Sep 13, 2011

Libya news [backup libyasos] 07. september- 12. september 2011.

Day 175: 12. september 2011. Libya news     
24h/ teleSUR -Gaddafi resisten en Beni Walid 12 09 2011 GUERRA DE LIBIA
23h/ And our response now by our correspondent in the city of Tripoli talk Almtnaql that NATO drops leaflets on the city of Bani Walid inviting them to surrender and welcome customers NATO and that any family received its weapons for the disappearance NATO is giving them a financial amount of 500 thousand dinars per booklet family but did not do that threatened NATO bombing them phosphorus White (phosphorus Strip) What was the tribe Rafla but said to them::: does not and will not surrender or betray the nation and we are ready to serve God and destiny. God is great and thank God [Nessbook]
22h/ The Brother Leader Muammar Al-Gaddafi - letter 12. September 2011. [ Al-Rai TV ] ->
21h/ The Brother Leader Muammar Al-Qaddafi - letter 12. September 2011. [ Al-Rai TV ] ->
21h/ The green army forces entered the Al-zawiya city and raise up the green flag
21h/ The fate of the Tawarghans – soon to be shared by Sabha
20h/ Gaddafi's message, which was read on Syria's al-Rai TV on Monday, accused revolutionary fighters of surrendering the oil-rich country to foreign occupiers.
"We will not hand Libya to colonialism, once  again, as the traitors want," said the brief statement attributed to Gaddafi.
"We will not be ruled after were the masters."
20h/ Violent clashes between the army now Libyan and British SAS special forces on the Tripoli International Airport and the heavy fire now and the Libyan army uses the Grad rockets and rocket-propelled grenades against the British special forces .[ Allibiya TV ]
19h/ Ich möchte in diesem Zusammenhang kurz einige Errungenschaften des libyschen Staates aus den letzten 42 Jahren, seit Beginn der Fateh-Revolution durch einen unblutigen Putsch gegen König Idris 1. Sanussi skizzieren:
Unter diesem König förderten britische Firmen Öl in Libyen und bezahlten dafür etwas an das Königshaus.
18h/ Ghana recognizes NATO-led rebels
18h/ Libya: European Special Forces because of devastating losses deducted!
jo on September 11th, 2011... Secret information from German military experts:
A German military expert said at a private meeting, citing sources, "safe and reliable," that the / number of British special forces were killed in Libya is far higher, has not only given 35 dead as the British War Office announced.
We speak here of about 1500-2000 deaths. This is also the reason why the British government has ordered its troops in Libya back in the United Kingdom. In addition there are casualties following numbers:
French forces: 200-500
U.S. armed forces: less than 200
Forces Qatar: 200
Source: (8/10/11 - 14.29),
My source: [Steffen S]
After the mass killings of Zliten, passed with full impunity, it's time for Tawargha to know the same fate. This city is wiped off from the map. This quiet little town not far from Misrata, after numerous bombings to encourage the entry of renegades of Benghazi, no longer exists. The surviving men were simply slaughtered by the so-called insurgents with the approval of their boss NATO. A small detail that you have to know: the population of this city was mostly black ...[Wadii Hadad]
Please help stop the NATO bombing in Libya: email campaign - What You Can Do to Stop NATO's Genocide in Libya - THIS IS ONLY ONE CLICK -
15h/ Libyan Jamahariya Army attacked an oil refinery near Ras Lanuf killing 15 NATO militiamen, this comes after the Libyan Army defeated NATO militia multiple times in Sirte and Bani Walid.
14h/ Gaddafi spy chief arrested in Tripoli
14h/ NTC chairman arrives in Tripoli
14h/ Gaddafi's son, Saadi, flees to Niger
13h/ WADI DINAR, Libya (AP) — Fierce resistance by Moammar Gadhafi loyalists entrenched in two strongholds has stalled the rebels' final push for complete control over Libya. NATO said Sunday that its warplanes hit a series of targets near Bani Walid a day earlier — a tank, two armed vehicles and one multiple rocket launcher. Airstrikes also pounded targets around Gadhafi's hometown of Sirte, and the towns of Waddan and Sabha in the southern desert.
