Nov 26, 2011

News about Saif Al Islam Gaddafi [crossfire of information]

Update 06.09.2012.


Extend the establishment of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in prison
Trial may be delayed Saif al-Islam Gaddafi because of the arrest of former Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanusi.

This came in a statement Taha Avarh Assistant Attorney General in Libya made today by September 6. read more here

Update 29.08.2012.
Travesty of Justice: 'No chance Gaddafi son gets fair trial in Libya'

Update 23.08.2012.

Saif Al islam  to be tried in September – prosecutors [RT]
Slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam will go on trial in September in the town of Zintan, the prosecution's spokesman said on Thursday. 
Seif has been held in the town since last November. “A committee from the prosecutor general's office has completed its investigation into the crimes committed by Seif al-Islam [Gaddafi] from the start of the revolution on February 15 [2011] and has prepared the charge sheet,” spokesman Taha Nasser Baara told AFP. 

GNC First Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur has denied reports that Saif Qaddafi is to be put on trial next month in Zintan without involvement from the International Criminal Court (ICC).
“Discussions are ongoing, but no decision has been made. There has been no agreement to hold the trial in Zintan, and there has been no agreement to hold the trial next month”.

The deputy prime minister also rebutted the suggestion that the Libyan government planned to hold the trial independent of any involvement from the ICC.
We would like the ICC to be involved”, he said. “We want this trial to be as fair as possible”. 

For one hand of power to act without the other hand knowing about it is not uncommon in Libya. Famously, Prime Minister Abdurrahim Al-Kib announced in May that British police could fly to Tripoli to re-open the case of WPC Yvonne Fletcher without telling anybody at the Interior Ministry beforehand.
“I am not aware of these claims”, said ICC Spokesman Fadi El-Abdallah.
“The position of the court is very clear. We have an arrest warrant outstanding for Saif Qaddafi, and this has been suspended pending the outcome of the challenge to the admissibility of the case started by the Libyan authorities”.

Update 20.08.2012.
Libya vs. The ICC: Stalemate over Saif and Senussi
Problematically, however, Libya still does not have custody over Saif or Senussi. Despite numerous declarations by the NTC that he would be transferred to Tripoli, Saif remains in the hands of the Zintan brigade that arrested him in November 2011, who have refused to surrender Saif to Libya’s national authorities. It is also widely believed that the Zintan militia used their custody of Saif as leverage to get local commander Osama al-Juwali appointed as Libya’s interim defence minister.
More recently, the Zintan brigade has insisted that Saif be tried in Zintan rather than Tripoli. Libyan authorities appear to have conceded to this position as the chief Libyan prosecutor in Saif’s case, Milad Abdul-Nabi Dekali, confirmed that Colonel Gaddafi’s son would be tried in Zintan. Given the unwillingness of the Zintan brigade to cooperate with the NTC, it is far from clear that Libyan authorities themselves would be able to conduct the trial. The NTC handed power over to a newly elected national assembly on August 8, but it is unclear at this early stage whether this will make a difference to negotiations around the trials.
Update 31.07.2012.

Original ICC document  link

Unsigned statement/sentiments from Mr, SaifAl Islam Gaddafi 7 June 2012, Zintan 
1. I want to face justice. 

2. I want to do so because I believe that Libya, the victims in Libya, the intemationally 
community and myself- all have a right to the truth, and for the truth to be made 

3. / would have liked to have been tried in Libya by Libyan judges under Libyan law in 
front ofthe Libyan people. But what has been happening in my case cannot be called a trial

4. The truth is only possible in a fair and impartial trial, 

5. There will be no truth if I am kept locked up and silenced in a remote mountain village, with no or very limited possibility to speak to my lawyers in order to convey my defence, 

6. There will also be no truth if witnesses are faced with possible life sentences for simply testifying in my favour, there is no security or protection for them, nor any consequences if these witnesses are threatened and killed, 

7.  There will certainly be no justice in the case, if the prosecution is based on evidence extracted from torture and other inadmissible evidence, or persons who are too scared to say the truth, 

8. I am not afraid to die but if you execute me after such a trial you should just call it murder and be done with it. 

9.  would also prefer to live to see Libya become a democracy based on human rights and respect for the rule of law, but you cannot expect democracy to flourish if all the Libyan people see are show trials run by political expediency, 

