Sep 6, 2011

Gaddafi in Niger? – Keep dreaming!

 The Brother Leader Moammar Al Gaddafi [corbis photo]
It is sometimes interesting to listen to the news, and to filter out the garbage from the media machine fuelled with what is called ‘assessment of the experts’. For example, take the newest Libyan sensation. A convoy of armored vehicles, consisting of 200-250 units, crossed the Libyan border and arrived in Niger.
We will pause here.

Let us remember many 'cheerful' reports that NATO has destroyed,in the last six months, 60% of military potential of Libya (Gaddafi), and even 90% in the most recents reports. I understand African realities, military capability includes mostly air defense systems, warehouses, arms (weapons) and armor.
Apache downed in Libya
Rumours, that the ground air defense system was destroyed, have repeatedly proven to be exaggerated. Literally, the day before yesterday, two ordinary NATO helicopters felt that on their own skin. Story about weapon warehouses is even more curious. NATO repeatedly bombed them,the insurgents from al-Qaida were stealing from there, and so successfully that the weapons has spread across North Africa and even the Middle East.
And after the bombing and looting of warehouses, Gaddafi still managed to arm the whole population. Although he armed the population, the fact is that France was also throwing weapons to the insurgents,from the airplanes. Jamahiriya’s own army is still capable of firing from all the weapons. Some kind of bottomless stocks. In any case,weapons and most importantly, ammunition, are still in abundant supply.
Brave Libyan Army
Well, it turned out that armored vehicles were not just a sweet snack, as in the NATO report. If after six months of bombing a convoy of 200-250 units (which is, if not all, almost everything that was originally reported) is able to cross the border to Niger, it becomes clear that what has been destroyed in more than 20 thousand combat sorties were not military targets, but rather civilian. By the way, lot of the ‘destroyed’ military targets were in fact inflatable tanks.
Khamis Al Gaddafi
Now a few words about what it could be in that convoy. Certainly it is not a Gaddafi’s escort, whatever the West might have lied. Especially after so many lies about Khamis,who once again turned out to be livelier than all living. Yes, Gaddafi might decide to temporarily relocate to Niger or Algeria. And there is nothing strange or criminal if this would happen. It is much more comfortable, whatever you may think, to organize guerrilla warfare without the continual fear of bombing. But it would be strategically wrong. Gaddafi also understands this.

I agree with El murid, that we are most likely talking about the transport of gold reserves of Libya to a quiet place. After all, 144 tons of gold are not quite comfortable luggage for shifting around the country in conditions of constant fighting. I've tried for a long time to trace the fate of this Libyan gold in the messages. Was waiting for it to be found in Tripoli at the Central Bank or the residence. But, thank God, that did not happen. While gold is not captured, the whole Western scam about Libya is a great failure. Seized "paper" billions do not matter. They are only good for buying mercenaries and nothing more. 
But gold - is serious. I still think their main aim is to hunt al-Gaddafi. And if that gold was taken yesterday to Niger, the chances for Gaddafi’s triumphant return to Tripoli,become higher.
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