12h/ In reality, Gibril (also spelled Jabril) is in control of nothing, apparently not even his own rebel forces, and stunts such as landing in Tripoli are desperate ploys to portray a sense of strength and resolve to garner continued "international support" as NATO's deadline quickly approaches. Libya's rebellion, despite the corporate-media's disingenuous presentation, is divided along tribal and ethnic lines
11h/ “Our mission is not to capture Bani Walid, it is to block the town and attack Sirte,” said Elmaiel, who is based in the rebel-held town of Misrata.
10h/ NY Times Editorial Still Downplays Libya Ethnic Cleansing of Blacks [ 81323 ]
09h/ THE UN WAS AN ACCOMPLICE TO NATO AGGRESSION ON LIBYA -The cynical behaviour of the Security Council in the face of Nato’s mission of removing a legitimate government…by military force, leaves no one in doubt that the world organization no longer respects its own charter; that it has become the absolute instrument of the sole superpower and its allies; and that it has lost credibility, moral strength and validity as the conscience of the world.
08h/ New Libya: Is it the First African Oil Gulf State in the Making?
 07h/ Cable: Al Jazeera chief linked to US
Day 174: 11. september 2011. Libya news     
00h/ the convoy of Abdul Jalil Mustafa, chairman of the National Transitional shot when he left the building the Islamic call in the capital Tripoli after his fate was not known. [Yami Benghazi Newsflash: Al Rai]
24h/ Khamis Muammar Gaddafi over the radio Bani Walid :... and the glory of people  Rafla ... Sirte have dignity and we are together in the field ... rest assured.God will protect soldiers in  Bani 
24h/#LIBYA BR.NEWS: #Abdul Jalel has #been #SHOT but they don't know what is happened to him. #the Rai channel source[@Al_Fatah69 Al Fatah]
24h/ CNN reports that there are more Journalists than NATO - led gangs.This has finally been exposed, having more Journalists than fighters, this goes to show, that the war mostly revolves around propaganda lies. They have been lying and twist the truth from the beginning, CNN, Al-Jazeera, BBC, VOA... Even PressTV took the anti-Libyan Jamahariya stance and started supporting NATO terror operation.
23h/ [teleSUR video Bani Walid - today] Local officials of the National Transitional Council (CNT) rebel insurgents in Bani Walid warned last week that if the Libyan troops  did not surrender, there would be more violence to achieve the capture of the area...NATO led gangas cut all public services to the city, including water and electricity. The so-called rebels also prevented the entry of food, to pressure the villagers to surrender.
23h/ Niger justice minister says Gadhafi son Saadi has entered Niger territory – Reuters
22h/ Heavy bombing of #Sirte by Nato is happening now to pave way for rebels to enter the city
22h/ NATO again use special forces and bombing for massive attack (now to Bani Walid) :
"Foreign special forces heading to Bani Walid to storm according to a report by Reuters news a few minutes
20h/ Libya: Massacring Protesters: Really? .. we have video of two injured "protesters," one apparently just deceased, the other being carried up a street from somewhere to the west-southwest, in the direction of the setting sun. ..
19h/ [tranlsation by google]Tripoli. Residents shouting Allah Akbar after the destruction of "rebels NATO," as they call them, in several ambushes throughout the city.
Beni Walid. In a city that "rats" were not able to surround, a large number of volunteers came armed with small arms and RPGs. People with the support of the tribe Varfala Libyan Army captured three rebels and killed their leader.
Benghazi. The city held a demonstration with the green flags in several areas of the city (al Kovifiya, Sidi Khalifa, Ras Abid Al Slimane and Juliana). Mon-Council has no power to stop these demonstrators. To disperse the demonstrators opened fire, killing several people.
Sirte. Volonteers supported by the Army of Libya, took control of the village of Wadi al Ahmar, in the "Red Valley", 90 km. east of Sirte. "The rebels NATO" received a severe defeat in their ranks many of the victims.
Zouara. Counter-offensive with the support of popular militias Libyan army base in the French special forces in Zouara. This base has been attacked several times during the past three days.
18h/ Libya , Benghazi:  Street, a violent explosion shakes twenty Almgeora in Benghazi
Violent clashes between the Revolutionary Cells and Jerzan Street Gardens at the end of Benghazi. A powerful explosion rocks the bridge evacuation of the island rotation in the way of the airport in Benghazi. Clashes between the Revolutionary Cells and Jerzan October 7 in the hospital and around Benghazi [Konstantyn Scheglikov]
17h/ At least 12 people were killed and 16 wounded when two groups of fighters opposed to Moamer Kadhafi turned on each other in Libya's west, two officials said on Sunday.Rebels are already turning on each other.
