Oct 31, 2011


To all our tribes in Libya, you have suffered huge losses because of this false revolution, the revolution of mercenaries from NATO. 

My brothers Touareg tribes of Libya and Africa, you elected the deceased Gaddafi as your leader and we know that the Touareg, when one of their leader is killed, are mobilizing to deal with perpetrators. 
My brothers Touareg I have to tell you that your leader was killed by the hands of people who know neither God nor his prophet and commit atrocities like those committed by the Jews. 
As you have seen the abuse they inflicted on the body of your leader and it is time to react. 

We know where you are opposed to these mercenaries and this is your reaction will determine the fate of the perpetrators of these mercenaries and colonizers. 
Yes my brothers Tuareg of Libya, Algeria, Western Sahara, Mali and Niger, you who used to come visit your leader and you know its position with respect to the Tuareg: you honored and made you leaders and officers and leaders. 
The Brother Leader Gaddafi
Today we must sound the trumpet and start the fierce resistance to burn the earth under their feet. Your grandfather Omar Mokhtar is the right model for you to know. The tomb of Ghaddafi be for you and for us a beacon that lights our way in the fight against these renegades.

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