10. Over a year ago, representatives of the NTC asked the international community to intervene so that the Libyan people could have justice, I am asking for exactly the same thing - the only way for Libya and the Libyan people to have justice is for the ICC to try this case in a fair, impartial and independent manner, and, in so doing, set standards, which Libya can follow on its future path to democracy and the rule of law, 

11. These were the sentiments, which Mr. Gaddafi wished to convey to the Honourable Pre-Trial Chamber, based on the views he had provided to the OPCD on 3 March 2012, and reconfirmed on 7 June 2012. When Mr. Gaddafi attempted to sign this statement after reading it, the guard, who had informed the ICC delegation through the interpreter that he was illiterate, did not understand English and that his sole purpose of being present was to ensure issues of physical security, confiscated the statement and brought it to Dr. Gehani to read. 

Saif Al Islam - The NATO's ICC and the NATO's  Libyan government are locked in a dispute over where Saif should be tried.

"The only way for Libya and the Libyan people to have justice is for the ICC to try this case in a fair, impartial and independent manner," he was quoted as saying in a defence document submitted to the court on Tuesday.

"I would have liked to have been tried in Libya by Libyan judges under Libyan law in front of the Libyan people," Saif was quoted as saying in the document, issued after ICC lawyers visited him last month.
"There will also be no truth if witnesses are faced with possible life sentences for simply testifying in my favour," he said. "I am not afraid to die but if you execute me after such a trial you should just call it murder."

His lawyer Melinda Taylor said after her release she believed it would be "impossible" for Saif to be tried in an independent and impartial manner in Libyan " courts".
His lawyer Melinda Taylor and four ICC staff members were freed earlier this month after being held in Libya four almost four weeks while visiting Saif on behalf of the court.

Update 23.03.2012.
Who are ICC judges - you can se here or here or here or here orheremaybe here etc... Who give right to them to be judges?
But in Libya who will be judge?

" THE HAGUE/TRIPOLI: The International Criminal Court said on Monday it has not decided whether Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the overthrown Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, should be tried in Libya, contradicting earlier comments by a Libyan minister.
Libya and the international war crimes court appear to be at loggerheads over where Saif al-Islam's trial should take place.
Depending on the outcome, Gadhafi's most prominent son could either face the death penalty in his home country [?] , or the prospect of awaiting trial in a comfortable detention center known as "The Hague Hilton"[?] in the Netherlands, with no risk of capital punishment.[Yes ... Like every prisoner almost all are dead or seriosly sick:

Update 15.02.2012.

Saif Gaddafi not to be handed over - The Chief of the National Security Authority in the western region, Libya, Tarek El-Kafali, said that the handover to the governing authorities of the son of late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Saif Al-IslamGaddafi, is not expected to take place for the time being, as the parties involved are not ready to conduct the trial and the juridical authorities are not established yet.

Update 31.01.2012.
The Chairman of the Zintan media Committee of the health status of son of Gaddafi 
"very stable and does not suffer from any diseases if required any interference which arrangements will be confirmed with the Government to provide all treatments", pointing out that "the psychological status of Saif is stable, and is still the same convictions, and somewhat the same arrogance, but psychologically it became stabilized rebel wisdom mentally and feel safe, and there will be a fair trial for him".
Khalid Al Zintani said: 
"Allowed detainees in the testimony of humanitarian organizations, since the beginning of the revolution, visit telephone for several minutes to check", noting that the buzzes trying to reach such treatment to other regions where detainees, and " if this command ends congestion". 
And whether there were any attempts from relatives or supporters of Gaddafi to release Saif or negotiate, Al Zentani said:
 " There is no ... We generally thanks to the wisdom of the guerrillas and commanders and ethical dealings with Saif made his relatives and supporters, away from such things, in considering resistance or attempt to smuggle ... The security situation has not noticed any movement or any attempt ".
Saif Al Islam is still in Zilten 

Update 23.01.2012.
Who are ICC judges - you can se here or here  or here    or here  or here  maybe here etc...  Who give right to them to be judges
But in Libya who will be judge?  

" THE HAGUE/TRIPOLI: The International Criminal Court said on Monday it has not decided whether Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the overthrown Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, should be tried in Libya, contradicting earlier comments by a Libyan minister.
Libya and the international war crimes court appear to be at loggerheads over where Saif al-Islam's trial should take place.
Depending on the outcome, Gadhafi's most prominent son could either face the death penalty in his home country [?] , or the prospect of awaiting trial in a comfortable detention center known as "The Hague Hilton"[?] in the Netherlands, with no risk of capital punishment.[Yes ... Like every prisoner almost all are dead or seriosly sick: 
The ICC issued an arrest warrant for Saif al-Islam last year after prosecutors accused him and others of involvement in the killing of protesters during the revolt that eventually toppled his father in August.
But when militia fighters captured Saif al-Islam in November, Libya said it wanted to try him at home.