18h/ The capital Tripoli, Tripoli, now the capital is witnessing heavy fighting after hearing the explosions and high columns of smoke and flying intensive NATO aircraft
17h/ Seif al-Islam gave no indication in the statement of his precise whereabouts except that he was in a Tripoli suburb, and it was not clear if his remarks had been prerecorded. But the statement itself raised the possibility of more fighting and underscored the ability of the Qaddafis to frustrate the alliance of rebel forces that has become the effective government of Libya.
16h/ Ethnic Cleaning in Libya as NATO and western nations look on
15h/ Loyalist town Tawergha(10 000 people) ethnic cleansed by #Rebels - Gaddafi's ghost town [this is LINBYAN's town !]after the loyalists retreat by NATO-led gangs. Genocide Tawarga. We  warned of genocide BUT western monsters  don't  care!
14h/ when Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, NATO's Canadian commander in Libya, gave the signal for the advance on Tripoli, all the operation's working components had been in position for a week. British, French, Jordanian and Qatari Special Operations units had been standing by in safe-
13h/ 9/11: 10 years on - Is the world a safer place? "More of the same is totally unacceptable because as we have seen in Libya, the monster does not stop. Therefore we must stop it.
12h/ "Gaddafi's money" ... "Gaddafi's billions" ... "Gaddafi's gold"...Where is money of Libyan people? ->
11h/ Over 100 German Troops Participated In NATO’s War Against Libya. The ministry said that 103 German soldiers had taken part in the selection of bombing targets against the army of Libya…as well as issuing orders to AWACS, NATO’s airborne warning and control system aircraft.
10h/ Libya: NATO’s War On Africa. For Africa, the war is far from over. The African continent must recognise that NATO’s lashing out is a sign of desperation, of impotence, of its inability to stop the inevitable rise of Africa onto the world stage. Africa must learn lessons from Libya, continue the drive towards pan-African unity, and continue to resist AFRICOM. Plenty of Libyans will still be with them when they do so.
09h/ The ALBA Foreign Ministers Condemn NATO’s Aggression on Libya. Havana, Cuba: The foreign ministers of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA) condemned on Friday in Caracas the military aggression of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Libya.
URGENT!!! This profile is tweeting the txt messages by some girl who is allegedly inside Beni Walid, betraying the positions of Libyan army soldiers!
 Day 173: 10. september 2011. Libya news     
22h/ Resident of Bani Walid states on Al-Rai satellite station that Nato is using Mustard Gas in the town

22h/ I can not be silent! [Николай Сологубовский ] I can stop to cry! [libyasos]
URGENT!!! This profile is tweeting the txt messages by some girl who is allegedly inside Beni Walid, betraying the positions of Libyan army soldiers!
Well Al Jazeera forgot to change the Libyan "revolutionary" (NATO-rats) flag to the Syrian one when they were fabricating today!   Al Jazeera SHOW TO BE CONTINUED

22h/ The ALBA Group (Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, some small Caribbean states) has decided, among other things:
1) To condemn the NATO attack on Libya.
2) Do not recognize the NTC.
3) Start a counter-media-strike to spread the truth of Libya.
21h/ Saturday morning Bani Walid  - NATO has intensified the bombing of the town, indiscriminately targeting anything that resembles green. NATO has refused to allow any journalists inside the city to report the truth, this has allowed NATO to implement a slow and painful genocide in the name of humanitarian intervention.
20h/ Saturday morning - New reports suggests that NATO Special Ops have been dropped inside Bani Walidand they are fighting from inside civilian homes. They are holding civilians hostage, using them as human shield because they are surrounded by Libyan Army Snipers. NATO militia tried to storm Bani Walid to help NATO Special Ops, but failed, leaving 150 militiamen dead.
       Another attempt to storm Bani Walid is happening right now, NATO militia continues gaining heavy casualties outside the town. Some witnesses report that ambulances are carrying dead and injured NATO militiamen from around Bani Walid.
19h/ Anarchy spreads as Tripoli celebrates . There is no peace. There is no safety in the city. We do not let our children outside when it’s dark. We are afraid. We always wait for something bad
19h/ Report form Libya: NATO-led rebels where defeated last night in Bani walid. They retreated and run and then they claimed that it was a strategical retreat and that they took orders from nato and the same blablabla.
