “rebels” of Tripoli and Misurata clashed with the tribe Washafane. There are also clashes between the “rebels”, particularly between the brigade and that of Bel Haj Zintan. The resistance is fighting the green to the south and east of Tripoli against the brigades of Bel Haj and Misurata. The brigades of ‘rebels’ raid the homes and then collide one each other for the spoils. more [Libyan Free Press] - >
00h/ Libya S.O.S. – Daily News ->
24h/ Please spread the word and the news is certainly there in Misurata, at least about 5000 prisoners in the prisons of branching in Misurata, from Bani Walid and Tarhunah and five, Tripoli and Sirte and Torghae and Komati and other cities, and they have been tortured   - before execution
24h/ Update - Matthew VanDyke - a mercenary in Libya who came to kill Libyans. He is free at his hose in Baltimore, USA.  ->
23h/ My favorite quote of the day: from French foreign ministry
So the spokesperson of the French foreign ministry said that foreign intervention is necessary to preserve the "peaceful character" of the Syrian uprising.  So basically, NATO bombs and rockets are required to preserve the peaceful character of the Syrian uprising. This is really classic.  In other news, Saudi government announced that beheadings of women is necessary for the promotion of women's rights in the kingdom.  ->
22h/ Libya - Fathers, Sons, Brothers Protect Against Foreign Invasion
How the enforcers of the corporate entity instill fear in the revolution against tyranny.
You will hear a Libyan woman tell you why their fathers, brothers and sons in the Libyan military fight.
Who is the "devil"?
If NATO and the rats will do this to Muammar Gaddafi, what would they do and have they done to others far less than Gaddafi, especially the original Libyans, the black Africans?
[AfriSinergy] - >
21h/ Bandits of Al Zawiyah asking a truce from the Green Resistance of Wershafana Tribe
21h/ Libya – The Manufacturing of Consent video [FULL EVENT]
Libyan resident of Sirte, returned from there recently
Merlin Emmanuel – founder of ‘Campaign for Justice’, nephew of Smiley culture and author (of the soon to be released book, ‘Generation X’)
Lizzie Phelan – independent journalist, who reported from Tripoli until the NATO takeover of the city
Sukant Chandan – political analyst and filmmaker, currently producing a doc-film ‘NATO war on Libya’
20h/ Oil & blood feuds in liberated Libya - While Libya's interim government is quick to hand out contracts for the country's energy resources, questions have been raised over its ability to restore order. There've been clashes between gunmen from different tribal areas, resulting in at least 13 deaths. For more on this, RT talks to a spokesman for British Civilians For Peace in Libya, Sukant Chandan, from London. - >
19h/ WOW  xaxaxa ->

