Oct 22, 2011


by All4Peace &LibyaSOS
Some days ago there was an 'announcement' from unknowned source claiming to be a military adviser, circulating briefly on one of the pages supporting the resistance against NATO rebels. It was calling the people of Misrata and Sirte to leave their cities (leave where?)  because NATO has provoked the Jamahiriya fighters to use their 'most powerful weapon' in those cities...
It is also said that there was going to be a surprise waiting for them on 25. October, if I remember correctly. This announcement immediately struck me as odd, because it circulated only a day after Mussa Ibrahim made his statement, warning people NOT to reveal the actions and the movements of the Green Resistance until their work is done, so as not to put them and the civilians in danger. 
If he wanted to add something more to that statement, he had an opportunity, but there was no mention of such a plan. Libyan army HAS NO SUCH WEAPONS, and even if they have, they would never use such monstrous means, besides-what would they gain using the 'most powerful' weapon on Sirte, one of their strongholds?  
The use of weapons of mass destruction is a well known propaganda strategy used both by NATO and the rebels to advocate for unnecessary wars. It wouldn't be beyond them to use this story again, this time in order to spread panic among people who are supporting the Jamahiriya and the Green Resistance.
It seems I was not the only one who suspected the legitimacy of the source for the mentioned announcement, so it was removed shortly after from the page that had it published. That was that, I thought-just another trick in NATO and NTC psychological warfare against the supporters of Jamahiriya and Gaddafi, but another news followed shortly after...
In the light of the news that is circulating the Internet in the last couple of days, from multiple sources, I have to conclude that NATO and NTC were preparing a FALSE FLAG OPERATION IN SIRTE AND MISURATA in order to blame "Gaddafi's forces" as they call our Green Resistance.
Thankfully it appears that the Green Army's intelligence managed to find out about it and intercept the shipment of the hazard biological weapon (antrax), that was sent to Misurata, although intended in the first place for Sirte. They also interrogated a person who was in charge of it, and got hold of the lap-top containing the sensitive data about the operation. 
It seems that Misurata brigade wasn't informed about this monstrous plan, which was designed by NATO and NTC leaders, containers of the dangerous biological weapon were guarded by foreign security firms.Which lead us to the conclusion that even rebel fighters are expendable to NATO and NTC leaders, especially Misurata brigades, which were supposed to carry the plan, uninformed of its hazardous lethal Antrax cargo
Luckily, green resistance managed to intercept these containers. We urge people to use their logic and common sense when faced with unconfirmed FB or twitter messages, because the implications in these messages are very serious. Many of them are placed by NATO to cover up their atrocities, to place a blame on others for their own crimes.   

One of the important messages from 'Moamar Libya' concerning the matter:
"When the information from Misurata first reached us in Sirte, we were treating it as an ambush or a misleading information to lure the Green fighters into trap.
We followed it with caution, in order to find out the truth on the matter. But follow-up news, confirmed the validity of the information, after 3 weeks of waiting for developments on this matter, facts we found out, shocked us all..war is dirty, filled with treachery and treason, but to this extent?? You, O God of Libya ...

Early on, we did not know if we would be able to abort the implementation of the dirty scheme for a horrible crime against the Mujahedin as well as civilians in Sirte, which was planned by NATO in coordination with Council in the hateful desire to win the war at any cost.  
The plan required a short entry of the NATO/NTC gangs to Sirte and placing packages of ANTHRAX, a germ killer, and very dangerous biological weapon, into those shortly occupied areas. The second instruction for the NATO/NTC  gangs  was to withdraw, which would lead the Libyan Army and volonteers to occupy the areas from which the  gangs withdrew, in order to launch the bacteria to spread among the people and the Green Army, in order for epidemic to spread in the whole city as a result of poor sanitation and decapitating dead bodies of the NATO/NTC gangs on the streets.

We got the evidence for this information, when we found out the containers which entered Libya illegally from Egyptian territory, transited from the Aljgbob. But the Council decided not to implement the scheme from the east, they wanted to implement it from the west and fronts undertaken by Brigades Misurata in particular, even if they wont be able to conceal the effects of their actions attached to the crime, like when they couldn't conceal the news about the bacterial biological arms depo seized in Tripoli,by the Libyan army.

What made it easy to implement this crime and make it possible, is that the NATO-led rebels of Al-Misurata were not aware of the scheme and a plot! Containers were protected by the foreign security company and non-Libyan individuals, which were controlling the situation and these containers.

We raided the cargo and it companions in the private area Alkarem Misurata, helped by Jundallah of Thunder, which led to the killing of every agent who accompanied the shipment and killed one LTTE member during the process and the packaging is in a safe place now.

Quantity we sized are the three explosive lightweight cylinders closed on all sides with a digital screen in the middle which is relatively cool.
It is worth saying how NTC rebels betrayed each other and their fighters are risking the possibility of causing deadly epidemic.

The miscreants resorted to this dirty tactic after their inability to resolve the conflict in their favor and their inability to control the country, from despair and fear that NATO will withdraw and leave them to their inevitable fate.

Finally, We have been in operation to seize a laptop which contains important details on the scheme. Password is now locked and secured. One NATO/NTC rebels admitted to us , before his execution, that the device contained important details on the scheme, which will be exposed in the near future, God willing.
And calls upon the front of all the Libyan people,be aware of the fact that there is a great conspiracy. But all our brave communities are now participating in the glorious battle of liberation. The dissemination of this scheme is not for publicity, but to reveal to the Libyans that the work is continuing and we are victorious, God willing, Allah will not grant victory to the category of hateful, unjust and immoral.
I will live, despite the disease and the enemies, and fly like an eagle over the top branches
Long live Libya
God is great ..."
by: Libyan resistance
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