And for their suprise NATO exposed them today. Said that this are false claims and never asked them to move to any possition or anything in order to prepare attack. Another more lie from the NATO-led rebels.
Also in Sirte area the rats are stuck in the terminal of Bin Jawad about 100 kilometers away from the city. They threatened to attack today, but now they dig in and say that they wait more. seems that the moment of the bandits is lost and that the army is going to tae the upper hand sometime soon.
Also in Tripoli, army comes and goes in many areas leaving many deads from the field of NATO-led bandits.  [ Libya Liberal Youth to publish the facts for Libya tomorrow ]
18h/ Fighters frustrated as Libyan Heroes resist assault on Bani Walid. .. As one of the cars drove away from Bani Walid, a NATO-led rebel shouted out: "Where are you, NATO?"
19h/ Africa , Tanzania: Death for Libyans; Billions for the West  - People who think that the West's intervention in Libya is just another oil grab are mistaken. Broadly speaking, for Britain military intervention is mainly about arms, Italy its natural gas, France its water and for the US its counter-terrorism and reconstruction contracts. Spreading democracy and saving the people of Benghazi form merely tangential benefits used to justify these ends.
15h/ Moreno Ocampo, ICC, Human Rights Watch, Britihs, Americans, French, Italians, Norwegians, Dutchmen .... Why you are watching crime against humanity ?
13h/ During raids conducted in Tripoli, hundreds of people are arrested under the suspicion of have collaborating with loyal forces of Muammar al-Gaddafi, the case of black people is critical, almost all of them are suspicious. teleSUR
13h/ Brave Libyan Arny  in Libya have been putting up fierce resistance in Bani Walid
12h/ In an interview inside his Northwest D.C. home last week, the noted civil rights leader, told the Afro that he watched French and Danish troops storm small villages late at night beheading, maiming and killing rebels and loyalists to show them who was in control.
The rebels told Fauntroy they had been told by the European forces to stay inside. According to Fauntroy, the European forces would tell the rebels, "'Look at what you did.' In other words, the French and Danish were ordering the bombings and killings, and giving credit to the rebels.
"The truth about all this will come out later," Fauntroy said. Fauntroy said.
11h/ LYON, France – INTERPOL has issued Red Notices for Libya’s Leader  Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and former director of military intelligence Abdullah Al-Senussi after the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno-Ocampo, requested the world police body to issue internationally wanted persons notices against the Libyan nationals for alleged crimes against humanity, including murder and persecution.
11h/ According to Mathieu Guidere, Arab world specialist at the University of Toulouse II, the CNT had already decided to reward the commitment of France by reserving 35% of oil contracts. The same information was relayed by the French business daily La Tribune , France24 , the site ...Libye : 35% du pétrole pour la France ?
10h/ LIBYA’S REBEL prime minister Mahmoud Jibril saw his grand entrance on the world stage dissolve amid chaotic scenes yesterday at his first press conference since arriving in the capital, Tripoli.
Gun-toting rebels outside were divided over regional affiliations: rebels from Misurata and the western Nafusa mountains complained loudly that the jostling was part of a wider problem, which they said was their exclusion from a council dominated, they claimed, by Benghazi-based officials.
09h/ $4 bln down the drain: Libyan rebels won’t buy Russian arms - Mustafa Abdul Jalil assured the journalists that Russia has a place in Libya’s future. “Russia supported us from the very beginning, when it didn’t veto the UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973 [which authorized use of force in Libya to prevent civilian deaths – RT]. We appreciate this help,” he said.
08h/ IMAN OBEIDI – RIXOS HOTEL - By her own testimony she went straight from her abductors to the Rixos.
The very first thing a rape victim would want to do is shower, by her own testimony she did not, but went straight to the Rixos, presumably smelling of whiskey, urine and excrement!
When she appeared at the Rixos, her hair was tousled, but she looked clean, her hair certainly did not look like there was urine or whiskey on it.
07h/ Masses of information from the media constantly bombard us. Yet paradoxically often what is most significant goes unreported. Take for instance Tony Blair's recent visit to Africa. Suddenly countries such as Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Ghana come under the spotlight. But one country which forever remains off the UK/US media map is Chad, lying just to the south of Libya and "over three times the size of California", according to the CIA's official website

Day 172: 09. september 2011. Libya news   
24h/ Plundering of Gaddafi's privacy backfires! ->
23h/ From several sources: started the battle of Bani Walid is now offering thousands of clients and mercenaries from several directions with hundreds of tanks and under the cover fire and flying Apache sustained NATO, the battle is not quite identical, but our God and men, yet firm in their positions and shot down dozens of dead and destroyed several vehicles and armored vehicles of the bandits
23h/ AJAYLAT, Libya — Sitting on a carpet under the shade of a tree, the men say they know where Moammar Gaddafi is today — and where he will always be.
