Sep 26, 2011


Not even the Associated Press (AP) can hide any longer that rebels suffered a huge defeat at Bani Waled front! They admitted that they are abandoning it in huge numbers, tired of disorganisation and lack of amunition. Well, obviously they have no enough heart and ideals to fight for, unlike the loyalists who are fighting even with their bare hands. 
 As they say 'We will fight even if the fork in our kitchen is the only weapon left'. This is a big lesson of moral and righteousness. Bani Waled has proven impenetrable due to the big number of brave and adamant patriots.

One rebel Mohammed Andar, a 35-year-old former police officer, said he decided to return to his home in Zawiya after he was wounded by shrapnel in the back of his leg in an ambush on his brigade. He was being rushed to the hospital Wednesday.
His wounds were not serious enough to keep him from battle, but he felt it was pointless.
"A martyred father would be an honor for my children, but not in this chaotic, ill-planned way," he said while resting.

To enter
Bani Waled from the northwest, coming from Tripoli, NATO rebels and mercenaries must cross a steep valley, some 400 yards (meters) wide, that divides the city. Bani Waled residents hold the high ground on the other side, enabling them to rain down with rockets on fighters trying to approach the valley.

Osama al-Fasi, a field NATO rebels commander in charge of attacks on
Bani Waled, said his fighters were not prepared for such fierce resistance and blamed the NTC's military leadership for not providing the necessary ammunition, weapons and leadership to sustain a real attack on the city.
"We were shocked at the force of the resistance we faced," al-Fasi told The Associated Press.

On Friday, leaders of al-Fasi's rebel brigade, the Martyrs of 28 May, decided to officially desert the northern front and move their base to the southern front because the terrain is easier to fight through. Ofcourse that's just the invented excuse. The truth is, scared people rarely go back to the front, even to the 'easier ones' , they run back home as soon as they steal something, a car, or a TV.
Well traitors stay traitors, isn't it? Once a traitor, always a traitor!

Five tanks made in the 1970's and seized by NATO rebels last month arrived in Wadi Dinar at the rebels' positions on the city's northern outskirts last week, but have sat idle in desert checkpoints requiring maintenance. Fighters spend their days lounging on them, posing for photos from cell phones and using them to dry laundry.
"We feel very deflated and frustrated" said one man who was drying his pants on the tank, Hassan Abdel-Qadir.

Military rebel commander Daw Saleheen said it was impossible for the commanders to inform everyone of movements or information because the resources were not available.
"There are many fighters and we can't communicate to all of them," he said.

Lack of communication is proving fatal for the NATO rebels, although they are the ones to blame for the cutting of the communication,electricity and water from Libyan cities. It looks like they are harvesting what they planted, What goes around, comes around.

On Wednesday, a number of leaderless fighters attempted to push the northernmost checkpoint deeper into the city and enter the center via off-road routes.

Abdel-Salam Genouna planned the attack, which backfired when the residents of
Bani Waled ambushed the 10 cars on the expedition from hidden valleys, killing eight NATO rebels, according to Alaa Shafori, a doctor at a field hospital.
"It was a shock and we are lucky some of us survived at all."

"The remaining fighters have been left shell-shocked and uncertain if
Bani Waled is worth the fight." Bassam Turki, a 33-year-old fighter from Tripoli who went home after last week's battle.

Andar, the former police officer who quit the fight at
Bani Waled , said tribal loyalty was proving strong which makes it very difficult to gain local support for the NATO revolution.

Field NATO rebels commander Fathi Kirshadz said the majority of NATO rebels who were initaly attacking residents of
Bani Waled - DEFECTED!

ADDITION: Benghazi Sanussi brigade have officialy betrayed the Misrata Brigades, destroying their plans and refusing new supplies to Misrata! Once a traitor, always a traitor!

ADDITION: The freshest news on Allibya TV is that more than 350 NATO rebels got killed in the latest attack on Bani Wallid, but the number of casualties continues to increase. NATO rebels were forced to withdraw more than 40km outside the perimeter of Bani Walid. Total debacle for NATO.
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