Sep 19, 2011


Update 22. September 2011. 
A woman called Gaddafi and her family were gunned down as they tried to flee Libya, fearing that their name would cost them their lives.Afaf Gaddafi, who is not related to the toppled leader, and two of her children Yam, 20 months, and Aden, three weeks old, were shot by rebel soldiers as they drove to the airport. Four of the family were killed, including baby daughters Yam and Aden. ->
Update 19. September 2011 :
Tripoli: A 16 year old girl was raped by a group of men while her mother was locked in the bathroom. The house was locked, but six men entered the house and raped the girl was six. It happened in an area of ​​Tripoli under rebel control.
Rebels on the Rampage -  in Libya.
Members and supporters of  armed gangs (aka Libyan  rebels), have  committed human rights abuse, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Private houses have been looted and burned. "Freedom fighters" shot, hanged and otherwise killed through lynching dozens of Libyans.
This is how the "liberated" towns look like.. They are ghost towns! NATO and their ground mercenaries (aka rebels) expelled, ethnicaly cleansed or killed the whole populations in some places, because majority people are pro-Gaddafi pro-Green Jamahirya, and NATO knows that it's easier to kill them, than to make them change their minds and hearts. SAD MOMENT in history, the westerners are ignorantly watching. And the world still has a nerve to call them FREEDOM FIGHTERS!
Tripoli looted and abandoned after Rebels and NATO came through

A wrecked civilian home in Qawalish, after the Forces of rebels went through
Scenes from Qawalish, Libya.  Eyewitness "Bryan Denton and I were in the town within minutes after it fell, we returned the day after and we returned again today. During this time the town was solely under rebel control. And during this time it has been looted extensively, including by armed men we observed in rebel attire and in vehicles bearing rebel stickers or flags. During this same time, many houses have been burned. We have been unable to locate a single civilian in the town." 

Inside a burning home last Thursday, the day after Qawalish fell to the rebels. The home was not burning when the Libyan Army  left

Testimony of a young girl of Tripoli on the atrocities committed by rebels who broke into his house and took everything his family owns: cars, gold, money...(It's a girl from Tripoli (Sarraj). She calls from Jerba (Tunisia) where she is for a week.
The rebels in Tripoli commit rape and atrocities. They entered her house and took everything his family owns: cars, gold, money, etc. .. She calls for the Libyans to wake up to save Libya is being lost. She praised the achievements made by Gaddafi who, thanks to the artificial river, turned into the Sahara green country. She also talks about the situation on the border with Tunisia, Ras Jedir where Berber rebels hosted their own flag and make life unbearable for people. She calls on Arab countries and the world to intervene in Libya to help the Libyan people against the rebels and stop the NATO bombing that destroyed everything. She says that all the rebels to say only lies.) [ ورفلي ناجي,Al Rai Tv ]
School in Libya 2011  - "freedom" coming

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