Oct 9, 2011

The Pentagon chief called the NATO intervention a "remarkable achievement"

DemocracyPerverted - Lybia, Yes I can  -> http://youtu.be/rQREy4hrEz0

This is irony! True face of NATO

Pentagon chief hails 'effective' Libya air war
 NAPLES, Italy, October 2011. — US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta hailed NATO's air campaign in Libya Friday as he met US Navy personnel involved in operations at the allied joint force command base in Naples.
Panetta thanked personnel for their role in "what has proven to be a very effective air operation."

He also received a briefing and intelligence update from Canadian Lieutenant General Charles Bouchard, who is leading the air war, and other top brass.
The Pentagon chief on Thursday called the NATO intervention a "remarkable achievement"
and hailed the fall of Moamer Kadhafi's regime. He made his comments after talks with fellow allied defence ministers in Brussels.
After knocking out air defence sites in Libya at the outset of the campaign, the US military took on a low-profile role in the NATO operation with British and French aircraft taking the lead.

The United States, which carried out about a quarter of all sorties in the six-month campaign, provided crucial support with airborne refuelling of fighter aircraft, surveillance planes -- including unmanned drones -- and specialists to draw up bombing targets.

The United States has conducted about 75 percent of all refuelling missions and 70-80 percent of all surveillance and reconnaissance flights in the operation, US officials said.
 The American military currently has more than 70 aircraft deployed in the campaign and more than 7,000 personnel have taken part, officials said.
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LIBYA. Fighting back against Evil Forces. Truth of Resistance 9/9/2011 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiePrHtebgQ

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