Oct 18, 2011

LIBYA RESISTANCE 17. October 2011. [updates Day 213: 17. october 2011. Libya news]

#LIBYA UPDATE:#The Volonteers of the Abu Salim killing #two officers of the #French special forces commander of one of the French mercenaries to NATO is the largest channel Libya قام مجاهدي بوسليم بقتل ضابطين من القوات الخاصة الفرنسية أحدهم قائد الوحدة الفرنسية لمرتزقة الناتو
الله أكبر
قناة ليبي
- Ibrahim Moussa, at the moment in which the publication of this news from within the Bani Walid us make sure the following is what we emphasize the Mtabaana:
- The agreement between the Resisters Bani Walid to lure the militants from the Board of revenge into the Bani Walid court after the preparation of ambushes them.
- The entry of large numbers of militants, the Board of revenge for the fall in ambushes as was the liquidation of hundreds of them with nightfall.
- There is a big mess in the Council of revenge among the militants, especially after the discovery of their parents in Misurata and Benghazi that many of the Their children and their relatives have been eliminated.
- Field hospitals on the Bani Walid overcrowded, and there are ambulances did not understand the numbers that decide to transfer to the five and Tripoli, so has the use of private cars.
-That a meeting of the leadership of the resistance in the Sirte and Bani Walid three days to reach and should adopt a plan of recruitment and ambushes better than staying in the range of the bombing.
-The resistance Council chose to lure fighters into the streets of cities in the war because it prevents the bombing of cities by Alneto and its clients
Moussa Ibrahim with the help of God and Hamad from the Raad groups


22:30h/ News from the fronts: 17 October. Sirte awaiting to be completely razed from the map continues its heroic resistance

* Tripoli: heavy fighting took place around the Tripoli International Airport. The Nato airplanes were flying over the place but do not know " who " bomb. The resistance seems having the situation in his hands as the majority of the rebels have moved back to find refuge inside the airport building. Among them, many foreigner " instructors". The area of Abu Salim saw five families in whose houses the renegades have found weapons were completely liquidated. 15 killed.
 * Zliten: the people who fiercly defends his city has once again asked the renegades to clear out. Thus, a small minority of recalcitrants were attacked and obliged to get out.
 * Ben Walid: Another failure for the renegades. Yesterday, the city was quiet but today, rats attempted a penetration from the west but this attempt ended in a dismal failure. 10 killed and the others fled. Heavy equipment has been recovered.
 * Ghadamès: the renegades tried to bribe the Tuareg tribes with millions of dollars asking them to deliver Kadhafi suspected of being under their protection. Categorical refusal with a warning to do not try to bomb houses there.
 * Sirte: this city which is waiting to be completely destructed and razed from the map and whose population is awaiting a complete extermination, this city continues his heroic resistance. This is really the pride of all Libya and of all honest people around the world.

by Wadii Hadad on Monday, 17 October 2011 at 22:30

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