May 3, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 09. March - 15. March 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 15.  March 2012.

23h/ Libya: Benghazi's Declaration for Semi-Autonomy Comes As No Surprise -
Firstly, beyond the ousting of Gaddafi lays a strong historical distrust and animosity from Benghazi vis-à-vis Tripoli. Under King Senussi, Benghazi was the capital city of Libya. Moreover, Benghazi is also known to be a city of dissent and of opposition movements. It is only when Gaddafi came to power in 1969 that Tripoli became the political and economic epicentre of the country.
Secondly, in the current highly unstable situation across the country,those in charge of the eastern capital have undoubtedly remembered the old days under Senussi's reign whereby Libya was from 1951 to 1961 a confederation composed of three autonomous regions: Cyranaica, Tripolitana and Fezzan. This confederation was based on the 1951 Constitution that was then amended in 1963 and discarded in 1969 when Gaddafi came to power. Benghazi's leaders have therefore done nothing but to reactivate this old idea.
Thirdly, despite the fact that 80% of the total Libyan oil is allocated under its soil, Benghazi and the Cyranaica region remain poorer than the TripolitaniaThis is explained by the deep neglect of the region during Gaddafi's reign. By declaring the semi-autonomy of the region, the eastern leaders intend therefore to correct this situation. And it is for this same reason that Tripoli has reacted strongly against the move to autonomy.
22h/ British Press TV Journalists Freed by Libya Militia
Nicholas Davies-Jones and Gareth Montgomery-Johnson, who were detained by the Misrata's Saadoun Swehli brigade for three weeks, have been released and handed over to the government.
21h/ Cemetery attack: Libya apologizes for damage
Sunday Times had on March 11 reported that as militiamen in Libya recently went about destroying the Benghazi War Cemetery that has the graves of 40 Indian soldiers killed during WW II, New Delhi had remained unconcerned about the incident that drew howls of protest from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
20h/ "Revolutionary" Fighters besieging the Central Bank of Libya demanding February salaries.
One Bank staff member said that demonstrators fired shots in the air at randomas an expression of their displeasure, chanting slogans against the Defence Minister Osama Jewely who addressed them to stop with the bullets that might injure passers-by.
He added that until security is imposed, staff will be prevented from exiting or entering the Bank.[yesterday]
19h/ Images like this hurt me a lot! There are homeless Libyan chilrenwithout parents now,running around streets and selling boxes of tissue papers to car drivers in order to survive.

18h/ Cooperation agreement between Malta and Misurata??!!!
City of Misurata behaves as an independent State already!

17h/ Feud in Benghazi junior high school among students because of the federation flyers distributed to students.A group of students objected to append to the federal school and one was stabbed seven times with a knife and transfered to the hospital. Federation issue is causing more and more divisions among people, its disturbing to see how many divisions were made since all this started..
Arab spring = Libyan winter
16h/ Libya War: Constitutional or Not?
So what’s your call? Is this war against Libya constitutional? Are you bothered that he did not even consult with let alone get permission from Congress? Are you satisfied with Obama’s explanation or not? Will your opinion change if this is a quick action (“days not weeks”) as the President has said? Do you think any blowback will arrive from this? Do you want more interventions overseas?
15h/ In the first episode we can see the leader of Amnesty International France asserting that Gaddhafi paid black mercenaries to fight the rebels attacking his state. This was of course before Gaddhafi was overthrown. 
After that happened, the same person was on TV trolling concern about the plight of black Libyans being chased, imprisoned and killed by the rebels based solely on "rumors" of them being mercenaries. So who, one might ask, planted those rumors if not the head of Amnesty International France? [British Civilians for Peace in Libya] - >
14h/ Adil Naji " Gaddafi didn't have power to even sign/authorize a legislation he was just a guide.. No post that required international pressure for him to resign.. Libya is a Jamahiriya and its the people who had real power to decide on what to do with the country.. Whatever Gaddafi prioritized was what ppl had demanded it done he's image of the Libyan people... The support that Gaddafi enjoys is because Libyans see Libya in his image.. A man who united them all.. As Father of Libya he will forever remain"
The Brother Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi
13h/ Is it a Jalil? Or is it an ostrich? Or just a slime who always sleeps on a council meetings & doesnt care about the country?
Mustafa Abdul Nato Jalil 
12h/  NCIS: Los Angeles- recorded this episode about shooting Libyan terrorists in USA / Hollywood likes to cash in on occupied Muslim countries while in the same time feeding official "war on terror" public feelings. Story goes something like this:
In the absence of boogyman Gaddafi, USA is full of Libyan terrorists anyway, 'Revolutionary movement' is full of infiltrated guys and its ok to kill them in the US in the broad daylight, and it doesnt matter that LL Cool J doesnt know how to speak Arabic..

