Sep 16, 2011

Press Conference Dr. Mousa Ibrahim [ 15./ 16 / 18 September 2011. ]

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim speech 18. September 2011. 

Gaddafi spokesman denounces Cameron and Sarkozy Libya visit

Yesterdays conference of M.Ibrahim:
What comments do you have on the visit of Sarcozy, Cameron and Levy to Libya? _ 

This visit have many meanings. First of all, it was carried out under tight security situation in Tripoli because they came in military planes and were surrounded by huge military defence, and they moved from M’eteega Airport to the hotel where they made their conference using helicopters because they know perfectly that the Libyan fighters and moujahidin are found everywhere in the city. 

As we said earlier, they came to collect the fruits of their seeds. They are afraid of the race of USA and other NATO nations toward the Libyan cake as they see it, so they hurried to Tripoli to make their deals with the traitors, and to guarantee their grasp over the Libyan oil first, then the Libyan rebuilding, and there they are talking about rebuilding the country they destroyed, with the infrastructure, the schools, the hospitals, the houses, the factories with the Libyan money, so they are gaining when they are destroying, and they are gaining when they are rebuilding…and they are certainly not rebuilding the country. 

Also, every colonial country has its men and agents. The role of these countries is to enforce the position of their agents, and to present political figures which are considered to turn in their orbit. For these reasons, I assure you and all the free people in Libya and the world, the war is far from finished, and we are still able to resist and win. I know what I am talking about and I know why we will win. 
I am asking all the honourable people of Tripoli to make a civil disobedience and stop going to their works, in order to delay hugely this project whose goal is to remove the independence and identity of Libya for years. This negative resistance and civil disobedience will help our fighters composed of young volunteers and the Libyan army in Zawya, Zliten, Sorman, Sibrata, Jufra and Ghat, to continue in their fight and to rearrange themselves, in preparation for the march very soon. 
So, this visit made by Sarkozy and Cameron is an announcement for the start of this colonial project. For this reason, the country sovereignty and freedom is in danger, and every Libyan citizen has a sacred role and a compulsory duty of carrying on his own duty on his personal level by not complying with the colonialists and the traitors. 
I would like to reassure the Libyans that the armed gangs are now weak, divided, large groups of them have given up fighting, large groups have left Libya with many spoils, and other groups have stopped fighting because of too much blood shed. We have many thousands who are fighting for the country. We have the ammunition, we have the money, we have the heart of the people, we have the national legitimacy, religious legitimacy, the moral legitimacy, the cultural legitimacy, and we have no other road but the victory, with the will of Allah. 

But the people have to stand for the honor, the jihad, and the civil disobedience and negative resistance, so they can help us to go on forward and bury this colonial project against the Arabism and Islam in Tripoli, so we can protect Algeria from falling, because I assure you, after Libya, they will come to Algeria, Syria, and finally Saudi Arabia.
_ All those who are calling us wish you victory. Also, the Arabs from the other countries wonder how you are doing inside Libya and are wondering whether you need any help. Do you need any kind of humanitarian help from the Arab countries?

_ If you could see the wonderful sights I am having about the people here, you would feel very reassured both you and all the viewers. There are thousands of young volunteers, who are fighting on different fronts, and we welcome anyone who would like to stand by our side, and I can give you the information and the ways to contact us so you can inform those who want to contact us according to worked plan. 

However, I ask our Arab brothers to help us from their country by standing in front of their government and demand them to stand by the Libyan legitimate government and to bury this colonial project, to demand the sheikhs to stand by our sides… [STOP THE WAR IN LIBYA. WE DEMAND IT]
Dr Moussa Ibrahim inerview on Al Rai TV [16. September 2011.]
Spokesman for the Libyan government d. Moussa Ibrahim some minutes ago.
Key points of his phonecall.
1) All attempts aimed at penetrating our front failed and we have the ability to continue for months and months, although the fierce attack and bombing by nato is unbelievable
2)  Qatar today wants to make its people not look extremists , they said they were like Mahmoud Jibril, backed by France and Britain, the biggest ally of the groups that destroy and kill in the name of religion.(crusaders )
3)  Algeria is also targetted because its a major economical power in Africa and has vast resources and also follows the anti imperialistic and humanitarian way in politics and refuses to bow to the dogs of imperialism.
4)  We know that there are differences between the countries of NATO, Turkey, France and other demons, but they have found common ground to divide Libya for their economical profil.
5)  Is not a conspiracy against Libya alone, the conspiracy is against Egypt, Algeria, Libya,all the countries that have made a vast economy and that have a lot of natural resources *

Al Jamahiria - mass / Nessbook
Spokesman for the Libyan government d. Moussa Ibrahim : there is no demonstration on Sunday did not invite any demonstration only want our people in every city civil disobedience and Almkot in their homes and messages that are calling for demonstrations next Sunday is a lie and an ambush of rats NATO for the killing and capture of Libyan free honorable therefore call upon all our people not to believe these messages are metal and we are anything we want from our people and our citizens, we will announce it through the channel of Iraqi opinion
* Libya Liberal Youth to publish the facts for Libya tomorrow - > 
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