Sep 25, 2011


The reply to Who are the rebels in Libya is very simple: 
A bunch of traitors and renegades who have sold out to foreign imperialist powers!  
The word "traitor" is not gratuitous, it is technically unimpeachable: 
How do you call people who call a foreign armada to invade your country and subject it to barbaric bombings? 

How do tou call people who have been plotting for months with foreign secret services before staging an armed uprising? 
How do you call people who conspire against their countrymen while serving in high-ranking capacities in their government, all along securing stolen money in foreign banks? 

And how do you call fanatic al Qaeda members who make a pledge to renounce violence to be freed and plot an uprising with foreign instructors and smuggled weapons?

Now what freedom do you expect from them? 
We have seen the pogroms against the Black Africans, the looting, the murders, the sharia imposition... all of it conveniently silenced by the Western and Gulf media, but emerging now nonetheless.
Enrique Ferro · Queen Mary, University of London
More about Libyan opposition and armed gangs aka revolutionary forces (the newest name of NATO darling's in Libya) -->
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