Oct 14, 2011

Libya: Black Friday for NATO - Libyans staged an uprising

October 14, 2011, 17:47 ["Argumenty.ru" Alexander Grigoriev ]

According to reports from the Libyan capital, there is a revolt against the authorities came to the Transitional National Council. Supporters of al-Gaddafi seized, and then blew up a large stock of weapons, the army received PNC from NATO countries.

Today, HERO  Muammar Gaddafi, speaking on the new satellite TV channel Al-MOKAVAMA and called for an uprising against the PNS and NATO troops. Almost immediately, the capital of Libya began street fighting. Supporters of al-Gaddafi seized a large stock of weapons that were supplied by NATO countries for military PNS. And then blew it up, according to Twitter bloggers from Libya.

According to sources "argument. py "revolt led by Gaddafi's second son, Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi. He is already in Tripoli and directly supervises the rebellion. Along with him came a man in the city of numerous Libyan tribes WershaFana. Previously, it was not observed in the resistance of the PNS.

Where is the leadership of the National Council is unknown. Previously, the main place of his home was a French warship.

We take headline from  Hinter Der Fichte becouse is perfect for today.

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