Dec 20, 2011

Libyan Liberation Front: Territorial Control & Analysis [19.12.2011.]

This is what is happening in the war theatre. The war has moved from conventional to none conventional methods, war of attrition and proxy means has become common practice and paramount value, below will describe level of activity via proxy means:

(1) Tripoli - Division of Tripoli stands on the ratio of 88% green to 12% rats control, not all people in Tripoli that drive rat vehicles and have rat uniforms are rats. War of attrition has been looming large inside Tripoli ever since, green army changed strategy and did send in proxy militia units and green commandos, rebels still wield enough command to wreck havoc, they have NATO & external support which constitutes very serious security threat, and poses significant risks to the civilian population, that is why green flags have not been exposed so much inside and out of Tripoli.

(2) Misrata, the equation in Misrata is dismal, rebels have large territory of the city of Misrata to Tawarhoga, giving them easy access to mobility and wide seaport, they are in dis-advantage because South of Misrata is green, capable of pushing Misrata gangs into the sea, Misrata gangs are constantly fighting amongst themselves, Misrata has no oil, they heavily depend on Benghazi and Derna for oil supplies, they are trying hard to convince foreign diplomats, business men and other actors that with large amounts of ammunition, they will wrestle control over the rest of Libya, the fact is Misrata is isolate, very soon foreigners will get tired of bankrolling Misrata thugs and pull their resources out. Ratio of Misrata is 65% green to 35% rebel, very large rebel force inside Misrata.

(3) Benghazi, so far Benghazi is the heaviest rat base, 70% rebel and 30% green, but Benghazi and many Eastern cities are heavily suppressed, opinions and demonstrations against rebels are very high, and have been almost daily since past week and growing.
(4) Tobruk is under tribes control, rats have no power in Tobruk, loyalty is unknown.

(5) Derna is home to Al-Qaeda, since the heavy attacks by green army on Fauz Bouketiff, the coastal town is torn between green Libya and Al-qaeda, the chance of getting Derna green stands at 50%, it's a territory that will take a heavy fighting, Derna is also home to Eastern CIA & British intelligence.

(6) Tarhouna is 90% green, many people that fled Tawhorga are in Tarhouna, this city is very strategic and has paramount importance.

(7) Zentan, we give Zentan 80% green score, but they are unpredictable.

(8) Ubar - is 95% green.

(9) Bani Walid, this city stands the ratio of 98% green, but rats from Souq Jouma are struggling hard to turn Bani Walid into rat zone. Many green proxy army with rat flags came from Bani Walid.

(10) Sabha, we give Sabha 85% score green, and mostly South.

(11) Gadhames is a proxy green army base.

(12) Kufra, very disturbing trend. Kuffra is a huge green army base, but Sudan government has been training, arming and supplying rats with orders and support from Qatar in exchange for amnesty for Al Bashir, Kuffra can anytime switch green, the people of Kuffra are very unhappy with events in the region and Darfur.

(13) Nalut & Western Mountains, this place is huge trouble. Nalut is a very heavy rat base, has French supply line and Israeli Air Force base.

(14) Central & Southern Libya, green.. green and green blossom.

(15) Ghat is largely green, the people of Ghat are with green Libya, but rats want to turn Ghat into a central rat base with easy access to the South, many attacks take place inside Ghat constant, the city often change hands.

(16) Subratha, the people of Subratha are with green Libya to the gulf of Sidra.

(17) Ajelat, this city is divided 60% green and 40% rat, constant battles.

(18) Gharyan, can quickly swing green if air power is provided and is to take place.

(19) Mizda, is green, and totally green.

(20) Fezzan, ever green.

General conclusion: Without NATO & external meddling, Libya will swing all green in one week.
libyan major oil pipes
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