Oct 16, 2011


    (ALGERIA ISP) / According to the News Agency Seven Days, a source close to Khamis said that growing operations of General Khamis Gaddafi are heavily affecting the movements of CNT/NATO members, so they pronounced him dead for the 11th time.

The same source said that members of the CNT have set up a spy system to monitor and intercept all calls of leaders of the Libyan resistance towards the satellite TV such as Al Rai television. This prompted the Libyan leader to avoid live broadcasts and send recorded messages to television instead.

To locate the brave son of Libyan leader, CNT / NATO is spreading lies, phone of Al Rai television could help them locate him.
The source added that the CNT adopted this method after releasing false news of arrests of Seif El Islam and Mutassem Gaddafi.

With this kind of lie, they want to find the location of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi.
They know that Khamis Gaddafi and senior military officers supervise the protection of the Libyan leader.
Consequently, the source close to Khamis Gaddafi confirms that he is still alive[ and immortal] . May God protect him inshalah.
Informations confirm that Khamis Gaddafi is about to open new front against the rebels

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