Sep 24, 2011

AISHA GADDAFI DAUGHTER OF LION - كلمة الدكتورة عائشة القذافي للشعب الليبي بتاريخ

I bear the blood of a heroic father and never in life have I ever learnt to surrender.

Aisha (Ayesha) Gaddafi speech on AL arrai TV  - كلمة الدكتورة عائشة القذافي للشعب الليبي بتاريخ 

Aisha Gaddafi’s Message Delivered on Al-Rai TV 
-Kindly translated for Libya 360° by I.A. Libya. (original on 360 here )

" To the great people of Libya,
I salute you.
I will not tell you that victory is approaching, but that we live victorious every day for the last 8 months and we are lining up a victory which has never been witnessed in history.
40 countries, with their attacks using planes, missiles and technologies by air and sea and utilizing their agents on the ground. 
And the Libyan people are still resilient and fighting. 

I commend these heroes and I congratulate all of the Libyan people, along with your Great Leader, whom I bring relief to you and inform you is currently well. 
He is well Thank God, and is also faithful to God and remains in high spirits
He bears a weapon and is fighting on the battlefield with his sons, side by side with the Libyan fighters. This is Muammar Gaddafi, putting himself forward to become a fighter and a martyr with his sons.

Compare this sight with that of Qatar with the Prince who presents and puts forward a crown prince who cried like a girl because they were granted the World Cup 12 years from now.
This gives you (the Libyans) the right to be proud of your leader!
Shame and disgrace to the Arab leaders who were swayed and participated in the slaughter of The Libyan People. And it is unfortunate that Arab nations witnessed this slaughter for 8 months and have not flinched nor stood up and risen against it.

But I call on the lions of Tripoli, the lions of Tarhouna, the eagles of Wershifanna, and the lions of Assabia and Mashaseeya and Arshaydat and Ajaylat and Awayell to the Lions of the Ancient city of Sabha to the lions of Sirte, Abusleem and El-Hadhba (All tribes within Libya) and all of the heroes of Tripoli, the resilient. And to all Libyan fighters from the West to the South.

I call on you and I call on you, I call on you, I call on you! *
Link up! Persevere! Be Patient! Protest!  
God the holy the merciful said, “If there are 100 perseverient/patient, they will defeat 200 and if there are 1000, they will defeat 2000 and God is with the perseverient/patient.” 

To the silent, I will say to them. What do you have to say about the humiliation that is the new regime, what sort of regime is this? These are familiar faces, which you know very well:
Starting with ABUSHENNA (Mustafa Abdul Jalil) that gave his loyalty and obedience to my Father and betrayed him. Mahmoud Jibril who gave his loyalty and obedience to my brother Saif El-Islam and betrayed him. Shalgam was loyal for 40 years and Betrayed. Trekki the idiot was loyal and obedient for 40 years and betrayed. Ghogha was the captain of the lawyers and loyal and betrayed. Bilhadj who gave an oath and a guarantee and broke it. Others, among others exist. All of these people betrayed and broke their oaths which they gave before, who says they will not break oaths and promises to you?

And to the NATO rebels, if you have any common sense or logic to use …. NATO, who when they wanted to invade Afghanistan and in Iraq, they landed boots on the ground, because they could not find any traitors who were willing to take up arms against their fellow countrymen.  
Sadly, they found such people within Libya who would take up arms against the chests of their fellow Libyan brothers. This is why I will say there is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God. Believe in God (Allah), Believe in God (Allah). God (Allah) is all I need. He is the best guardian.

Finally, I would like to quote my brother, who when I asked him to be careful and look after himself on the frontline with his brothers …. I will never forget his words:

To the heroes of Libya, do not disappoint our martyrs. Avenge them, avenge them, avenge them!
“Victory cometh, only an hour’s patience.”
31. August 2011.  Ayesha Gaddafi said from Algeria
" Even if my father and my brothers are martyred, I will continue my fight against Islamic terrorists in Libya.  
Very soon I will appear in the media with my announcement of fighting the terrorists and Al Qaeda in Libya as well in other countries in the world. Let Westerners and their mercenaries take note, Ayesha Gaddafi will never bow to their evil conspiracy. 
I bear the blood of a heroic father and never in life have I ever learnt to surrender. 
The NATO and Western murderers have killed my husband and a child. 
But they must know now, Ayesha Gaddafi is a soldier. 
Even at the cost of my own life, I will liberate my country from the clutches of Islamic terrorists and Al Qaeda."
In response to question, what they will do, if Algeria decides to refuse the exile, Ayesha Gaddafi said,
"A number of Arab countries as well as African nations are willing to accord us exile. There is an also positive signal from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Whatever the Islamic terrorists in Libya may think, the world will not forget or abandon Muammar Gaddafi. We have many places to live. But, we won't stay outside Libya for long
InshaAllah (God willing) we shall return to Libya soon and liberate the country."
Aisha Gaddafi visiting Bab El Azizia in Tripoli, Libya 14th Apr 2011
Quoted speech :
We are people that does't lose from today 'till tomorrow and from tomorrow 'till eternity.
Before you leave our skies with your airplanes and missiles take with yourself your tails.
The tails of shame and filth . Take them onto Qatar , the state that doesn't have neither land nor dignity, but instead is a occupied island. On it lives a family that belongs to Al Qaeda.
This same state (Qatar) today speaks in the name of Libya and it's people and this american-british colony wants to decide about the destiny of the people of Libya.
And for this they will be damned.
We are asking United Arab Emirates to recall their airplanes back with which they are killing Libiyans and they better use these airplanes and free their own islands occupied by Iran.
Damn you, you have put a shame on your people with the blood of the Libyan people that neither history nor future time wont clean the mess.
And at the end I salute you, you proud people . 
Crowd yells : "God Is Great!!!, God, Moamer & Libya only"!!

I salute you , you great and proud people. You !! You are the greatest people of all times! 
I swear you are !
You await their missiles and bombs with the glory of God and you are not afraid of them!! Awaiting with signboards, singing and music! 
You will stay with your leader creating history! " 
Crowd yells : Obama wants the "Al-Rasheed" oil plant"

And as the leader said : Clean the state of impurity by saying : " Every house! Every corner, every street! With God's will! Peace be upon you all!"
Tripoly, Libya . 14th April 2011

* * (Quoted in a way that a female muslim heroine once was depicted saying it in ancient Islamic battles)
**Quote from the Quran.
[ source: ALL FREE WOLRD
Aisha (Ayesha) Gaddafi speech on AL arrai TV  - كلمة الدكتورة عائشة القذافي للشعب الليبي بتاريخ  -- >
Aisha Gaddafi’s Message Delivered on Al-Rai TV -Kindly translated for Libya 360° by I.A. Libya. -- >
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Aisha Gaddafi visiting Bab El Azizia in Tripoli, Libya 14th Apr 2011 -->
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