Oct 20, 2011


Moammar Al Gaddafi -
Do not give up. Do not despair.
"Even if there comes a time when you do not hear my voice, do not give up. Do not despair. Do not stop fighting for your freedom until you have victory!"
Muammar Gaddafi
00h/ Moussa didn’t speak today for ISP Algeria
24h/ MAJOR NWO FALSE FLAG IN LIBYA - FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AT STAKE [ 24 August * there is fake photo of someone] -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/08/major-nwo-false-flag-in-libya-freedom_24.html
'Gaddafi dead' story stinks? 'Skepticism over NATO & NTC reports'  - > www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAv1iYzFEKg  [Stephen Lendman]
 24h/ Gaddafi has 12 doubles--- "There is every reason to believe that the person which was filmed - is a made-up actor " Gaddafi look-a-like." He is simply a double, with the aim to present fraud ofGaddafi's death." http://avangard-akm.livejournal.com/51611.htm

22h/ Video aboute Gaddafis Died is FAKE!! Look at Date from information about video
Complete name: C: \ T \ Footage Shows Gaddafi's bloodied body.mp4
Format: MPEG-4
Format profile: Base Media / Version 2
Codec ID: MP42
 File size: 2.82 MiB
Duration: 32S 160ms
Overall bit Rate: 736 Kbps
Encoded Date: 19/10/2011 14:16:48 UTC
Tagged Date: 10.19.2011 UTC 2:16:48 p.m.
gsst: 0
gstd: 32 160
gssd: BD9104905HH1319138306696132 gshh : oo.preferred.one-skp1.v2.lsca
che8.c.youtube.com Video ID: 1 Format: AVC Format / Info: Advanced Video Codec Format Profile: Baseline@L3.0 Format settings, CABAC: No Format settings, ReFrames: a frame Format settings, GOP: M = 1 , N = 60 Codec ID: AVC1 Codec ID / Info: Advanced Video Coding Duration: 32S 160ms Bit Rate mode: Variable Bit Rate: 640 Kbps Maximum bit Rate: 941 Kbps Width: 640 pixels Height: 360 pixels Display Aspect ratio: 16: 9 Frame Rate mode: Constant Frame Rate: 25.000 fps Color space: YUV Chroma subsampling: 4:2:0 Bit depth: 8 bits Scan type: Progressive Bits / (Pixel * Frame): 0.111 Stream size: 2.45 MiB (87%) Tagged Date: 19.10.2011 14:16:48 UTC Audio ID: 2 Format: AAC Format / Info: Advanced Audio Codec Format Profile: LC Codec ID: 40 Duration: 32S 112ms Bit Rate mode: Variable Bit Rate: 91.9 Kbps Maximum bit rate: 102 Kbps Channel (s): 2 channels Channel positions: Front: LR Sampling Rate: 44.1 KHz mode Compression: Lossy Stream size: 360 KiB (12%) Title: File Produced by IsoMedia Google, 5.11.2011 encoded Date: 19/10/2011 2:16:48 p.m. UTC Tagged Date: 10/19/2011 14:16:48 UTC ... " [Dejan Rats Hunter Hetzel]
21h/ Alleged video of our Borther Leader Gaddafi dead, BBC apparently confirmed it was fake - > http://counterpsyops.com/2011/10/20/alleged-video-of-our-borther-leader-gaddafi-dead-bbc-apparently-confirmed-it-was-fake/

