Oct 1, 2011

01. October 2011. LIBYA RESISTANCE [news by Allain Jules]

Libye – Nouvelles du front (01-10-2011): le CNT aux abois !
translation by Wadii Hadad on Saturday, 01 October 2011 at 14:38
* Tripoli: For two days ago there were demonstrations pro-Kadhafi in Tripoli. The NATO -led rebels  of of the council of traitors do not know what to do. Khamis Kadhafi, the man with seven lives, gave them an ultimatum to run away from Tripoli. In taste, his troops were first destroyed the offices of NATO and the CIA before moving to the offices of the NTC. The poor rats  there fled to the Red Cross offices.

* Ghadames: this Libyan desert town located 650 km from Tripoli, inhabited by Tuaregs, is close to Tunisia and Algeria. After announcing that Kadhafi was there, housed in the magnificent mosque in the city, the NTC asked Nato to bomb the city. Refusal of the latter, who feared, rightly, that the Tuaregs seek refuge in the african sahel countries and create great problems there. As a result, the NTC has asked these warriors to stay in their city without moving.

* Misrata: violent clashes took place today between rebel factions. Returned  defeated from Sirte, the military detachment  claimed their places they had left behind. Denial of their alternates, and the fratricidal war which has caused many losses in their ranks. Normally, the leaders were killed on the fronts of Sirte and Ben walid, there is no one who gives orders.

* The south: all the libyan south is in the hands of pro-Kadhafi. People make normally their business and no planes flying over the sky of this peaceful corner of Libya. People have said to the renegades who wanted to venture into the area, to leave immediately.

* Zawiya: the deposit of arms and ammunition of NATO was devastated after the loyalists have recovered many weapons. As a result, the renegades have fled the city to hide into the Tripoli International Airport. In this place, they are in the company of American officers, French and British, who fled the center of Tripoli and are about to take the first plane because the situation is critical.

*Benghazi:  Moustapha Abdeljalil is conspicuously absent. It may no longer lives in the city. A fatwa against him was announced.  Even if he is in Benghazi, he can not move and he is cloistered within the four walls of his palace. Worse, 50% of the city are now banned for the renegades and  the green flag is raised.

* NTC: 1000 fighters of the CNT could not be found since the disaster of Sirte and Ben Walid. These are not killed in combat, but deserters. Normal, with nearly eight months of conflict (March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October), is the hangover. Those who have had the chance to steal some valuable things, do not regret. For others, they have only their eyes to cry. The NTC wants to recruit  mercenaries but in vain.

[source:The green flag is raised in Benghazi. Here you find a more complete description of the situation in Libya todayby Wadii Hadad
https://www.facebook.com/notes/wadii-hadad/the-green-flag-is-raised-in-benghazi-here-you-find-a-more-complete-description-o/1960512544575 ]

The Libyan Army is proceeding to systematically take down the operational heads of the bands of mercenaries who used NATO to take over Libyan territory. Several key leaders have been killed in Bani Walid and Sirte. Nuredin Gender, who ordered the bombing of schools, homes and hospitals in Sirte, is among the casualties. These deaths have exacerbated the chaos and disarray among NATO agents, while boosting the morale of the Resistance
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