“He is in our hearts,” they say, almost in unison, tapping their chests with their right hands.
22h/ The bandits  today tryied to dig out the body of the martyr Saif al Arab al Gaddafi from the cemetery of Tripoli.
For good luck there were some wise seikhs that prevented that act of barbarism.
This how hysterical are the bandtis and how much they desire to destroy everything that proves the glory of Libya under our great brother leader Mouamar al Gaddafi, even the tombs of the martyrs.
 21h/ Newsflash: the emission of a massive march now roam the street (Gamal Abdel Nasser), the center of the city of Benghazi with joy at the news of the fall of the city (Bani Walid) in the hands of armed Almaadh backed NATO. Source: Organization for the Protection of Libya [Yami Benghazi]
21h/ REBELS IN #TRIPOLI ARE ON THERE WAY TO #BaniWalid!!! We have to get this info to the people of #BaniWalid they are preparing to attack
20h/ #AlArabiya_Eng;  Clashes between revolutionary fighters and Qaddafi forces inside Bani Walid. 
18h/ The Libyan Jamahiriya is Africa's last line of defence! Do not say you were not warned. Africa for Africans! African solutions to Africa's problems! Solutions by Africans for Africans! Africa's resources should bring dignity to Africans! And who was the MAN behind this project? It sure as hell was not David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy or Barack Obama, now was it? So, do Africa's leaders who recognise these NATO/terrorists as a legitimate government represent the African people? I think not. So... If you allow the candle to go out brothers, you will be in eternal darkness.
17h/ NATO militia tried to storm Bani Walid but quickly retreated after a barrage of rockets hit their positions, it is not yet known how many NATO militiamen were killed.
Before the attempted attack, NATO militia claimed that Tribal leaders in Bani Walid agreed to surrender, that proved to be a blatant propaganda lie once again.
Other reports suggested that NATO was continuing the bombing of Bani Walid, four NATO airstrikes took place in the town before NATO militia's failed assault.
16h/ Allain Jules - After ransacked respective embassies in Algeria and Venezuela, the renegades of Benghazi entered a new phase of their vision of society, that which is to be perpetually off-the-law, supported by those who unfortunately are supposed to be the guardians of these laws there. This is a pack of rabid dogs that are, alas, the allies of France. Former douce France of Charles Trenet turned into predatory-war, by Nicolas Sarkozy.
Allain Jules - Après avoir saccagé respectivement les Ambassades d’Algérie et du Vénézuela, les renégats de Benghazi sont entrés dans une nouvelle phase de leur vision sociétale, celle qui est d’être des perpétuels hors-la-loi, soutenus malheureusement par ceux qui sont sensés être les garants de ces lois-là. C’est une horde de chiens enragés qui sont, hélas, les alliés de la France. L’ex douce France de Charles Trenet transformée en prédatrice-guerrière, par Nicolas Sarkozy.
15h/ NATO’s Ongoing Air Assault: 22,006 Sorties, 8,256 Strike Missions
14h/  PHILIPHINES: NATO-Led Forces On Killing Spree Against Migrants, Immigrants - This is the fear of Migrante International after reports have surfaced that in the worsening conflict in Libya, rebel forces seeking to oust Libyan President Muammar Quaddafi might be going after migrants. The group said the Philippine government must speed up rescue and repatriate all Filipinos still in Libya. According to latest reports, there at least 14,000 Filipinos there. It raised the alarm anew after a series of attacks on the embassies and territories owned by Kenya, South Africa, Venezuela, Vietnam and the Philippines.
13h/ Canadian Forces Ready For Extended Libyan Mission: Military Chief
12h/ NATO bombed to open a passage for the rats to enter the Bani Walid on the resistance to mining all the portlets even if the NATO bombing appeared to back down and the resistance when entering the rats located the bombing of entrances and thus destroy the rats
12h/ Libyan army kill 7 british mercenaries in town Umm near Brega.
Yesterday In Sebha shoot down two Choppers of British. Many British soldiers killed some captured. 