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 14.  March 2012.
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News
Tripoli: Green Resistance neutralized, with 14.5 mm machine guns, the armed NTC gangs  at the checkpoint on the road to Garan.
Green Resistance sniper in Ben Asure neutralized 5 bandits in the House of Aisha Gaddafi.
On the outskirts of Tripoli, the Green Battalion «Sokol» conducted an operation in the homes of the families of rats: seized 10 Kalashnikov rifles, 4 RPG destroyed, 3 bandits (including one Egyptian) neutralized.
Amed gangs from the “Misurata rat battalions” are recognized:  they  raped a women in Tripoli.
Tripoli in chaos. Streets closed, barricades, rats stressed. It is believed that the current situation is “heating up” in preparation for the Campaign for the Liberation of Libya, confirmed also by the increasing number of Green flags on buildings.
24h/ Exclusive for Gaddafi Supporters confirmed Breaking News
2 Millions Green Flag inside Libya, and lots of Gaddafi pictures on Shirts[Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi]
23h/ #Libya #Benghazi Central Bank of Libya - Demonstrated a number of rebels in front of home on the Central Bank of Libya, Benghazi. They are demanding February salaries
22h/ News about the violent clash between Janzour criminal gangs  and Wirshifana Knights in Valarba streets near the fishermen and the fall of the dead Wirshifana and appeal to young Wirshifana people to rise up to help out their brethren
21h/ Libyan militia releases video of detained Press TV reporters - ...
The development comes as the US has deployed more than 10,000 soldiers in Eastern Libya in an apparent bid to divide the oil-rich country into two eastern and western parts.
20h/ Officially announced the spread of the new strain of disease "SAAT 2" in Libya!
English laboratory has Formally announced results from samples yesterday, a new strain of disease "SAAT 2" in Libya has swept the country recently, resulting in deaths of herds of cattle in the region of Sidi Faraj Benghazi, pointing out that the incidence is 23.9% and the percentage of deaths is 10.87%

19h/ Football Players of Egyptian 'Arab Contractors' refused to travel to Libya "because of the security chaos "
18h/ Phone numbers of #ICRC in #Libya : 09 23209 221 / 09 27579 089 / 09 14669 597 for reporting missing ppl or confidential complaint about displacement, torture
17h/ #Democracy & freedom imposed on Libyan #babies by NATO's #Feb17 revolutionaries

16h/ Ban Ki-moon  -  Hand of NATO interests says Libya should end rightsabuses
15h/ IMPORTANT: Abdul Rahim Keeb,head of the Government of Libyan traitors  is not worried anymore about the possibility of dividing the country, considering that option in the report as he deems appropriate for the people of Libya to manage their own internal affairs!!!
It is noteworthy that he was opposed to the idea of dividing the country during the past weeks, but things changed after reported threats he received from an Arab country, which forced him to reverse his opinion about it or they will pressure him to resign.

14h/ Important: the resistance to the youth in the area of Salah al-Din-take a discernible caution.when we toured the area we found two car bombs.. God save our heroes
13h/ 2010th The Holy Month of Ramadan - The Brother Leader Gaddafi gave $ 1000.000 [ in food] to Palestinians .
We have become accustomed in recent years by Libyan television to broadcast patriotic songs in case there was a bombing on the Gaza Strip. Today, however, there was a bombing of Gaza, and TV channels broadcasted that news in no more than 2 minutes of airtime.
Convoy in Gaza
12h/ Homeless woman begging in front of Libyan universities - image of new #Libya

