Sep 14, 2011

The whole Imperialist Soldiery against ONE Man [How the hipocricy makes "sense"]

Organized mass murder (war) is very often justified as "justice" or moral. Indeed it is almost always the good guys against the bad guys (unless it is a war waged by mercenaries). Western / Americans wars are always in foreign countries against native peoples, so on the surface it is hard to understand why America/ West is in so much denial about their empirism, colonialism, and imperialism...

We might have once believed  that the ancestors of  Americans, the blaze Anglo-Saxon Europeans, although eager for new conquests, and enrichment at any cost, and otherwise prone to offenses, didn't carry with them over the Ocean that fashionable habit of the rich European "gentlemen" - to gloat and delight over their captured and killed victim, to the extent of the primitive, vengeful winner standing above the weak one, but these days have proved the opposite: there is a similarity between Americans and Western Europeans in that matter. That is especially evident in their resolve to catch, at any cost, the man their finger is pointing, just like having his picture on the banner saying-WANTED.

A little before the stampede for Colonel Gaddafi started, we had theatrical execution of  Bin Laden.

The [photoshop] murder of Bin Laden was celebrated all over America, down to the last man ( apologize to honorable exceptions we could not see on TV) with such a gloat and immodest pretension that one would almost believe it was a heroic act worthy of  saintly legends. Once again, we witnessed the weakness of the human nature, to show an additional force towards the victim, once that the act of fight is over.
 Colonisations of The Americas  - 1750
The success of this important catch was referred to as Mr. Obama's success, who "lead by his intelligent premonition started this hunt in the most appropriate timing,he himself" (judging by his statement which didn't lack any self- admiring and self-promotion ), and not about how America has decided to deal with terrorism, by offending the territory of a sovereign country with it's "seal" intrusions, without previously  informing the authorities of that country.

Targeting the individual in the new era, providing sparse and faint reasons and justification of the killing, becomes more important to demonstrate the western logic of power demonstration, which obscures the basic, original, engine-power of the oppressor that this force is directed against people in general, because otherwise they can not reach individual and almost private goals, to rule over this World. Therefore hiding of intentions and threatening to one nation, by masking it into ranting over the individual's death, is just hypocrisy with thick enormous screen through which, however, one can see the point.

Was it not the day before, that another death occurred, civilian and innocent for that matter?

Yes, when they murdered Gaddafi's son and tree grandchildren, breaching the UN resolution that gave them the mandate for action to ( imagine that!) defend those same civilians. So when the English Prime Minister says he won't comment on this victim- student ( Gaddafi's son) because they were pursuing the military targets, he shows just how much this medieval European brutality of hunting the victims ( chasse à mort ) 
The least he could do is to express some basic human feeling of grief to the parents, and at least call it collateral damage, more so cause almost the same day, one other young man, son of "David's " friend ( parent) Charles, was getting married in front of the whole world, in planetary, not just personal life, security. 
But not all parents have the same rights in this world.  
 Colonial Africa 1914
The western soldiery rampage, through the savage ways of their figureheads- the rebels, in the destruction of private residence of one sovereign country's leader, , , equal to America's recent rampaging over the murder of Osama Bin Laden, are pictures we thought were long forgotten in the civilised worldIraq, Afganistan ... 
At least from the time of Hitler, who kept that rampaging joy mostly for himself and his close associates, conveying it somewhat to his jung-youth, but those condemned times are long behind us. 
It is not time to have that picture of vampiric ghost renewed in front of our children, and have it once again start the poisoning and indoctrination with nationalism, that because upon the "aber" of catching the hunted man baseball game is interrupted, and those same Americans have, sure enough, accused us of our "nationalism" plenty of times in the recent history.

But, it is a right of the stronger, to judge whose "nationalism" receives admiration, glorification and plenty of carrots, and whose "nationalism" gets only the stick on the back.
  Colonial Asia 1914
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