21h/ Gaddafi’s Death is Rumor spread by TNC for Hillary Clinton - NOTE: Remember US Secretary was just in Libya instructing the rebels to do whatever it takes. Even that video and telling everyone she was in Tripoli was false. She was not in Tripoli.
Gaddafi was supposedly captured or killed in Sirte, that he was being tracked by satellite to be hiding somewhere deep in the southern Libyan desert. How can he now be captured or killed in Sirte if the town was under siege and in a blockade for weeks? Did Gaddafi somehow travel thousands of kilometres to sneak into Sirte? Then TNC’s Mahmoud Jibril (who is about to get sacked) said 68 vehicles with at least eight fighters each crossed the Libyan borders to Mali and Gaddafi is hiding in the southern desert. Pick up a map. Learn geography.
Today is just another day cleaning out garbage news. – TSR - >  http://thesantosrepublic.com/2011/10/gaddafis-death-is-rumor-spread-by-tnc-for-hillary-clinton/
20h/ Unconfirmed and Contradictory Report: NATO Air Strike Killed Gaddafi: NTC - - BRUSSELS: NATO aircraft struck two military vehicles on Thursday as they fled Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte, a NATO spokesman said.
"At approximately 0830 local time (GMT0630) today, NATO aircraft struck two pro-Qadhafi forces military vehicles which were part of a larger group maneuvering in the vicinity of Sirte," said Colonel Roland Lavoie, spokesman for NATO's Libyan mission.
The spokesman didn't say whether Gaddafi was in the convoy or not.
A commander of the Libya NTC (National Transitional Council) said Gaddafi has been killed when an air strike hit a convoy trying to flee Sirte.
However, NATO didn't confirm the media report that Gaddafi was captured or killed.
A NATO official told Xinhua that it is up to the NTC to confirm the alleged capture of Gaddafi, not the military alliance. - >http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=27193

19h/ #LIBYA #What if this whole show about the alleged death of Gaddafi seeks only divert attention from the main event? Gaddafi is a figure in his homeland but without the cooperation of the principal chiefs could not have come to establish the structure of government under which they lived before the start of the Libyans genocide. Perhaps the "death" Gaddafi intends to create a curtain to hide the m.rder of tribal chiefs. Without them, the resistance that has remained until now could not have been possible. The NLC does not control Libya, or control, unless, of course, they conveniently assume the leadership of the tribal people affected by imperialism. Manuel Gomez.

I think this comment is spot on what really happened.

remember that the day of the supposed death of Osama Bin Laden and his body was thrown into the sea, was the day after four bombs released over the house of the son of Libyan leader and killing a son and three grandchildren, and numerous other family relatives. Never transcended so important because this drama was quickly covered by the third death straw man Osama Bin Laden, the friend of USA.

The reports have said he has been murdered in his home on the leader Warfala Tribe, a tribe of more than one million Libyans with great political and personal power in Libya. He was a man contrary to arms and fought the war from the beginning to find common ground. He was the representative of the Tribal Council that all the media knows but silent, who run the country since the beginning of the conflict and desdepués of the great gathering of the tribes 2100.

The day after the visit of Klinton and after this lady made apology for murder, was killed one of the best people of Libya, IF this person had the power to change the government, but wanted peace, he wanted to resolve any disagreements with the dialogue. This person had been chosen by his tribe.

Although the U.S. has manipulated us to the extent that it relates only Ghadafi Libya is a total falsehood and among others, the chieftain of the Warfala could stop any law, or introduce legislation by the number of people who supported him and had chosen. This man was against weapons and power was fully born of his supporters, his tribe. It was a key person within Libya and especially in the government of Libya.

Notice that no media in the world talking about this murder?? That's odd, these same media have run a report on something without knowing if it was true or not yet say nothing to a person of the relevance of the tribe Warfala head and representative of the Tribal Council
THE REPORT IS FROM LEONOR /I have problem with internet and link will find later. Thank you - Libyasos/ [STOP THE WAR IN LIBYA. WE DEMAND IT] -> http://leonorenlibia.blogspot.com/