The ICC has given Libya a Jan. 23 deadline to confirm whether and when it would surrender Saif al-Islam and to give information about his mental and physical health. It also asked Libya to answer concerns, raised by activists, that Saif al-Islam was being held incommunicado, without access to lawyers.
ICC spokesman Fadi El-Abdallah said that the court had received information on Monday from Libya but declined to give details, saying it was confidential.
He added that the judges had not made a decision on whether Saif al-Islam could be tried in Libya, contradicting comments by Libya's minister of justice.
"Libya applied on Friday to the ICC for Saif to be tried in a Libyan court. The ICC accepted," Minister of Justice Ali Humaida Ashour told Reuters on Monday, adding that an investigation into Saif had yet to finish but his trial date would be announced when it had been completed. "-> 
Saif Al Islam 
Update 10.01.2012.
ICC    so-caled International Criminal Court - Official public reducted version of the transmission of the request of Libya for extension of time limit to submit observations regarding the arrest of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi
You can read and  Download .PDF document
Update 23.12.2011.
Libyan National Transitional Council President Mustafa Abdel Jalil, said that next week the trial will start of Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam, caught last November in Libya's south.
Jalil also said that other trials will be held charging other persons with links to the Gaddafi regime. ->
Update  22.12.2011.
Libya: Ensure Gaddafi Son’s Access to Lawyer - Human Rights Watch visited Gaddafi in Zintan, Libya on December 18, 2011. Libya’s general prosecutor, Abdelaziz al-Hasadi, who is investigating Gaddafi's case, granted permission for the visit. The Zintan Military Council, which has physical custody of Gaddafi, allowed Human Rights Watch 30 minutes with the detainee in private. Al-Hasadi and members of the Zintan Military Council said contact with family and friends was not possible at this time due to security concerns. However, the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners say all prisoners are to be allowed regular contact with family and friends, both in correspondence and through personal visits. Some restrictions are permitted for security reasons, but these need to be the minimum necessary concerning the particular individual, and should not amount to a complete ban. ->

Update  19.12.2011. 
The promenade of Saif Al-Islam which we told you about yesterday, was apparently a "liberation". We can not yet confirm this or deny. According to the journalist El Watan Donia, the decision of the court of Al Zentani was indeed- innocence, and acquitted the son of the guide. All charges against him were dropped as well.
But a contradiction, concludes the journalist of the newspaper "Independent Libya", Asead Ambia Aboukila, certifying that his health is deteriorating and a need to be evacuated. Our Libyan contact has however said otherwise yesterday. Before this information elsewhere, we knew that he had been examined by a Ukrainian physician. The Spokesman also added that the son of Libyan leader Moammar Kadhafi made an explicit request from the Court demanding his immediate release ...

A small detail that does not go unnoticed is that the tribal courts, like that of Zenten, are recognized. So what will happen tomorrow? 
Saif Al-Islam will finally be free? The ICC, NATO and its minions of CNT are thus disqualified to claim Seif, to be tried. But there is no doubt that he is innocent. Even if the trial is going on in The Hague.
Translated by Libya S.O.S.
French original : Libye – Seif Al-Islam aurait été innocenté, donc, il est acquitté : 
Saif Al Islam
 Update 18.12.2011.
[p.s. I am not in Zintan - and my question is : "HOW SOMENONE CAN BE GOOD IN PRISON ?" ] 
But in any case we like to have in archive and this article.
After announcing  a rumor of a supposed exfiltration Saif Al-Islam, we can say that he walked today in the streets of Zintan, just surrounded by heavily armed guards and without handcuffs.
Reportedly, the brigades of Zintan wanted to silence the rumor that they would not show their prisoner to the Red Cross because he was suffering abuse. Also, he had to break another rumor about the fear of attack from Tripoli. Indeed, it is stated that the son Hafter who missed his hold-up in Aman Bank with his men, wanted to fund militias to go to capture and remove Seif.
We now know also that many events took place in Zawiyah in recent days, calling loudly, the release of Saif Al-Islam.
--- Libya - Saif AlIslam Gaddafi is doing well. [Allain Jules]

