Sep 25, 2011


Direct from Libya..
Yesterday at the morning around 12:30 there was a large explosion about three miles south of Zawia because civilians in the city destroyed reserves of arms and ammunition of the NATO mercenaries /NTC. After 30 minutes there has been a huge explosion in the port of Tripoli, the Libyans also destroyed an arsenal of weapons of NATO/NTC.

Yesterday there was a PROTEST DEMONSTRATION IN TRIPOLI AGAINST NTC because they do not let Libyan people withdraw the money from the bank, and in the same time, they act as some phony 'government', but do not pay the wages nor the benefits to the people
On top of that, the NATO NTC groups in Tripoli collect foreign HUMANITARIAN AID AND MEDICINES and SELL IT to the public!!
It is important to understand what this means and that Libyans can not buy anything with money anymore.
The Libyans are confused because they have been receiving monthly benefits of oil and government stores were selling food at token prices, before NATO's NTC took over most of the Tripoli.
But now not only that they do not receive their benefits but the NTC rebels do not let them withdraw their own money from banks, while selling them food that has been sent as humanitarian aid.
How do the Libyans feel? 
"The only salvation we still have are the food leftovers that the Libyan government previously distributed in the month of Ramadan to all the families for 3 months in advance
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