18h/ 'Gaddafi dead' story stinks? 'Skepticism over NATO & NTC reports'  - > www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAv1iYzFEKg
[Stephen Lendman]
17h/ Mathaba Libya news editor said that NATO and Clinton are desperate to show a "victory" in Libya, by way of a compliant media, and the NTC is anxious to provide that "victory" for their masters, in order to secure further support. The NTC leaders and their factions are all fighting amongst each other, and are dissatisfied with the spoils, which so far have not been forthcoming due to the armed population putting up a fierce resistance, and the globalist bankers being unable to keep their promises to the Libyan traitors.
Libyans should continue their mass green demonstrations and resistance, and ignore all rumours, as it has been confirmed that Mu'ammar Qaddafi is alive and well and will not be in communications currently for security reasons. One of the main aims of Clinton has been to kill or capture Qaddafi, or otherwise force him to leave Libya, and none of those aims will be granted her. - > http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629064
16:40h/Green Committees have confirmed that the leader is alive, and that the enemy is seeking to take advantage of his being currently out of communications. The aim is to please Hillary Clinton who barked at her Arab slaves that she wants Muammar Qaddafi "dead or alive."
16:15h/ Breaking News: Libya - Received word,that Leader Muammar will speak live on Tv and radio today...stay tuned.G.T.
15:30h/ TV Al.Shababiya - URGENT:::
We thank God that the leader is fine.
He is not in Sirte.
Do not believe lying NATO channel
They want him to communicate, to call TV stations, so they could locate him.
Victorious with God's help
This is reason's of fake news about Gaddafis death ( God safe him) !!!!
NTC rats want to push down our resistence spirit ! VIVA GADDAFI !!!
***Tommorow 21-10-2011 after the friday prayers we march in all the cities of Libya to honour the blood of our brothers in Sirte in Bani walid in Sebha and in other areas. We march united against the colonialist crusaders under the green flag of Libya.
There are gonna be continious marches on 28-10-2011 and on 11-11-2011.

Allibiya TV - قناة الليبية
نؤكد لكم مرة اخرى بشكل لا يقبل التاؤيل:::
القائد المجاهد معمر القذافى بخير صحة و احسن حال و ما اشيع من تلك الاكاذيب فالغرض منه التأثير على معنويات المقاومة التى مازالت تجاهد فى سرت حتى هذه اللحظة ............ و ايضا من اجل العمل على الغاء انتفاضة غدا الجمعة المقرر استكمالها غدا الجمعة 21-10-2011 ........... لقد هزتهم انتفاضة الشرفاء الوطنيين من ابناء ليبيا ... لا تصدقوهم و سترون باعينكم عندما يخرج احد جرذان مجلسهم الجرذانى لينفى الخبر ... فهكذا عهدناهم .......... فهم منافقون - كذابون - خائنون لا عهد لديهم!
14h/ Al-Jazeera, Reuters, RT and western propaganda distribute lie again
Today Al-Jazeera began to distribute lie about capturing Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte
Rats from NATO want destroy spirit of Green Resistance
They prepare montage - pictures or video
And soon they be distribute it, now they share fake message.
So, libyans fight againts enemies, cos then they use lie against you then you have right way of OUR Resistance
Fight to the Victory!

14h/ Another lie of NATO: Gadafi has been neither hurt nor captured October 20, 2011 After to have declared 8 times the death of general Jamis Gadafi, several times the capture of Saif To the Islam and Muatasim, that Gadafi gave viagra to the Libyan soldiers to violate women and who had attacked with aviation the people of Bengasi, that its Army is formed by “mercenary black”, that Belhach never has had nothing to do with the criminals of The Qaeda and that “true” the intention of NATO is “to protect to the civil populace” today want to us to make think that they have captured in Sirte the Gadafi Leader. The informative credibility of NATO and its sicarios do not exist. The Libyan town resists and will prevail.

14h/ALGERIA ISP / According Zengtena, The Mujahid Muammar Gaddafi is in excellent health and has an excellent moral. The information on the capture of the Libyan leader is simply a lie spewed by the CNT / NATO and broadcasted through their media lies that have sold their objective to become a real journalist NATO soldiers and members of the Qaeda.
This lie was among others made by the CNT / NATO in order to demoralize the troops of the Libyan resistance which are bravely defending the city of Sirte and in other cities are fighting to free them from the clutches of members of the Qaeda and the Nato.
This lie was announced today, to break the second day of Friday's uprisings ,planned for October 21, 2011.
Listen, bums of CNT and sponsors. The Libyan leader is still alive and still determined to cleanse the country of these traitors and western mercenaries [

