Sep 4, 2011


French newspapers reported on Saturday a news story that the Zionist Bernard-Henri Levy, "received death threats," as a result of what happened in Libya because of him. The French authorities are going to tighten security around Levy. It is worth mentioning that most of the French by virtue of their knowledge of his character did not believe the claims of this man, and expressed their anger for this fraudster who is looking for fame with a various means of deception. In addition to that, his costs will rise even more to rob the Treasury of money that belongs to citizens,of the same French citizents who hate this failed philosopher.
Bernard Henry Levy bringing 'democracy' in Libya (Misrata)
 Let's not forget his pal Rasmussen, who has many fans and admirers, hmmm, not really
Zbigniew Brzezinski lecturing 'democracy' to one of his students -Bin Laden (aka Tim Osman)

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