Sep 21, 2011


Youth of Tobruk are threatening Jibril, because of his cynical remarks about Tobruk. 
They want an apology, or they may close the border to Egypt, cut the supplies to other parts of Libya, intercept satelitte channels and prevent international press from going to the west,prevent the airplanes full of weapons to land at the airport. 
They say that he is using his newly acquired rethorical propaganda (merit of the Western propaganda agencies) , primarily at the expense of the reputation of the others, to put it lightly. 
He embarrased and mocked people of Tobruk with his cynical comments when comparing them to Misurata rebels.  
As one Tobruk resident, Ibrahim Shaib,said "It seems that Mahmoud Jibril is upset at us because our houses are still standing over our heads, and upset that we did not stray all over our country. It is not our fault that a lot of the soldiers are refusing to join the rebels"
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Letter to Dr. Mahmoud Jibril from Brad Sherman - United States Congress

This phone call is a dispute between a Misurati rebel leader and the NTC’s Military spokesman, Colonel Ahmed Ban ->

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