Update 12.12.2011.
26 CAPTURED REBELS CAN BE EXCHANGED FOR SAIF AL ISLAM ,IF ZINTANS REBELS ACCEPT THAT - The Green fighters tribes Mchachiya require an exchange of prisoners for the release of Seif El Islam . The fighters of the tribes of Mchachiya
Liberation Army of Libya have captured more than 26 rebels in the region Zenten El Hamada. Green Fighters require an exchange of the Zentan prisoners with Saif Gaddafi [ALGERIA ISP / Zenten According Canal (PRO CNT)]

Saif al-Islam, son of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi at the first non-official interrogation aid that he has no connection to the new Libyan government. He also allegedly said that the intelligence administration figures had contacted him and offered him to negotiate on the possibility of a military coup against the rule of his father, and to engage in immediate reforms concerning the liberalization of the country's oil wealth, explaining that he had received this call on the sixth day of an outbreak of the unrest in the city of Benghazi.

Gaddafi's son confirmed that he informed his father that Americans had contacted him. Adding that he last time contacted his father a few hours before his death, when his father assured him that he had received assurances from Americans during his stay in the city of Sirte, allowing him transition without prosecution or bombing of cities to the south of Libya, but they assassinated him, said the Saif.
Update 07.12.2011.
[yestreday] Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi has undergone a very succesful surgery on his hand with the help of medicine, doctors and technical assistance from the green army.

Update 06.12.2011
US ambassador visits small Zintan  tribe, captors of Saif Gaddafi, 05.12.11, NATO Crimes In Libya  - >

Update 04.12.2011. 
 Deputy Prime Minister in #Libya: #Saif al-Islam deny treatment abroad he is on "safe" place and we intention to provide treatment for him outside of Libya.
*Sunday, December 4, 2011 Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Tripoli (dpa) denied the Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abu Hakor Deputy Prime Minister, the Libyan government's intention to provide treatment to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi outside of Libya. and he said in a press conference held in Tripoli on Sunday that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, in a "safe" place, and he does not need any treatment outside of Libya at the moment. 
#Saif Al-Islam #Gaddafi: he refused to meet with two members of the ICC sent by the racist Luis Moreno-Ocampo. [Allain Jules ]

Update 03.12.2011. 
Open letter to the #Zintan Elders and #Saif al-Islam #Khadafi :

I propose, that under the terms and conditions of The Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (The Convention) the Zintan Elders themselves have the option of declaring who to hand him to for safety and protection, and eventually a trial, because he is their legally designated "Prisoner of War" under The Convention. The Zintan Tribe, if they choose to abide by The Convention, while at the same time upholding their Tribal Code of Honor, have the option under The Convention to hand him to a third party - a "neutral Power" who should be a signatorial member to The Convention - such as Russia, Malaysia or Venezuela, for instance. This transfer is expressly allowed under multiple circumstances and Articles of The Convention [Mathaba] ->

Update 30.11.2011.
" Two fingers of the right hand from Saif al Islam Gaddafi had to be amputated.
According to a report of the “Izvestia” the son of the murdered Muammar Gaddafi was examined by the Ukrainian surgeon Andrei Murachowski from the hospital of Zintan.
The half of his right thumb and index finger had to be separated. They fester, the bone protruding. But the risk of infection shouldn`t be high and the general condition is said to not be impaired. Besides the pain in his hand Saif al Islam Gaddafi has not complained. He wanted no further investigation.
How can such an injury happen?
He argues that a bomb hit his car. But the patient has no other visible damage. So I’m inclined to believe that it is due to the explosion of a fragmentation grenade. But that’s just my opinion; the wound is at least a month old.

Saif al-Islam agreed to the amputation?
He agrees in principle. But there are problems of non-medical nature. He does not want to leave the secret accommodation. This is the only place in Libya where he can feel relatively safe. There is only one person to guard him." - >


Update 29.11.2011.
“For Zintan he is just a helpless criminal. He is not a danger. We have no problem in keeping him here and we can hold him until his trial begins if it is better for Libya,” said Ibrahim Turki, the National Transitional Council’s health coordinator in Zintan.
“The Libyan authorities will decide his fate,” he said
Please sign the Nato War Crimes in Libya Petition:
Help save Dr Dorda, previous Libyan ambassadar to the UN. Dr Dorda is being tortured while in captivity by Libyas new government forces:
Please sign – Help save Saif. Saif’s lawyer was unable to see him and he badly needs medical attention.
Update 28.11.2011
The Green Army  sent a 25 member delegation of doctors, nurses, negotiating team, councillors and neutral Jamahiriyah federation chiefs to Zentan with a private jet to visit Saif. 

