Oct 3, 2011

LIBYA: CRIME IN SIRTE - rebels were directly attacking Sirte hospital [03.10.2011.]

Red Cross reported that NATO and NATO-led rebels were directly attacking Sirte hospital, Hichem Khadhraoui said that "Several rockets landed within the hospital buildings while we were there. We saw a lot of indiscriminate fire".

At the same time, NATO is stopping civilians from reaching the hospital by bombing roads, residential areas, causing hundreds of wounded civilians to die in the process. Khadhraoui reported that "other wounded or ill people cannot get to the hospital because of the fighting and NATO air strikes".

NATO and NATO-led rebels attacked the hospitals few moments after the Red Cross entered the hospital, what was the objective of NATO thugs? Were they planning to murder Red Cross workers, and hundreds of patients in the hospital, then blame it on the Libyan Jamahariya Government? What other motive could these thugs and released prisoners have? Was it a desperate attempt, a last resort?

A man fleeing Sirte testified that NATO is bombing random targets, most likely to terrorize the population in to submission. Ali who only gave his first name said that he left with his family because they were "caught between NATO bombings and shelling by rebels. NATO, in particular, is bombing at random and is often hitting civilian buildings".
This is the reality on the ground, an attempted genocide, but HRW organizations are silent, no condemnation at all. 

The humanitarian disaster in Sirte comes as an  consequence of the international forces’ intervention in Libya, argued Rob Lyons, deputy editor of the independent online political magazine Spiked.
In other words, the civilians that happened to be on the side of Gaddafi are not going to be protected, they are going to be punished. How far [the rebels] will go with that is unclear. Clearly there is a lot of suffering going on, and those civilians are not being protected.

TeleSURtv - Despite being granted permission to enter the bombed city of Sirte to deliver humanitarian aid to civilians injured and affected, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was unable to enter the city by fierce attacks launched by the CNT .

TeleSUR's special envoy to Libya, Diego Marín, reported that "two trucks with two Iban 4x4 (...) about five kilometers from the city, as they went to the city of Sirte, began dating fire from of the rebels, heavy artillery, materiel strong began to be released in Sirte, prompting Muammar Gaddafi forces inside the city returned the attack, ultimately preventing the convoy could get to the city "

The journalist said the convoy tried to enter Sirte had to go through a number of CNT controls "that made it difficult to start and had to really challenge a number of impediments to finally take the decision to go to deliver oxygen, food and water to the city. "

The action of the CNT has "aborted the possibility that the Red Cross is made present in the ground."
Mass killing and humanitarian disaster in NATO siege of Sirte - The aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF—Doctors Without Borders) reported Wednesday that it had been in touch with doctors at the main hospital in Sirte, who were facing an increasingly impossible situation. *** but they will not send any help as the MSF are only helping the REBELS -> http://alfatah69.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/mass-killing-and-humanitarian-disaster-in-nato-siege-of-sirte/

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