Oct 21, 2011

Gaddafi's murder videos

Gaddafi's convoy after NATO "humanitarian intervention"
NATO started and their NTC  foot gangs  finished

 I'm posting a whole collection of atrocius videos in hope that someone will one day act on them, and bring these inhumane creatures to justice. In the time when human rights organisations are just NATO puppets, campaigning for wars instead of peace and human rights. In the time when proven mass murderers are glorified as 'democracy seekers'..

I am sorry becouse I will put all this very very disturbing videos - but this ugly truth should to be exposed. If we want to write history of this terrible crime.
Those who committed this crime not deserve that we call them human beings .
I wait almost two month, but..now...I decided ..to post this story, becouse of truth,becouse of ugly truth.
 This is first version and will be update ...

You will see how look monsters in 21th century, with with serious mental illnesses ...
These barbarians have no place in civilization.
I have no words to describe horror,  disgust and pain ...
No 1. Gaddafi survived the NATO bombing

The willful killing of a person in custody is a serious violation of the laws of war and is a war crime that could be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court.
The laws of war also oblige parties to a conflict to provide medical care to captured combatants.

No 2.Harassment
The laws of War
Under Rule 47. Attacking persons who are recognized as hors de combat is prohibited.
A person hors de combat is:
(a) anyone who is in the power of an adverse party;
(b) anyone who is defenceless because of unconsciousness, shipwreck, wounds or sickness; or
(c) anyone who clearly expresses an intention to surrender; provided he or she abstains from any hostile act and does not attempt to escape.
Regarding the treatment of dead bodies:
Rule 115. The dead must be disposed of in a respectful manner and their graves respected and properly maintained. [IAC/NIAC]
No 3.

No 3a. 
"The hard fought “freedoms” that are apparently about to bestowed on Libyans after the NATO-backed overthrow of the Gaddafi "regime" were in full evidence  when NTC "fighters" captaured Martyr alive before summarily executing him with a bullet through the head. Aware of how bad this looked, the interim NTC Prime Minister hastily put out a cover story claiming  Martyr  had died in crossfire.
No 5.
No 6.

No 6a.

The video above clearly shows that Martyr is dazed but very much alive as he is captured by Al-Qaeda-backed rebel forces who scream “Allah Akbar” as they pull him up onto a truck.
No 7

No 8.
No 9.

Later footage shows Martyr's dead body being dragged [ here is more than 2 videos]
No 10.

No 11.

No 12.

“According to an official version of events by the interim prime minister, Mahmoud Jibril, the vehicle transporting Martyr to hospital was “caught in crossfire” as NTC and pro-Gaddafi forces fought further,” reports the Guardian.

Indeed, forensic experts who later examined high quality images of Martyr’s body indicated that he appeared to have been shot in the head at close range, not from crossfire a distance away.

The NTC has patently decided to invent a fairytale about Martyr being killed in crossfire, going so far as to suggest that his own loyalists could have fired the fatal bullet, when all the available evidence clearly indicates that Martyr was shot  by the crazed rebels, who over the past 24 hours have been busy looting Sirte, and who are now set to seize power in Libya.
While the establishment western propaganda hailed Martyr’s death as a watershed for the rebirth of freedom in Libya, gleefully broadcasting macabre images of his dead corpse with wanton abandon, the very first act of the victorious rebels was to prove to the world that they are nothing more than a gang of terrorists who couldn’t care less about the very principles that underpin “democracy” or “freedom” – innocent until proven guilty and the right to a fair trial.

Criminals speak ...

Only really really seek monsters  can to do this...

Amnesty International has called for a full international investigation to determine the exact circumstances of Martyr’s death, but the very world leaders who backed NATO’s “humanitarian” intervention to bring “democracy” to the country, the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and David Cameron, don’t seem to be too concerned that the very first act of Libya’s liberators was to summarily execute a man without trial – they were too busy gloating.
Of course, we know why NATO and their NTC foot soldiers were less than enthusiastic about affording Gaddafi a UN war crimes trial, because like Slobodan Milosevic, Gaddafi would have used it to highlight NATO’s support for Al-Qaeda terrorists who killed U.S. troops along with a myriad of other embarrassing revelations.
Nazis who oversaw the murders of millions of concentration camp victims were treated better.
Taking the moral high ground and treating even the rights of dictators with dignity and respect is what differentiates modern civilized nations from arcane, medieval autocracies, which thanks to NATO’s love bombs, is precisely what Libya will quickly begin to resemble.[1]
War crime and shame for Libyans and for Humanity
 "Gaddafi  was arrested while he was alive but he was killed later. There was a bullet and that was the primary reason for his death, it penetrated his gut," doctor Ibrahim Tika told Al Arabiya television. "Then there was another bullet in the head that went in and out of his head." [Reuters]

THE UNEXPLAINED CIRCUMSTANCES[?] OF MOATASSEM BILLAH GADDAFI'S DEATH - مُعْتَصِمٌ بِٱللهِ ٱلْقَذَّافِيّ  - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/10/unexplained-circumstances-of-moatassem.html

[1] Infowars - Welcome to “Democracy”: Gaddafi Summarily Executed Without Trial ->http://www.infowars.com/welcome-to-democracy-gaddafi-summarily-executed-without-trial/  
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