10h/ WE REPEAT (message from Tripoli)
09h/ Battle of Tripoli: Separating Fantasy from Facts - Today’s prisoners of war taken by the Libyan Armed Forces 750 Benghazi terrorists , 3 Qatari, 10 French, 1 English, 14 Emirates, 2 Algerian, 45 Egyptian, 5 Greek, 2 Italian.
07h/ Egypt Fake revolution WARNING...!!!
06h/ In recent weeks, the US-backed military junta in Egypt has increased its support for Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC), which is taking over power in Libya thanks to an intense NATO bombing campaign. The close collaboration between the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the NTC is part of a US-led counterrevolutionary offensive in the region,
03h/ TRIPOLI, Libya,-- Italy's top oil company has signed a deal with Libya's rebel government to take the lead in a race by international oil companies to secure access to the country's oil and natural gas reserves and contracts worth billions of dollars
Day 171: 08. september 2011. Libya news  
00h/ According to our estimates, during the last week in Libya came about 3 thousand mujahideen, who received arms and military equipment in place. Mainly in Benghazi. There is the headquarters and stores of arms and military equipment jihadists. Then they fall under the operational command of the military governor of Tripoli, Abdel Hakim, Belhadj, who coordinates the work of "Al-Qaeda" in Libya. And replace regular army rebels on operational issues "- said in a statement Koreneva.
23h/ NATO-led rebels lowered the water level in the Great Manmade River to enter Sirte from bin Javad
22h/ Tripoli: the fighting in the city, in north-western suburbs with artillery. Thus, in the Salah Edden destroyed three rebel jeeps with 6. There is information about the progress of a heavily armed team of Khamis al-Gaddafi in Tripoli, the southern suburbs area Az zawiya.
        Bani Walid: sheikhs and tribal elders Rafla decided not to take the city, the defenders are confident in their abilities and are determined to fight against the colonial coalition to end. There have been conflicting reports about the number of bands, the besiegers Bani Walid (7-fold difference). Yesterday also was informed of the unsuccessful attack coalition forces in the city, in which the defenders were destroyed hundreds of tribes of the attackers.
       In the area of coalition convoy Tarragon ambushed - 14 rebels killed. Do not stop the bombing of Sirte. Fighting in Az zawiya, ITAR-TASS reported on the atrocities the rebels in this city. Against colonial factions of the coalition, based in the area of tactical missiles used Misurata "Scud" (big explosions September 5).
      It is worth to highlight what is happening in Benghazi: social entropy in the relations between the four centers of power Cyrenaica (Obeid tribe and Haruba, Islamist gangs of Benghazi and Middle Eastern mercenaries), it seems, has reached critical mass. There have been reports of clashes between different factions of rebels, and even the use of NATO air power against the rebels of Benghazi. Perhaps, the tribes of Cyrenaica, want full freedom and the wind of change, decided to join the union of tribes that support the government Jamahiriya. Information about this already started to arrive and now verified.
     According to various estimates, from 70 to 80 percent of Libya Libyan territory controlled by the army and the tribes loyal to Colonel Qaddafi.
     Algeria is going to send humanitarian aid to Libya. The Syrian and Algerian hackers made a DDoS attack on the website of Al-Jazeera television
    Confirmed by information from previous reports on the spread of guerrilla warfare in parts of Central Africa: Governments of Mali and Niger do not hide the concern in connection with the appearance of armed men that would destabilize the country's Saharan inside in case of supporting the rebels by the authorities of the PNS. [ Eugene Gajvoronsky ]
21h/ Sirte: In the last three days have killed 892 Libyans under intense NATO bombing and more than 1200 wounded. "We're in hell, we can not bury our dead." "The hospitals have no medicines and cures and operations must be done without anesthesia, including children." "It's very hard to hear the children crying." But our morale is high.

 House of Leader Moammar Aj Gaddafi   who make life in Libya with free water, free eletricity , free  school ... THIS IS WESTERN DEMONCRACY - R.I.P LIBYA [30. August 2011.] @Reuters
Savages who steal, thieves who kills bandits  who rape
on photo @Reuters -  Savage stole the vase from the Gaddafi's family home
21h/ Historical leader of Al Qaeda in Libya, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, is now the military governor of "liberated" Tripoli and in charge of organizing the army of the "new Libya".
20h/ Mr Mugabe said Nato was bombing innocent civilians. "They seek to kill Gaddafi," he said. "They have in fact deliberately killed some of his children. Now when they do that deliberately, it is exactly what the Taliban and al-Qaeda do - what is the difference in terms of what they [Nato] are doing?
