Sep 8, 2011

Vultures over Libya

The rape of a sovereign country and it's leader by pathetic little "journalists" continues. How is it possible that someone who never did anything worth mentioning in his life, gets his hands on the private album of the leader of one nation and publish someone's private memories thus? 
How is it possible that someone known only in his family circles  (close family) and who never do anything for his homeland or for humanity..How is it possible that someone who is ZERO in the world  and history can play with the feelings of one nation's leader and thus humiliate an entire country
I would like to ask those who are responsible for the publishing of the mentioned photo album ( no matter how mediocre their lives are) how would they feel if anyone would invade their privacy and publish their private photos for all the world to see, without allowing the readers to post comments, unless they serve the purpose of inflaming hate towards their rightful owner.?
The Big Brother Game started long time ago - when WORLD stayed silent about the brutal murder and the greatest shame for an independent sovereign state
The public broadcasting of the murder of Saddam Husein President of Iraq.

Pandering to the taste of the average American illiterate housewife who never made it out of her street, let alone build a "Great Man Made River" is a crime and the unprecedented monstrosity.

The rape of Libya and it's leader is a disgusting phenomenon, which if it goes unnoticed can turn into a usual deal for all the western horror media and their bosses.

 Tyler Hicks one more  Vulture ...

“As he was sorting through his bag on Monday, Tyler Hicks found an additional photograph in the Qaddafi (Gaddafi) family series. We couldn’t resist adding it to the post. The image appears below.
On Saturday, Mr. Hicks found himself standing outside a residence inside Bab al-Aziziya, the compound of Col. Qaddafi (Gaddafi). The formerly secure headquarters were taken over the morning of Aug. 23.
The house, a smaller, and less-photographed building, has been hit by air strikes. Windows are blown out and walls blackened from fire.
As he made his way toward it,  Hicks saw a man leaving with some hats and unusual-looking books. When he asked where the stranger had found the collection, he was pointed toward a basement room. Holding a small flashlight, Hicks ventured down a dark, smoky hallway. He could hear the sound of shuffling as people rooted through rooms nearby.
In what looked like a family media room, Hicks found shelves holding framed photographs. On the ground were loose photos and VHS tapes. There were certificates, awards and paintings. Photos of Colonel Qaddafi (Gaddafi) with world leaders. “
NATO  Vultures (aka journalists)  with no shame  posted personal photos in Media.  
They did not get a license of the photo owners.
How would you have   felt if someone rapes your privacy?
How would you have  felt if someone steals and without permission publish pictures of your children (killed by western governments, soldiers, media clowns and taxpayers)?

These comments are not published under the album in the NYT (but published all abusivecomments):

No1: The Western media has not reported on NATO war crimes. It has casually dismissed NATO atrocities: 8000 strike sorties represents more than 50,000 missiles and bombs dropped on the Libyan people.
There are various ways of concealing the truth. From the outset of the air campaign, the media has denied the existence of a war. Its causes and consequences are distorted. In turn, an effective propaganda campaign requires targeting people's mindset in newspapers, network TV and online. 
People must be distracted from an understanding of the war on Libya. Atrocities committed by NATO with the support of the United Nations is rarely frontpage news. 
How best to camouflage the truth? 
 By redirecting news coverage on Libya towards a number of trivial "talking points", including the size of Gadhafi's (Qaddafi's) swimming pool, his female bodyguards, his cosmetic plastic surgery, etc. (The Guardian, August 23, 2011)
Not included in the journalist's "to do list" is the coverage of the three thousand men, women and children who lost their lives in the course of a weeklong Blitzkrieg bombing of Tripoli using the most advanced weapons systems in human history.

No2: "Mr. Hicks you said you wanted to save those photos from destruction and then You gave them to the same people who are commanding the looting, destroying and ridiculing anything that was ever connected to Gaddafi?! I would like to know the name of the person you gave it to, so that when Gaddafi (Qaddafi) has restored the order in Tripoli and Libya, Libyans could demand them back. 
If you felt it was OK to publish someone's personal photo album without their consent, you shouldn't have problem in revealing the name of the "Libyan official" you gave it to. 
This demonisation and ridicule of a man who has done more for his country in these 42 years then all of American Presidents of the past 100 years have done together, has gone far enough without you intruding in someone's private memories and items."

No3: "I like these family photos of Colonel Gaddafi, (Qaddafi) it shows that his family in some way was no different to any other Libyan family. You can see his devotion and love for his children. btw Aisha is so beautiful! Nice to see someone who has done so much good for Libya on a pictures like these.
How come you didn't tag his son who was killed by NATO bomb on 30. 04. 2011.  in one of the photos?" (with 3 babies)

BUT ...
The New York Times publish comments like :
No1: “Ah, the banality of evil.
No2: “Sort of 'the banality of evil. In contrast to Saddam Hussein, these look like the artifacts left behind by a successful roofing contractor.”
No3: “…These from Qaddafi remind me of the cheery photos of Hitler with Braun and with adoring German youth groups...”

Aisha Gaddafi's Private Photo ->

Photos: Homes of the Kadafi Family
A bandit's look inside the houses belonging to ousted Libyan Leader Moammar Kadafi, his daughter and six sons.,0,11986.photogallery
See Hannibal Kadhafis private photos - >
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