Sep 5, 2011


The convoy of the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani experienced an accident on its way to the palace Amiri, the last news is that Sheikh was hit in the thigh and eight of his aides were killed.
According to Dawn newspaper of Egypt, the incident occurred in the wake of the interview, which Prince had with the Russian ambassador in the camp, on the outskirts of Doha. While procession was moving it strongly collided with a car apparently driven by the suicide bomber after the sound of bullets were heard at the site. A close associate of the Office Sheikh Khalifa Al Thani, former emir of Qatar,said that the incident resulted in injury of Emir of Qatar in the thigh and does not know the extent of that injury, eight military escorts and a close associate of the Emir of Qatar Hamad Al-Thani died on the spot. It is not yet known who stands behind this incident and what are the motives. And the death of General George Howard accompanying the prince is not yet confirmed by the media.
Update 06. September 2011. "These rumors are untrue and have no real justification," a source close to the family of the Emir said today.
It looks like Emir finally experienced on his own skin how it feels to be milled  in the  media machine.
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