Oct 19, 2011


NTC in Misrata - The main town of the Tawergha region, Tawergha itself (aka Tawargha, Tawurgha. Arabic: تاورغاء), was a town of an estimated 31,250 people (United Nations Environment Program, 2005).  It has been emptied of its entire population: its people having either been killed or fled. The town of Tawergha lies about 30-40 miles south of Misrata/Misurata,  along the western coast of the Gulf of Sirte. Areas of Misrata occupied by the Tawargha have also been ethnically cleansed.
Tens of thousands are now living in different parts of Libyaunable to return home as relations between the people of Misratah and Tawargha remain particularly tense. Residents of makeshift camps near Tripoli, where displaced people from Tawargha are sheltering, told Amnesty they would not go outside for fear of arrest. They told how relatives and others from the Tawargha tribe had been arrested from checkpoints and even hospitals in Tripoli.

19. Octrober 2011 - 
Jew's may come back in Libya, but poor followed people of TAWARGHA are still in camp without water ,electrity... So afar of their home's in Misrata !
The big tragedy facing the people of TAWARGHA, especially children and the elderly and those with special needs them. 
They are completely expelled from their city and refused to NATO mercenaries Misrta residents to return home with the utmost injustice and non-logic, and had confiscated all the houses of the existing TAWERGHA in the city of Misrata and handed over to the families of Misrata in flagrant injustice has not happened before ..

Images taken from the camp, home to the people displaced TAWERGHA on October 15 is not fit for human habitation where no water, no electricity, and many fear the spread of diseases and epidemics as a result Almtnatrh litter everywhere, with the increase in the number of residents in the camp..NTC in Misrata,introduced regress to people of TAWERGHA!
[source: Olivera Olja Ilić ]
GENOCIDE, RACISM, ETHIC CLEASING of TAWERGHA - CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY by NATO's darling REBELS in LIBYA - ->http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/genocide-racism-ethic-cleasing-of.html

BREAKING NEWS: Misrata brigades launched an attack on Janzour refugee camp - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/02/breaking-news-misrata-brigades-launched.html
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