Read also:

Update 28.11.2011. 
Libya Liberation Front Frontline News:
(1) Contacts have been in place between Zentan rebels and LLF about the safety and health of Saif Al Islam, the team of green doctors have concluded, Saif has gangrene on his hand, death of soft tissues due to loss of blood supply.
When Zentan brigades were further pressed about the conditions of Saif's hand and physical health condition, Zentan forces responded by saying, Saif's hand was the result of NATO bombardment, many of their soldiers, young men and women are facing far greater conditions than that of Saif, the presence of Saif has brought them a sense of relief and security, ever since Saif was brought to Zentan, life has become more normal, closer to green dreams.
But the general debilitating conditions still exist, the green army is considering the safety of one Saif Al Gadhaffi, we have 63 000 without health, hospitals and our demands are very logical.
Since the capture of Saif, the rebel gang government in Tripoli has given Zentan more flags, the post of the defense, more important many trucks full of bottled water crossed 450 km journey to take water to Zentan, food and treatment facilities, so if Saif is more important to green army and the tribal Gadhaffi army, then Saif is even more important to Zentan now.
(2) The Green army has delivered 2 phenom 300, and 2 legacy 500 Embraer jets to Zentan as a goodwill gesture to meet the pressing demand of all the medical needs of the people of Zentan, as well allow Zentan to cross the Tunis border with these jets for more medical care and attention.
(3) The jets were loaded with $20 million equivalent of medical supplies and instrument to take care of Saif's pressing urgent medical and surgical needs as well as the people of Zentan.
(4) The Leader of the Libyan Liberation front Gamal Longe has appealed to the wider world supporters of team green, green army Libya and green people's dream of Libya to donate generously to help support the conditions of our numerous and many injured people, you must consider munazmaat maliki Afriqiyah ( the Africa majestic organization ) not the redcross and red crescent who sold us and trampled on the blood of Libyan people.
(5) The response of the green army to the demands of Zentan have been very cautious and highly measured.
In response to the demands of air ambulances, a request of 15 embraer 190 ER (E190) Jets was made via BOC Aviation Singapore, but many of these medical and passenger transport planes will not be delivered till the fourth quarter of 2012 and 2014,
we dearly apologize to the people of Zentan for our inability to meet this deadline.
(6) Libyan Liberation front has acknowledged many lingering suspicions between numerous tribes, these as result of NATO, external and foreign pressure, direct indirect and secret dialogue will continue between the tribe of Gadhadfa, Gule and the people of Zentan, mutual suspicions remain in place and the major pressing issue of the gangs.
(7) Zentan brigades acknowledged there was no honor in the flag that came with NATO, for green Libya to include Zentan as part of the NATO agenda, was incriminating the people of Zentan and opening Zentan to wider attacks and old tribal rivalries,
The numerous warrants issued against green agents are by unknown Arab judges is the result of developments in Benghazi, not Zentan.
Saif became a target after the people of Zentan lost communication with green Libya, there was also major attacks on Zentan from all sides.
We are given this role of shameful badge by the gangs and spin doctrine in Tripoli, Benghazi and who knows where else.
If not this badge, we all die in Zentan or suffer a very big humiliation by the gangs of Israel.
(8) The Zentan brigades claim in statement, if we are guaranteed security from green forces, "we can no longer be afraid of pro-Gaddafi green supporters and forces.
"We are more afraid of our own brigades.
Of all the militias in Tripoli, each one has its own opinion about Saif – maybe someone will try to harm him."
(9) Saif looks very normal, he was not worried about his fate, Saif is totally very calm, he said if his death can save Libya,so be it.
Saif Al Islam is not a traitor, he was never going to leave Libya, his fight is with the invaders.
A fair trial in Libya, Iraq, and wherever NATO western invaders attack means all resistance fighters being found guilty and execution follows. It's a Rothschild system of jurisdiction.
(10) The Libyan liberation front has opened a new nation in the South of the country to house refugees and displaced people.
(11) Attacks inside and outside Tripoli will not stop till Libya is completely liberated.
— with Minna Stage and Hamsa Goolbar.

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