Wake up Africa!
Ask for your diamantes.
Ask for your oil.
Ask for your animals.
Ask for your gold…
Ask for your cultural treasure…
You children died till western crusaders are useing your treasure!
Wake up Africa!
 19h/ Nigerian politicians urge government to derecognize Libyan rebels. The killing of Nigerians in Libya was also condemned on Sunday by a member of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Mrs Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa. She called on the government to mount pressure on the Libyan rebels’ National Transitional Council to stop the ongoing genocide against blacks in the country.
18h/ African women say rebels raped them in Libyan camp - "You should be here in the evening, when they come in firing their guns and taking people," one woman from Nigeria said Wednesday as she recounted the nightly raids on the camp. "They don't use condoms, they use whatever they can find," she said, pointing to a discarded plastic bag in a pile of trash.
17h/ Nazemroaya: 'NATO carpet bombed Libya'  - "[NATO] used every dimension of the psychological war including the media to create fear which created a state of panic and it also traumatized the local population and it caused a lot of people to defect, not a lot but it did cause quite a fair number of people to defect or to remain neutral," Nazemroaya said.
14h/ NATO Vultures (aka jouranlist) with no shame posted personal photos in Media. They did not get a license of the photo owners.
How would you have to felt if someone rapes your privacy?
How would you have to felt if someone steals and without permition publish pictures of your children (killed by western governments)
13h/ Gaddafi 2011 inspecting identities of some poor Libyans (with English subtitles) [archive]
12h/ NICARAGUA - ORTEGA "NATO bombs and destroys a nation and tries to kill the legitimate leader of this nation, our beloved Brother Muammar Gaddafi", he said. "They seek to assassinate him who showed great solidarity with Nicaragua in difficult times."
11h/ After overthrowing the Jamahiriya, NATO turned Libya over to the “rebels” whose military action was limited to the bare minimum. Lacking legitimacy in the Tripolitania and Fezzan regions, where they never enjoyed popular support, the new masters of Libya are both the products of the Alliance and the guarantors of Western interests in the country.

 09h/ TORONTO CONFERENCE Sept 9, The Truth about Libya and NATO’s “Humanitarian” Military Road Map ; Cynthia McKinney, Mahdi Nazemroaya and Michel Chossudovsky
06h/ Ali Tarhouni, an economics professor in Washington state, has become one of the new Libya's most high-profite leaders. His first task is to get Tripoli up and running again.,0,3206828.story
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Day 170: 07. september 2011. Libya news  
00h/ The head of French foreign ministry Alen Juppe considers that the UN must take a decision about stopping the NATO operation in Libya. He claimed that that the purpose of this operation was to overthrow Gaddafi’s dictatorship and save the civilians [???]from his bloody repressions. NATO forces have provided the Libyan people with safety. To this day the task is completed and the Libyans are in safe.[???]
24h/ Benhazi , Libya  - Insurgent groupings have begun war with each other. The government of insurgents is attacked
23h/ U.S. Military has purchased software designed to create and control false online personas in an attempt to use social media and other websites to counter anti-U.S. messaging.
also :
NATO-MATRIX or DISNEYLAND (part I) Fake profiles-->
NATO-MATRIX or DISNEYLAND (part II) Crime on Twitter -- > 
22h/ Tribes still have the control of Bani Walid, NATO Crimes In Libya.Note - in report "journalist" didn't mentioned NATO crime and killing
21h/ RED CROSS URGENT / Leonor
From Libya they ask me to everyone we can write letters to the red cross denouncing what is happening and asking them to send medicines. At present shortage of medicines in hospitals.
20h/ NATO continues bombing Walit Beni, Sirte and Sabha.
Knowing that NATO is total siege on the city of Sabha, and has been bombarding the city three days, it is very difficult to find because they are currently trying to hide violations of all international laws that are taking place. Leonor in Libya
19h/ The Libyan tribes - NATO’s War Crimes in Libya -->
 Since the beginning of the NATO operation (31 March 2011, 06.00GMT) a total of 21,780 sorties, including 8,180 strike sorties, have been conducted.
