Oct 11, 2011


Green resistance is strong, especialy in the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid. NTC forces have not been able to take control of these cities which they are attacking for many weeks now. NTC forces are experiencing major difficulties in their progress. Lack of coordination and lack of moral are top of the iceberg, ferocious women fighters of these cities are one of the reasons why they feel so demoralized and lost. Defeated manhood is a heavy burden, dificult to cope with, especially if you are in the middle of the war.

"We face some problems. We must try to resolve this so we could finally take-over these cities. "Says one of the NTC combatants. Because of the lack of coordination between the brigades involved in the assault, and ambush prepared by the brave women of Bani Walid, the NTC troops were forced to run away from Ben Walid airport in Sunday night.
A member of the brigade Jado said "the instructions were to secure the airport and the surrounding area, in order to make a military base out of it. " But instead of supporting the brigade, some units moved to the city center. They entered, what appeared to be, a ghost town of Bani Walid, the expedition quickly turned into a nightmare. "Men and women in civilian clothes greeted and cheered us. But it was an ambush! Soon, those men and women started shooting at us!" says Mohamed Saoud, himself wounded in the forearm in the battle.
Surrounded by snipers, attacked with heavy weapons, NTC traitors were defeated, and cowardly ran away from fearless women of Bani Walid. The toll was heavy for traitors: 17 dead and 80 wounded, evacuated to nearby hospitals, most affected were sent to Tripoli. Monday night in their base forty kilometers far from Ben Walid, the NTC fighters were cleaning their weapons, piling stocks of their ammunition,and licking their 'failed libido' wounds for the next planned assault.

Well, being defeated by the women of two most heroic towns in Libya -Sirte and Bani Walid, certainly influences the moral of the NATO mercenaries, and raises questions, one of them being- when will they stop ashaming themselves and go back to their homes to hug their own loved ones instead of trying to kill somebody elses wives and children?

A4P with W.H. for Libya S.O.S
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