Oct 23, 2011

Libya - The story of Gaddafi's the golden gun collection [ 23,October 2011]

ALGERIA ISP / According Zengtena, October 20, 2011, the image shown by Al Jazeera in the assassination of Libyan leader, a rebel who brandishes a weapon or evidence that he is removed to the Libyan leader.
You can see the photo taken August 27 in Bab El Aziziyah showing the same weapon or carried by a rebel.
This confirms that Al Jazeera  is a media lie orchestrating an unprecedented war of images.
How can one imagine the Brother Leader  Gaddafi goes to war with one weapon gold collection.
Since the outbreak of non-peaceful demonstrations in Libya, or rather the green plot against Libya. The rebels had the support of Al Jazeera who lied to the world to demonize the Libyan leader and his army in order to have coverage of the UN to bomb the country legally.
Sheikh Qaradawi with his fatwas ordered and paid in dollars by the Emir of Qatar, has disavowed the Muslim peoples of the Libyan leader.
The war destroyed a whole country,  killed the babies, children, women, ... Libya is invaded by NATO members that will use the Libyan oil free.

[source: http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201110-A6607/libye-histoire-pistolet-collection-guide-kadhafi-octobre-2011.html]
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