19h/ NATO's Libyan Intervention Evokes Collective Memory Of Colonial Era. The death of Imtiaz Alam, a domestic help in Tripoli, ten days ago in a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) air strike, was an opportune moment for our government to pronounce on the Libyan tragedy. Even the death of a sparrow is a tragedy, as Shakespeare put it, but the government continued with its stony silence about Nato’s war crimes.
18h/ Real chaos on cards for new Libya - Mohamed Hassan is one of Africa's most experienced diplomats. Just back from the Libyan capital, Tripoli, he says NATO bombing has turned it into a ghost town. “There is no police, there is no administration, there are no schools,” he said.
16h/ The belief that time heals, hasn't manifested itself in how a lot of Africans feel about the NATO-led invasion of Libya six-months into the Western siege of that country. Contrary to the false pretences of protecting civilians, it is now clear that the purpose of the invasion is regime change.
15h/ The one killing civilians is NATO - Ladies and gentlemen I am sorry to say that some of you are not going to like what you hear, but I am going to say it anyway. Those of you who feel uncomfortable with the truth can leave by the rear exit where you will find the WCs and those newspapers you like to read piled up beside the toilets. Background noise is provided in there by the compromised TV channels. Now for those who are interested... here is my story...
14h/ Reports Suggest Gaddafi Still in Libya - Muammar Gaddafi is still in Libya, his media mouthpiece said on Wednesday, as his henchmen sought refuge in Niger and opposition fighters moved in against the last of his forces. [ libyasos - world is a big farsa]
13h/ What have the Libyan children done to you, for you to DESTROY them?
*** KHAMIS GADDAFI OFFENSIVE ON ZAWIAH AND WEST TRIPOLI ! PCN-SPO - ELAC-RESISTANCE - BREAKING NEWS / We have verificated Russian military... source information. True ! Khamis Gaddafi Brigades are in offensive on Zawiah (50 km from Tripoli, Subbbourn of greater Tripoli in fact) and on Tripoli West since this September 4 night !
With heavy material and tanks (Journalist Robert Fisk - The Independent - said from Algeria a few days ago). The war is not finished ...
*** Libya announces one of her great patriotic sons, Captain Khamis Gaddafi has no proudly been promoted tho the military honor of General...We salute and congrt. General Khamis Gaddafi who is currently leading an offensive against NATO and NATO-le drebels in Tripoli.
10h/ NATO Terrorists Attack Libyan Deputy Foriegn Minister at his home, NATO Crimes In Libya
04h/ al_Jamahiriya Aïsha @
In #Benghazi people tried to fight the #rebels but were attacked by #NATO helicopters & #Qatari troops. 1 hour ago
In #Tripoli the #rebels are scared to enter many districts. Over 80% of people in Tripoli support #Qadhafi. Nearly million armed.
Reports of 1000s of #rebels outside #BaniWalid exagerated. Real number about 150. This is why they want to talk. The real danger for #BaniWalid is the #NATO savages.
Armed gangs executes 33 prisoners from the Libyan armed forces west of the city
03h/ Yami Benghazi - Armed gangs attack the city (Abu opposite) west of the city (Sirte). NATO bombed a mosque in the Crusader (Bani Walid), residential quarters and a petrol station city city (Sirte).
NATO troops prepare to attack the civilians of the city of Bani Walid this night or tomorrow morning. They have a unique opportunity to seize the city, killing all the defenders. To achieve their goal they will use prohibited cluster and phosphorous bombs and chemical weapons. They are losing the war to a small state, so they are dangerous. Their crimes must not go unpunished.
02h/ Omar Sallam
Front Bani Walid challenge: made the remnants of rebels NATO Misurata to the Dauphin North Bani Walid was military dealings with them and suffered human and material losses have been announced in the Bani Walid challenge to NATO and his cronies and decided not to kneel only to God despite the blockade it and cut off supplies of fuel, water, electricity and telecommunications
O Vids (Sirte - Bani Walid - Sabha) for the exposure of the blockade and for more than 50 strikes a day and do not forget our brothers in the Ajeelat and Alnoael and Chiaan, and Rishvana and epiphyseal and other Liberal in Tripoli and beyond.

Front Sirte steadfastness: Alnovljeh area has been cleared of rebels NATO counter-offensive of the army after the farces of their progress under the cover of NATO and the dead including many
As I walked to the Western Front, specifically on the bridge plug has been crushing the rebels who had taken from NATO's headquarters near the river from the gate at the intersection of Legion Road stopper - by the river and people did not leave them alive and the rest fled into the Remnants of Misurata.

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