Sep 11, 2011

"Gaddafi's money" ... "Gaddafi's billions" ... "Gaddafi's gold"...Where is money of Libyan people?

"Gaddafi's billions"- financial terrorism? 

Assests frozen-->
Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation-->
Waatassimou Foundation -->
Economic and Social Development Fund (ESDF) -->
Libya's housing and infrastructure board -->
Libyan Jamahirya Broadcasting Corporation -->
Libyan Arab African Investment Company LAAICO-->
African aid examples-->
LIA website-->

[ Thanks to : Facebook group "Stop the aggresion in Libya" ]

Central Bank of Libya, the rebels captured the Transitional National Council, announced the sale of 29 tons of gold. The bank undertook these measures to "provide citizens with wages." The new head of the Central Bank Ghassem Azzoz also poined out that the bank's assets were fully preserved during the war, nothing has been stolen! Nothing! And nothing has been removed!

It is striking that as it turned out, "the corrupt tyrant" (as the “revolutionaries” had to admit, and this is worth a lot) was not tempted even by a gram of gold owned by the people. Not a gram!

However, knowing about the Colonel what we, friends of Libya, learned about him over the past six months, there's nothing strange about it. Another thing is surprising. So let’s talk about it. read more - >
"The city is a fad, a shouting, a bedazzlement, stupid imitation, damned consumerism. making demands while not giving anything in return, a meaningless existence." 'THE CITY'  Muammar al Gaddafi
Simple picture of Gaddafi the family man, living in a tent, his small piece of desert in much hated city. -->
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