18h/ Dr. Hamza TOUHAMI, the Libyan resistance, announced the three messages:
1. The first message to the Tuareg: he asked a Taouaregs declare and claim the great country of the Tuaregs' Sahra El Kobra "of Fezane to the borders of the south.
He asked the women Taouaregs not to let the men go home Taouaregs until they avenge the guide Maoummar Gaddafi.
We need the flag Taouareg rises in the south.
2.The second message for Gdadfa, Warfla, Ouled Sliman Mchachiya, MGarha, Noayale.
He said that Warfla lifted the green flags and they marched with the green flags in Bani Walid.
He asked the resistance of Bani Walid, Sirte, Mchachiya, MGarha, Noayale to merge and avoid using the telephone and through trusted contacts directly. He noted that this is the time of the response to free the country.
He asked resistant to operations in small groups or individually, the goal is the destabilization of Libya's CNT.
He even asked to distribute the leaflets resistant pro Libya green.
Dr. Hamza Touhami confirms that Seif El Islam is alive .[ ALGERIA ISP ]- >
 17h/ Freedom of Ukrainians in Libya will cost $ 22 million 22 million dollars - one million per person. the Libyan rebels stormed the office of the oil company "Dakar" in Tripoli at September.
A few days later the majority of prisoners were released (mainly citizens of Russia and Belarus), but the 22 Ukrainians accused of mercenary activities.
The Ukrainian side has repeatedly made concessions to the Libyan rebels. And even agreed to send in Tripoli plane with humanitarian aid, to send a detachment of sappers and Libya to take the treatment of 11 Libyan fighters.  - >
16h/ Libya: The war is far from over ->
15h/  LIBYA - A huge march on Libya Libyan loyalists green with green flags in Bani Walid.
Tribe Al Mgarha  was raised against the CNT and against the rebels Misrata. The patriots of the tribe killed 17 rebels and have lost four young of the tribe.
Mustafa Abdeljalil confessed to a senior U.S. military officer that he has remorse for what he did in Libya and he acknowledged that the situation has become very dangerous after the control of resistance in some areas. [AlgeriaISP]
14h/  "The NEXT DUBAI": PRICE OF THOUSANDS OF DEAD LIBYANS - With hundreds of billions dollars in contracts up for grabs, Libya’s bombardment looks like an excellent investment from any perspective. With the exception of those who count in the moral cost of thousands of Libyans killed in the bloody civil war with NATO’s direct support. - >
13h/ Niger - Niamey - Niger said on Tuesday that Muammar Gaddafi's son Saadi would remain in the West African nation until a United Nations travel ban on him was lifted, despite Tripoli's request for his return.
12h/ Tripoli - Hundreds of uniformed men described as members of a new NTC army have been deployed for the first time to settle a bloody feud between rival militia, officials say.
The soldiers, wearing beige camouflage uniforms and ID badges, were sent to serve as a buffer between gunmen from the city of Zawiya and the nearby tribal area of Warshefana.
11h/ Breaking News rats of Alzawyia asking a truce from the green resistance of Wershafana Tribe
Libya: Elmgarha tribe has joined the green resistance and is fighting now against NTC rats.
10h/ Philipine- Hitlary Clinton pelted the convoy of U.S. Secretary of State  - Hitlary Clinton Wednesday at the Philippine presidential palace in the capital Manila by protesters pelted with red paint bombs. That said, a photographer for the French news agency AFP. Filipino security guards and an American came out with automatic rifles to the approximately 50 protesters to stop, but they did not shoot. The cars were some dents and a broken mirror, but there was no damage. Not much later a demonstrator disrupted a public meeting where Clinton spoke. He wants an end to the Visiting Force Agreement, an agreement which gives legal protection of American soldiers in the Philippines. This is a controversial issue in the Philippines, alleged crimes by U.S. troops in the former colony of the U.S.. Clinton responded sensibly to the protest. "This shows that people in the Philippines are not afraid to express their views."
09h/ Hitlary Clinton and the New American (Pacific) Century - Hitlerian declaration of imperial intent for American “leadership” in Asia for the next 100 years. The piece, which could just as easily been penned by Neo-Con policy makers begins with, “the future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action. ” ->

Libya resistance news: 15. November  2011. 
00h/ Libya S.O.S. –PRESS  Daily News -

24h/ ALGERIA ISP / According to Shabab Al Ahrar Libya, the head of the eastern front of the city of Misrata bandit Ibrahim Mohamed Elhalbous died Sunday in a Paris hospital from injuries in the attack in the city of Sirte.

This confirms that the rebels with their reputations Misrata killers came to Paris discreetly or in the silence of the media to ensure that French public opinion is moving.
Still, it was Libya who will foot the bill!->

Ibrahim Mohamed Elhalbous died

23h/ BENGHAZI: According to latest reports at least 23 people have been killed when clashes broke out between NATO Mercenaries and Tribal fighters in the port town of Benghazi.->

