Oct 14, 2011


How to commit a bloody violent revolution under the slogan of non-violence?
How to destroy other nations under the banner of reforms?
How to commit crimes under the banner of human rights?

How to fight your enemies and kill them, destroy their country, without using your own hands?
How devastating are the wars fought without military tools?
How to control minds and make the public believe your lies without a slightest thought?
How to exercise the ugliest forms of dictatorship under the slogan of spreading democracy?
How to colonize other countries while staying outside of them?
How to occupy other nations under the banner of liberation?
How to convince people that poison is sweeter than honey, to love your enemies more than you love your own people?

How to make others lose everything , while hoping to gain more and more from the ilusion?
How to kill an inocent victim and than judge him as guilty,while making the audiance clap for you?

How to enlarge trivial mistakes of others in order to blur the sight from seeing your obvious giant mischiefs?
How to incite murder and killings, while keeping an image of innocence?
How to develop ability for apathy,and insist on innocence of the ones who are destroying and killing?
How to punish a hero and a leader, for protecting the people from foreign occupation?
How to develop ability to lie and the agility in the falsifications?
How to develop potential hipocrisy to advocate something and do the opposite?
How to make conscience sleep for life, without sleeping pills?

How to make others blame themselves for the things they didn’t do?
How to place a blame on the others for your crimes?
How to steal millions , while making million beggars?

How to treat others as slaves, while pretending that you want to free them?
How to send pierced vessels to ones which are drowning, and make them feel they owe you their lives?
How to make people believe that your will is in fact their will?

How do you make others commit suicide, fully convinced in your promise of a better afterlife.

A4P with E.B. for Libya S.O.S

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