Global media distribute lie again
Today Al- Jazeera began to distribute lie about capturing Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte.
Rats from NATO want to destroy spirit of Green Resistance
They preparing photo-montage - pictures or video
And soon they will distribute it, now they share fake message.
They distribute lie about NATO bombing convoy of Gaddafi. Media use rat as a source, rat which run away from Sirte, cause Green Resistance again "invited" rats to the trap in Sirte yesterday, when rats began to feel safe,they got attacked by Green fighters, Only small part of rats including the rat who have video and pictures from Sirte,escaped. Other rats left their own bodies in the city. NOW media used his rats movie as news. NATO-NTC rats don't control Libya they can only distribute fake messages.
Very interesting: NATO didn't confirm lie of the rats about bombing Gaddafi convoy near Sirte. NATO is waiting for a denial from leaders of Resistance, so they could intercept, track and locate their calls. That is one of the reasons for making up this lie.
NATO rats really hopeless, cause Resistance killed rats leaders. Don't ask for denial from leaders of Resistance, i hope nobody from leaders come online with denial. This is what NATO wants.
Very interesting: NATO don't confirme lie of rats about bombing Gaddafi convoy near Sirte. NATO waiting denial from leaders of Resistance, cos want to killl them, it's one of reason this big lie.
NATO rats really hopeless, cos Resistance shooting heads of rats, rats can't to find heads of Resistance. Don't ask denial from leaders of Resistance, i hope nobody from leaders don't come to online with denial
So, libyans fight againts enemies, cos then they use lie against you then you have right way of Your Resistance
Fight to the Victory!

Телеканал Al-Libiya: Каддафи жив 20 октября 2011, 16:34 [ «АН-online» ]
Телеканал Al-Libiya, поддерживающий режим Муамара Каддафи опроверг информацию о том, что бывший лидер Ливии убит или захвачен в плен. На данный момент полковник находится в добром здравии, передает Agence France-Presse.
«Отчеты о смерти или захвате в плен нашего лидера Каддафи, которые предоставляют лакеи НАТО, являются необоснованными», - говорится на сайте телеканала. Ранее Аргументы недели сообщали со ссылкой на представителя ПНС Ливии о том, что Муамар Каддафи скончался в результате ранений в городе Сирт. - >http://argumenti.ru/world/online/2011/10/131619
Comments of people:

1. AlJazeera just said 6 days ago that Gaddafi was tracked by satellite in the southern libyan desert! How can he now be in Sirte if the town was under siege for weeks??? Al Jazeera cant cope with its own lies. Dont trust the media! Gaddafi is still alive!
    They need an excuse to withdraw NATO from Libya, remember that Clinton was coming, and now Gaddafi got arrested!?!?! Think, people, just think! This can't be truth, he is not that stupid to stay all the time in Sirt!!!

    2.Urgent Communique No. 374 (this was online before NATO media broadcasted lies) - from Bomniar- inteligence of the revolutionary cells - Leader moamer kadhafi// There will be false news across Yewish and NATO channels about injured Libyan leader Muammar or his relatives. Our leader is at the front together with his sons, he is stimulating morale of the young people-Death to colonial traitors -and walknawat customers -from victory to victory- organized Bomniar revolutionary cells. 

    3.That looks so much fake. Look, they say three different stories: that they shot him while he was escaping, that the NATO bombed his convoy, that an ambulance took him and that they've found him hiding in a hole (like Saddam, too much coincidence?). You believe this shit? They provided up to now one fake photo,a still taken from a video, person on that picture looks realy strange, has very strange nose, forehead etc, on top of all, they say that video was taken by mobile phone, but icons shown on the photo reveal that this video was taken by camera. So many lies, and they can't seem to agree on definite lie, before publishing it. 4. This is the second time they are lying about injuries/death of Gaddafi, last time Al Jazeera also showed fake photo also. Whenever NTC are losing, they make up fake stories like this.

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