Feb 12, 2012

Report Libya 12. February 2012.

**NATO mercenaries have expelled honorable Niger 's ambassador  in #Tripoli Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, treating him in their savage manner which we got used to. These racist who killed thousands of black Libyans were yelling  to the  ambassador Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim. -> http://youtu.be/qG-18J6RFL8

00h/ Unconfirmed reports of the abduction of an important figure from the airport Benina in #Benghazi 2012-02-13 00:19:19
Quoting a correspondent from Benghazi, number of security battalions are headed towards the airport at this moment, there is a strange movement around the airport and unconfirmed reports of kidnapping an important figure on the international airport in Benghazi Benina.  - > http://www.presssolidarity.net/?page=main&news_item=1953
23h/ NTC has "agreed" with Egypt that they will sell them crude oil on a meeting today. Not a nice thing to do to Kuwait .. [who will lose their share on Egyptian market].. and not a very smart thing to do Egypt [if you can not hold on your promise].
22h/ Libya : even NTC  FB pages are saying that their forces are lacking amunition in Al Kufra and facing heavy blows!!
21h/ AL-KUFRA - In Al Kufra Two police buildings are purged of NTC-vermin, so is the city centre.
After the lynching of a storeowner, the city takes up arms against NTC. Green Resistance joins in with heavy weapons [AlgeriaISP via @SaintJust88]
20h/ Urgent: raids against innocent people released from prisons in the past period. Because rats are fearful of 17-2.
19h/ ZAWIYA - NTC in panic, setting up check-points in Al Zawiya.

Zawiya, today, starting at 16h, the city saw a strange and large movement of the rebels in pickup trucks mounted with heavy weapons especially on the coast road. They established checkpoints in the  city.

18h/ Rough translation of the speech of #Libya female green resistance
The Female green resistance, "the Alzafa al Akhdar brigade (from the Revolutionary Guards) are ready and prepared to fight in honour of the Martyr Gaddafi who is still alive in our hearts. We are prepared to carry out missions to cleanse the country of the enemy. We have already undertaken certain missions and will continue in our struggle ... Greetings to all resistence from east to west, north and south who are struggling until we are all lfree ... We are approaching "
 17h/ AL-KUFRA  - #Libya 's #NTC has shut-down communications of Al-Kufra city where there are clashes. We hope that #Sudan president [ #NATO puppet] will not send his army into Al-Kufra.

16h/ God is great .. Returning to broadcast Libya Gina channel .. Praise be to Allah
You can listen to the Great Libya channel through this website via the channel www.GinaTV.com
15h/ AL-KUFRA  - Fighting continues in the center of #Al-Kufra
Al Kufra, Libya : many brave black Libyan warriors live there
The city Al-Kufra is in the South #Libya - many brave black Libyan warriors live there.. #NATO mercenaries have made a big mistake

14h/ #Libya URGENT #News - There is a Great man-made River water leak in the industrial area located between the town of Ajdabiya and Brega seaport (about 70 km west of Ajdabiya) station 280 + 76 this leakage has caused a flow of large amounts of water in the region and subsequently the brothers in Man-Made River are closing the valve in the Ajdabya reservoir.
It is currently being verified if this leakage is caused by the leaks which occured from the military operations during the war. He noted that there are signs of (un)exploded (?) shells near the site.
13h/ #TUNISIA - SHOCKING -residents of the north-west refuse the #relief #aid of #Qatar -    http://youtu.be/oWCOUbHwlRk

12h/ AllibyaTV: everyone knows that patience has limits and we know these limits well. We want to remind you that you have arms, but we have the men..
11h/ AL-KUFRA  Clashes in Alkufra with heavy weapons and lots of rats got killed .
Libya : wherever there is a rat, there is a cat
09+h/ City of Sorman is raided by NATO armed gangs, they are searching house by house and scaring and harrasing civilians. But a new guy just came in the town called a "green sniper". NTC bandits don’t know from where he/she is shooting, but dont feel comfortable any more. Noone is hit yet, warning shots are enough for now.[wherever there is a rat, there is a cat]
07h/ Sorman resistance group (Sorman green hawks): we have three defence operations in the city and all operations are documented and photographed. We want to inform you that we are capable of bringing arms and ammunition, and will not defend our civilians with just forks and knives.
We have a Battalion consisting of 7 groups each group of at least 30 person, and all persons were previuosly involved in the fronts and are knowledgable in using all types of weapons. We will begin our work of scaring NATO mercenaries from tomorrow. We will have every street covered-we are coming. Noone will raid civilians of Sorman city anymore.

08h/ #Niger denies arrest of Saadi #Gaddafi according to #France24 ... which means that @AlArabiya_Eng has lost its compass
07h/ Two injured Warfalla men found lying at the #BaniWalid General #Hospital gate. They were most probably shot at by couple of #AlQaeda members of May 28th Brigade according to sources, the place of the shooting was at the base of May 28th Brigade. Provocations to the Warfalla tribe are on the rise. One of the injured persons is from almnaslh tribe and the other one is from #Zliten, we are praying for the speedy recovery of the wounded
06h/ Movement of revolutionaries of "25th of january" is very angry at #Libya traitors who destroyed a statue of #Nasser in #Benghazi according to dictate from their western bosses
Al Arabia & Co please ...
05h/ @AlArabiya_Eng "Libyan government source tells Al Arabiya that #Niger confiscated Saadi Al- #Qaddafi 's phones" Another unnamed source duh
04h/ One more source of @AlArabiya_Eng on the "arrest" of Saadi #Gaddafi is UNNAMED? Did u ever have a NAMED SOURCE in ur #News ? #zerocredibility

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