Sep 3, 2011

Libya & moral obligation

"Yes. You heard what I said. All of it. It's all a bunch of lies. I know that it is a shocking claim to many, that our trusted officials in concert with our reliable mass media actually participated in deliberate deception designed to get us to accept war, but deal with it. I'm making it.

Our biggest moral obligation is ensuring that wars are not waged against people under false pretenses. War is the most disgusting and horrible thing you can inflict on any person.

As you read this article I am sure you will find there are a number of things that will surprise you. After researching the situation for months I assure you I have investigated as many sides of the story as possible. But I did reach a clear conclusion and I will not shy away from openly expressing the views that I have formed during this process.

What we have been seeing recently in the media, this time with a special emphasis on the online community, is the most sophisticated propaganda firework display we have ever witnessed. It’s no surprise so many people have been duped.

But a lie can travel the world before the truth has tied it’s shoe laces. But I believe that once the laces have been tied and the truth starts walking, eventually it’s gonna get to people.There are at least two sides to every story

None of us could possibly have avoided hearing NATO’s side of the story and the reasons and justifications given for Gaddafi’s removal and how military intervention is necessary to protect Libyan citizens.

But are you sure you’ve heard both sides? Have you heard Gaddafi’s perspective on this issue? Or have you just heard “his side” as represented by the mainstream western media? If so I can start by telling you that his words, and the words of his son, Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi have been deliberately misinterpreted and edited out of context to create simple soundbite propaganda to influence people.

You will find that there is a completely different side of this story that is being completely ignored. It is not even being debated for it's merits, it simply is not talked about at all in the mainstream media.
Think about it. How much do you really know about Libya?
Did you in all honesty know anything about the country before these events started unfolding?
If I would have asked you back in February 10 questions about Libya and it’s affairs, how many do you think you would have answered correctly? And how much do you honestly know about what is going on there now?
I often find it intriguing how people tend to think they are qualified to give their view on things that in reality they know next to nothing about.
They might have vague ideas generated by the mainstream media, biased textbooks and general pre-conceived notions, but not an actual thorough understanding of the country and it’s people and customs.

I had a discussion with a guy at a local bar the other day and I began the conversation by asking if he could tell me on what continent Libya was. Neither he nor his friend could answer correctly, picking Europe and Asia as their educated guesses. For some reason this guy still felt that his take on the situation was more accurate than mine, even as I told him I had been spending weeks investigating the matter. For those of you confused the correct answer is Africa.

I want to ask a simple question to make a simple case? Can you name me one current Libyan government official? You’re not allowed to say Gaddafi.
Who holds the position of “Secretary of the General People’s Assembly” a position comparable to that of prime minister, although with a slightly different emphasis as he does not represent a political party and does not alone hold significant power. Did you even know that such a position exists in Libya and that he is elected by the people?

The less you know about something, the easier it is to deceive you.

My intention for exposing your potential and likely ignorance on this subject is not an attempt to show that I’m smarter or better than you are. As I found out myself researching this article I knew remarkably little about Libya. And that is my point.

The mainstream media is focusing entirely on a set of news stories that have the specific intention of gathering support for military action and actively suppressing any story that would lead to people opposing it. This pattern will be exposed clearly as this article progresses.

It’s no wonder we don’t know much about Libya. Of course it gets confusing with all the different stories we hear of dictators and tyrants oversees. It is difficult to be an expert on all nations in the world. Just consider how many nations have existed and how long and rich each of their history is and how complex and unique the situation in each country is today.

When this is combined with a relentless, precise and extremely well organized propaganda blitz against one nation that is being targeted by an army, it’s all too easy to tag along.

I would also like to add that this article has proven difficult and this is the third version of it, well actually fourth considering that this translation is updated from the third, final Icelandic version. But it is of vital importance to me that it is as concise and convincing as possible, because the more I wrote and the more I researched, the more clear the magnitude and the scale of this massive deception campaign became. Most people, unfortunately have not developed the type of immunity to this kind of propaganda and are simply put, still to gullible in the face of such force.

I am not going to be answering comments about me being arrogant or one sided or any other remarks unrelated to the specific points I raise in this article. My only goal is to speak truly and freely on how I feel about this after my research and you are welcome to make of it whatever you want.

I will not pretend to be neutral when it comes to the deliberate killings of innocent civilians and the attempted destruction of a great, unique nation who'se people want nothing but peace and independence.

My goal is obviously not to achieve popularity or attention as Gaddafi is certainly not the most popular man in the world right now. Thanks to the media mind manipulation machines most now see him as a crazed dictator who kills peaceful protesters, schedules mass rapes and supports terrorism. And I’m taking "his side" ? Good luck me…

If the only thing I achieve with this article is to show that there is such a thing as Gaddafi's side and that it has been blacked out by the media, then it will have been worth it. As that should be of deep concern to us all.

Ultimately of course, the question is not about Gaddafi. This is what the propaganda machines manage to do so successfully. With their Hollywood formula they create the image of a bad guy that has to be stopped by the good guy and all other sides of the arguments can be ignored as long as that is the case.

But don’t think for one second I will just sit by as this next blockbuster bloodbath unfolds and not do my best expose the brutal reality that flies in your face as you start to research it.

Unfortunately this is not a subject that can be covered in the fast food style of the gossip, profit driven mainstream media garbage. I do not take their example of aiming my writings at the lowest common denominator, rather I am trying to appeal to those who are genuinely interested in researching this topic with the goal of understanding it. There is simply put far too much that needs to be addressed and I assure you, every word is there for a reason. Except for these five words.

I sometimes get comments that my articles are too long and that no one will bother to read them. It reminds me of a story I heard of Bob Dylan. This slick record executive came to the studio after hearing an album, and said “ I love this song, but you need to make a short version so we can get it played on the radio. “This is the short version” Dylan replied and I would say the same.

Don’ be so naive as to think you can be knowledgable about a subject after reading a few mass produced news stubs.

I would also like to point out that if you think this article is too long, just think how long it took me to write it. I promise you, I am saving you a lot of trouble. What took me months to research, you can read in a few hours. And for that I am getting no money from anyone. I don’t do it for fun either as I know of many more fun ways to spend my time than browsing through pictures and watching videos about war and death.

I do this solely out of responsibility for my own conscience.

And even after this article and all the research I did, I still have questions.
You don’t need to finish the entire article now, it will be here, but I highly recommend finishing it eventually.

I will provide links and sources as we go and I encourage anyone to challenge their contents, or the arguments I make. Let’s hope I’m not wrong after all the work I’ve put into this.

Now, some of you won’t need to read any article to know that the war on Libya is based on lies. You just know by experience not to trust the mainstream media and to know that the military powers NEVER take on such a mission for simple humanitarian reasons. They know that all such rhetoric by those in power is empty and meaningless and that there are always other reasons involved that include geo-political strategy, resources and control.

If you are one of those people I still recommend that you read on, I am positive you will understand more thoroughly the nature and the scale of this particular deception, in this particular war.
My goal in this article is to deconstruct every single argument and justification being made for the bombing and potential ground invasion of Libya. It is divided in these 8 chapters:

1st chapter: Gaddafi is an evil dictator
2nd chapter: Human Rights violations in Libya
3rd chapter: We must protect peaceful protesters
4th chapter: LIES LIES LIES
5th chapter: History of Libya
6th chapter: Motives "
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