Sep 25, 2011


This is Hatim Nassr Al-Rimali, he lived in Janzour , he was a member of Abou Gharara tribe, he was single and born in 1989.
He was arrested on Saturday 24th-Sep-2011 because he worked in the Libyan Internal Security. 
He was martyred from torture. 
At the time of Asr prayer (about 4pm),NATO revolutionaries came to the Zoughani grave yard in Janzour to bury him, but his cousins live nearby and saw them. When one of his cousins came to ask them what is happening they shot him to death. His name was Jamal Abdulsalam Al-Rimali that was married and had 3 daughters. He was born in 1968.
Moreover, martyr Jamal Al-Rimali's brother that is martyr Hatim's cousin, Nasir Al-Rimali, was extremely tortured too and on Saturday 25th-Sep- 20011 the armed gangs asked his family to come get him because he was found not guilty of anything. Nasir's veins were cut and was strongly beaten to admit something he didn't even do.
Now he is in a horrible condition.
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