Oct 21, 2011


Moammar Al Gaddafi
Thanks to autor of photo
1. On the videos which were allegedly recorded in Sirte, sun is shining, dust everywhere.. however ,in reality,just a day before -Sirte was FLOODED.

2. In two different parts of the same video..we can see that the ‘Colonel’ has two different hair colors.. in one part he has light-brown hair, in the other he has black hair.

3. In one of the videos ‘dead Colonel’ has bumpy nose, looks broken in a strange way, in other videos where this man is dead, his nose is straight

4. In the early videos (from Sirte) his face looks very young, and we all know how wrinkled he was.

Moammar Al Gaddafi ?
5. They said that he was shot in the legs, and that he bled to death.. but this captured ‘Colonel’ is standing while they are pushing him around. In addition, lower part of the body is not covered with blood.

6. Naked uper part of body of the ‘Colonel’ is young, with no signs of aging in the videos, but real Colonel is a 70 years old man. Do you know how the body of a 70 years old man looks like, especialy of a man who have spent all his life in a desert.

7. Some of the released videos were recorded a day before, on 19th of october (!!)

8. According to one of their propaganda stories, they found ‘him’ in a sewer. And yet ‘he’ appears freshly shaven, his beard trimmed on the videos etc..

9. There is another strange detail in the video in Sirte also, one black woman- a civilian- stands and watches the show , seeming very relaxed. A black civilian woman in Sirte on the side of the rats (!?). This is impossible. Everyone knows what NATO Al Qaeda rats are doing to black men, women and children in Libya. They hang, lynch and behead them. Especialy Sirte black women, IF there are ANY left in Sirte (which I highly doubt) would never be on the side of the racist rats. This is realy strange.

10. On one video Gaddafi is covered with blood when they are placing him on a pick-up, on another with the same ‘action’ his face is clean like he is headed to a wedding.

11. Fact: Massive demonstrations against NATO and NTC were being prepared, unified counter-attack, uprising has already started on 14th of october.

Moammar Al Gaddafi?

12. Just days after Hilary came and said she wants Gaddafi dead, ‘he’ got killed.

13. Not just him, his sons and every high-official person they could remember of ‘got killed on the same day IN SIRTE’, although it is known that Gaddafi and his sons were leading different brigades at different fronts around Libya. (note: Libya is the size of 1/3 of Europe, and Sirte is just one small town which was for months under siege)

14. Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha says he is alive.

15. Gaddafi has 12 doubles.


All4Peace & LibyaSOS
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