Oct 6, 2011


The following was posted by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey. Timothy has written many great articles on the current conflict in libya:
"I would greatly appreciate the contact of lawyers in Libya who wish to participate in my indictment of NATO and its leaders for war crimes there.Please spread the word, contact
                                                                                                jornalpravda@gmail.com "
Open letter to RATO (NATO and its RAT mercenaries) 
by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey 

To NATO: Stop trying to lure poor and unemployed young men from Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan and Afghanistan into your sickening western crusade into Libya, stop sending these young men to their deaths, stop lying to them about how much they will be paid and stop using foreigners to fuel your horrendous selfish oil wars in Libya.

I never thought I would feel any pity for the RATS NATO is employing as mercenaries (against international law) in Libya. But now I address the young men who are being lured into this trap, promised thousands of dollars...to get killed and if not killed, return home unpaid. In a wheelchair (rented by NATO no doubt at a huge repayment price). Paralysed. NATO is bankrupt and thousands of mercenaries in Libya have stopped fighting because they have not been paid for weeks.
What NATO is not telling you is that once you are sent into battle, on the ground, you are alone. Alone because NATO cannot place boots on the ground in Libya (OK everyone knows they do, everyone knows that governments do not comment on Special Forces involvement and everyone knows the families are also sworn to secrecy. Yet ask the growing number of British families whose loved ones have disappeared, ask the growing number of American families. 
Only this week 383 bodies of US Special Forces and Airmen were recovered by the Libyan Authorities from Ras Lanuf where the 82nd Airbourne Division suffered a tremendous and humiliating defeat, complete with Hercules aircraft blown up full of those who were sent to kill). What, didn't the US press report on this? But when the going gets hot, they run and send you forward. After all, they say you are going to get paid so you have to do some work...

What NATO is not telling you is that ... continue to read -> Open letter to RATO (NATO and its RAT mercenaries) - >http://english.pravda.ru//opinion/columnists/06-10-2011/119239-rato_libya-0/
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