22h/ Report Libya : Green resistance Fighting In Sirte. but Rebels have beheaded many civilians and rape and looting still continues at Sirte
 - Tunisian army is being more restrictive of NTC and rebels after many incidents of crimes. more difficult for them at border
- Tunisian people and Tunisian homes are being looted by Rebels at border and Then they Rush back into Libya with the loot.
- Algeria and Egypt have declared officially that no NTC or rebels may enter their borders and only can arrive by Sea or air
- pro-Gaddafi South Misrata Tribes attacked a Outpost Controlled by the North Misrata brigade and burned Rebel pickup trucks[SomaliaSupport2 Libya & Jazira Chuibekova]
21h/The first 503 gold coins and gold statuette stolen from a priceless collection of Libya into the hands of police.
They tried to bring in neighboring Egypt a farmer. The consignment was intercepted, but the smuggler himself managed to escape.
 Now search for the coin collection engaged Interpol and UNESCO. All auction houses, dealers and antique coins sent descriptions of the collection. In it - about eight thousand gold, silver and bronze coins, as well as unique jewelry. Many of the coins were minted during the time of Alexander of Macedon (IV century BC). A total of about 10 000 stolen antique items, such as bracelets, lockets, necklaces, earrings, rings, precious stoones. Known like "Treasures of Benghazi,"
    According to a preliminary version of the robbers knew where the exhibits: they dug a pit to an underground storage vault of the bank and blew up the camera. According to a famous archaeologist Libyan Hafed Valadier, the theft of valuables could be involved in their own bank's employees. "It was the people who knew very well what they are looking for," - said the archaeologist. ->
20h/ Report Libya: Heavy fighting continues in Tripoli southern region and Eastern neighborhoods. Between Green resistance and Bel haj brigade
pro-Gaddafi Wershafana Tribe and Pro-gaddafi Tribes of Zawiyah Together they attacked the Zawiyah NTC rebels and Bel haj ALQAEA brigades
18h/ Detection of smuggled weapons from Libya to Aswan - EGYPT, Aswan: Security forces on Aswan governorate's Western desert road detected a car attempting to break a roadblock after shooting towards police officers.
After inspecting the car, a number of automatic weapons and 400 bullets were found, smuggled from the Libyan border.
17h/ Libya's Berbers feel rejected by transitional government becouse Amazigh [Berbers] had been fully ignored in the new Constitution

Fathi Ben Khalifa: In the Constitution draft approved on August 6 there's no mention at all about us, the Amazighs. Neither our language nor our presence in the country are recognized. Now they're saying that we have to forget about such things for the sake of stability in the country, that we can "discuss the issue later" .How can I be a citizen in a country which does not recognize my existence?
Islamic parties shouldn't be a problem as long as they get their representation through a democratic Constitution but the latter is not what they're looking for. They want an exclusive Constitution based on Islam. Moreover, they're talking about sharia - the Islamic law
 16h/  Mustafa Abdul-Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril Have Been Paving the Way for NATO’s Conquest Since 2007 ->
15h/ LIBYAnobody trusts each other here. The Misratans, the Zintanis, the Amazighs… they're all saying that they won't give up their weapons because they're all too afraid of each other.  NTC Traitors could also put the blame on the lack of education among many of the fighters and, at the same time, on the lack of opportunities. They'll have nothing better to do than to drive around fully armed unless they get a decent job. I'm afraid the new administration will literally have to buy the weapons from the soldiers.
15h/  LIBYA, DISASTER  - Those refugees from Bani Walid, Abu Salim, Tawarga, Sirte - Gadhafi's former strongholds - are facing very dire conditions and abuses, which worsen in the case of the black people.
Libya will become like Afghanistan in the short term. The situation in Libya's capital right now is catastrophic.
14h/ LIBYA, ZAWIYAH - 1. 40 rebels are killed in Al Zawiyah!!!
Zengtena According to Zawiya "Warchfana" there was heavy fighting between Mujahideen of Warchfana helped by some tribes and rebels. The balance 40 rebels killed in Zawiya. The Green Resistance Army have commandeered several pickups and ammunition. The fighters of the Liberation Army,have 10 wounded soldiers
2. The release of 200 prisoners from the prison El green Asabea
According Zengtena today, following violent clashes, fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya, have released 200 prisoners loyal to guide Maoummar Gaddafi.->
13h/ LIBYA, TRIPOLI - The Tripoli population is totally suppressed and don't have any legal possibility, because the whole TNC and so called "Police" (consisting of those criminals murdering and violating black libyans) are Criminals!

