Oct 25, 2011



First, I want to thank all of the TRUE Libyan, pro-Jamahiriya, Green blogs for their reporting of information from inside Libya during this war. The work has been great.

Second, I request that all TRUE Libyan, pro-Jamahiriya, Green blogs cease, or at least drastically cut down, further discussion about whether or not Muammar Gaddafi is x or y. This is merely a request. I have no power over anyone.

Today, when I went to try to get some idea of what was going on, all that was talked about was whether or not The Leader was x or y. It's about the liberation of Libya; the liberation of Africa, and the liberation of the world.

Another thing: The CIA certainly welcomes all of this focus on ONE MAN—Gaddafi. This is great news for the CIA. The CIA wants the entire world to believe that now that Gaddafi is "y," The Al-Fateh Revolution of the Libyan Jamahiriya has ended; that the struggle to liberate Libya from the rats has ended. By continuing these discussions about whether or not Gaddafi is y or x, you are weakening our movement, and feeding right into the schemes of the CIA.

I am fully aware that the Jamahiriya has asked that the blogs cease speaking about specific military plans or troop positions. But I further understand that the Jamahiriya deems as okay the reporting of battles that have already occurred. So, please get back into focus, and submit reports, at your blogs, on those battles that have already occurred.

This note is written with full appreciation of the great work that the various blogs are doing. But, it is time to get back to work.  If you wish to mourn, mourn later, after Libya is won back for the Jamahiriya--and for Muammar! Let's get back to work. Thank you.
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