Sep 20, 2011

The Brother Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi on ARRAI TV [20. September 2011]

by 108morris108

Brother Leader, commander of the revolution, Mouamar al Gaddafi ,
has adressed the people through a message that was transmitted by ARRAY TV.
key points of the message.
1. This that is happening to day in Libya is a mascerata that exists only because of the constant NATO bombardment and these bombings will not last forever.
2. Do not believe that a regime was overthrown and another regime is installed because of the bombings by sea and air. (this is consider a message for the people outside of Libya that still fall for NATO propaganda )
3.All the libyan tribes in a common statement have made clear to NATO that there is no representative for the libyan people but the people themselves.
4.The political system of Libya , the Jamahiriya , is a system that represents all the millions of Libyan people.
5. There is no other legal authority in Libya than the authority of the people and the revolutionary popular committes.
6. I do not hold any power in Libya , I have resinged from every official possition since 1977, and opened the road to direct democracy, the rule of the masses,the JAMAHIRIYA.
7. The political system in Libya is a system that has his basis in the authority of the masses and there is no way that it can be replaced by any other political system.
8. The NATO bombs will not last forever and the new regime cannot be instralled by the bombing and the killing of the Libyan people.

"All should be aware that the government of Libya is the Jamahiriya government, that the power belongs to the men and woman of the Popular Conferences and the People's Committees in Libya. This Government by the People will never fail or fall. It embodies the millions of Libyans and for that reason it can't fall.
Anyone who says Qaddafi's government has fallen is nothing then ridiculous and joke. Qaddafi doesn't have a government, therefore that government can't fall.

Qaddafi is out of power since 1977 when i have passed the power to the People's Committees of the Jamahiriya. When 2000 tribes meet and declare that only the Libyan people represent Libya, doesn't that say enough?

This is the answer to NATO which has said the National Transitional Council from Benghazi represents the Libyan people. The Libyan people are here and they are with me, nobody can represent us. So no legitimacy to anything else or anyone else, the power belongs to the people. Al Libyans are member of the People's Committees. Anything else is false.

What is happening now in Libya is a charade which can only take place because of the NATO air raids, which will not last for ever. When the have left the traitors will be gone too. We are ready to die for the Power of the People. This is what we stand for and this is what our martyrs have standing for. "
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