12h/ Libya: Libyan rebels “hackers”stole new cars  and transferred them through Egypt and arrived in Palestine in Gaza and then sold at bargain prices to the Palestinians.
11h/ Herman Cain Stumbles On Libya Questions - [comment : No need to defend Cain, he is a Zionist puppet himself. His entire foreign policy would be based on Israel. I he was president we would have already had Haliburton contractors in Libya. Cain is being fed talking points by his brother David Koch. He most likely knows nothing about Libya. He is useless. Ansfer: Halliburton is already in Libya.]  ->

10h/ Libyan resistance - FLASH: - TRIPOLI  - heard a big explosion in Tripoli in the area Mansoura and when it became apparent that there is *someone who has received $ 70.000 dinars for Libby !!!! to pay the salaries of alleged rebels, where he stole the money and beat him launcher (RPG) and are now besieging the place, a inside, the Women's Union, the former .. FA to whom it may concern in the sense that now fill the place with customers who are in a mess
08h/ The Libyan Resistance just launched a new radio for the Resistance in Libya against Qatar/NATO mercenaries.
It’s called “Tripoli local ” قناة طرابلس المحلية .”
It broadcasts for now via the Net, and it will soon be broadcasted via the Nilesat channel.
... The Radio does have a Facebook page:
You can listen the Libyan Resistance Radio on the following link:
Pure  "beauty"
07h/ Asthon opens EU office in Tripoli  - The European Union has opened an office in Libya as a sign of its willingness to help the country as it moves towards democracy. The EU's top diplomat, Catherine Ashton, has also pledged the bloc's support for women. [Is it women?] - >,,15528802,00.html
Libya resistance news: 14. November  2011. [problem with Internet] 
00h/ Libya S.O.S. –PRESS  Daily News -

24h/ Mahmoud Jabril of Libya, the Criminal -[AfriSinergy] -
23h/ Rebels captured in Zawiya -  Warchfana Green resistance   captured two battalions bandits of Benghazi.
In Benghazi, the streets are rumors that NATO can come back as the CNT has lost control of Libya.
22h/ Libya: The Manufacturing of Consent -- conference --
 In Crowd Live coverage of this political conference focussing on the mainstream media's role in facilitating the West's military campaigns on countries of the Global South. — LIVE from LONDON  -
21h/ Flashback SIRTE  - 17. August 2011. - >

20h/ Venezuelan President Chavez launched a verbal attack on the United States, State of Qatar and Al Jazeera
Caracas - Venezuelan President Chavez, attacked the United States and their interventions in independent countries a members of the United Nations. Chavez said on Venezuelan television that Syria is not Libya, Venezuelan president is expecting a victory for Syria. Like in Libya, the West is preparing psychological warfare by Al-Jazeera about Syria, and following the reports of the fabricated and false broadcasts on Al Jazeera for the suppression of Gaddafi and his people, and compliance of the Arab viewers which where fooled by Al Jazeera , paved the way for NATO entry, on the pretext of protecting the Libyan people. Chavez denounced the role of Qatar, describing Emirate of Qatar as being the extended hands of colonialists in Arab States.
Arab peoples vigilant of Zionist plots are made by the Emirate of Qatar, Chavez expressed surprise for the money which the country spent on the war in Libya and the campaign against Syria, where, as Chavez said, if that money is spent for the advancement of Arab countries for the case of the Arab citizen,it would be much better than sufferings in this period. and at the end of the dialogue Venezuelan President Chavez called on Arab nations to take to the streets to condemn the U.S. intervention in their affairs; stand with Syria and other Arabs
19h/ Green resistance is strong - interview by Lizzie Phelan - >

18h/ Only in Libya, mercenaries even have professional cards like Matthew Vandyke.
On the card issued by the CNT some infos are easily identified, such as the function of the mercenary "cell supplies," the passport number is "720188630", blood type O +. Matthew VanDyke, "Journalist, Missing In Libya" - >
Matthew Vandyke a mercenary in Libya who came to kill Libyans
17h/ LIBYA: - Misrata, the fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya attacked a checkpoint in Zawiyat Elmahdjoub to Misrata. They have two seriously injured rebels. One of them with a bullet in the head. They were transported to the complex medical Misrata.
The evening of November 13, 2011:
-  In Tripoli, violent clashes in Tripoli Souk Jomo with heavy weapons.
- Tajoura, heavy fighting in Tajoura. Two rebels were killed and several wounded.
Zawiya, the mujahideen of Warchfana of the army of liberation of Libya, have erased the sign at the entrance of the city "Welcome to Zawiya" and they are replaced by "Welcome to Warchfana."
 Zawiya (Warchfana), the mujahideen of Warchfana of the army of liberation of Libya have captured three rebels who wanted to infiltrate the town.
- Haych, violent clashes between fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya and the rebel Misrata.
 - Sirte: the explosion at the army camp Elsaid which is occupied by the rebels of Misrata.[ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar El Mokawama Libya]
16h/ One more gate left and al Zawiya will be completely liberated (eastern gate). The resistance also freed 300 green army members from a bandits jail and took over weapons from a warehouse on the freeway between Tripoli and Al-Zawiya15h/ Does NATO compensates Libya because of destroyed infrastructure?
Medical technical college building in Bani Walid
Medical college in Bani Walid - NATO in action

14h/ Report Libya: NATO is hunting for Green Supporters in Tunisia and Niger and Algeria and Egypt. NATO mandate is infinite beyond law and logic
- Rebels Steal most cars that pass their Checkpoints. People well dressed can pass only to be Followed and looted at home
- Heads Found in Middle of city of People killed beheaded by NTC rebels and women stay at home at of fear of Rape by rebels.
Choas spread across Libya as THousands of People dissappear and Bodies appear Handcuffed and shot in Middle of city in masses
Benghazi:  23 rebels died in clashes with the People of Benghazi and many protesters got SHot by NTC rebels.[ Somalia Suport2]

13h/ ZAWIYAH: There are now clashes between the Martyr Muammar Gaddafi's brigade and some of the rebels Feb 17 at the gate 27.
SABHA:  The beginning of 'freedom' under NTC: People have been evacuated from their homes in Torghae, Sabha area.
12h/ NATO aircraft and mercenaries "are operating in Sudan and Chad, while there are reports of direct flights from Tel Aviv. Tuareg camps have been bombed, military centers in the south have been attacked more civilians have been massacred. these crimes are added to the indictment prepared and delivered to the International Criminal Court and the ECHR sources inside Libya. 
11h/ NATO downplays Libyan civilian deaths - NATO demon refuses to take the full responsibility for civilian deaths taking place during its campaign of airstrikes against independent state Libya and Libyans -
10h/ "Day of Anger" rally in St.Petersburg, Russia 12.11.11 re: Libya & Russian politics -

10h/ Libya on oil contracts: "we will favor our friends" QATARIS  -  DOHA: Libya's new government will reward its friends once the oil producer begins awarding oil contracts in the aftermath of its civil war, the head of its National Oil Corporation (NOC) said on Sunday.
05h/ MISRATA REPORT: There was a shooting at the gate at the corner of Mahgoub Misurata and two NATO agents are wounded, one which is wounded in the head is in critical condition and the other has minor injuries and were transferred immediately to the Misurata clinic. The source of gunshots is unknown, a car speeding near the place was seen by eyewitness from Park of the clinic in Misurata .
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