10h/ Russia's Foreign Minister embarrassed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar when he refused to shake his hand after he was invited to NATO's intervention in Syria during the ministerial meeting of the Arab League on 10/3/2012 when Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar asked for intervention of NATO to rid the "Syrian people" of the authoritarian regime, saying the"country should establish freedom and democracy, similar to what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya" [link]
09h/ Better to see once than hear a hundred times
The left side of the treacherous  of Libya rally Feb 17 2012, right - rally of Libyans, Green March. july 2011 [Konstantyn Scheglikov]
08h/  ‘No independent journalism anymore’ – ex-Al Jazeera reporter

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 13.  March 2012.
24h/ Report Libya 12. March 2012
Hugo Chavez and Muammar Al Gaddafi in Venezuela
23h/ The UN Security Council on Monday voted unanimously to "extend its political mission in Libya for 12 months with a mandate to support national efforts to promote the rule of law, protect human rights, restore public security, hold free and fair elections and eliminating the flood of weapons in the country especially shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles"
23h/ 112th Congress has filed an impeachment motion against President Obama for his abuse of power regarding his military offensive on Libya leader Gaddafi without an act of congress.
The filing reads as below:
22h/ Almost exactly a year ago, [16. March 2011.] Saif al-Qaddafi made this puzzling accusation about French President Nicolas Sarkozy:
“Sarkozy must first give back the money he took from Libya to finance his electoral campaign. We funded it and we have all the details and are ready to reveal everything. The first thing we want this clown to do is to give the money back to the Libyan people. He was given assistance so that he could help them. But he’s disappointed us: give us back our money. We have all the bank details and documents for the transfer operations and we will make everything public soon.”
 There are strong indications that some of the Libyan money was siphoned off from Goldman Sachs into the presidential campaign coffers of then-French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who was elected president of France in 2007. Cash payments into Sarkozy's campaign coffers was alluded to by Muammar Qaddafi's son, Seif al Islam Qaddafi, in an interview with the press.
21h/ LIBYAN "rebels"  wounded during the NATO/NTC  war in Libya,  are to return home after being receiving medical care in Scotland. All costs are being provided by the Libyan people.
20h/ - TRIPOLI: Nine northern African countries including Libya, Algeria and Egypt agreed on Monday to work together to secure their borders in a move to clamp down on militia clashes and problems with smuggling of  humans, weapons, drugs, alchocol, historical treasures .
- Libyan border Repeated clashes in poorly  - policed border zones
Egyptian media have reported a rise in arms smuggling across the Libyan border
-  The main Tunisian border crossing that leads to Tripoli has also many problems with smugling drugs, alchohol, humans and weapons
Tuaregs seeking to create an independent state in Mali’s northern desert have clashed with Algerian troops.
Malian rebels seized a strategic Algerian border town in early February, giving the rebels control of transit and smuggling points in the desert.
19h/ Benghazi -  NTC  removed the name "Hugo Chavez" of the local football stadium and give to stadium the  name "Nicolas Sarkozy " -->
18h/ Mugabe inherits Libya’s gold gown
A Kenyan traditional leader on Thursday presented Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe with an unusual gift - a black and gold gown that was once donned by   The Brother Leader  Muammar Gaddafi.
Gaddafi - Africa’s king of kings regularly summoned the continent’s traditional leaders to Tripoli for meetings.
“I got the gown from The Brother Leader  Gaddafi and  President Mugabe is the only African leader who deserves to have it,” Patti said at the Chiefs Council conference in Bulawayo on Thursday.
“President Mugabe is the next African chief…so am handing this gown to President Mugabe.”
Col Gaddafi was crowned ‘king of kings’ in 2008’ by African chiefs and traditional leaders who met in the city of Benghazi.
“We want an African military to defend Africa, we want a single African currency, we want one African passport to travel within African, we want free and independent Arfica with good economy ” Gaddafi  said then.
17h/ Libya interior minister calls time on rogue militias [ again , again and.. again ]
Libya's Interior Minister has warned militias outside the control of the central government to put down their arms or face confrontation with the new national security forces.
15h/  Libya detainee Gareth Montgomery-Johnson 'almost unrecognisable' in call
The pair were taken into detention by the Misrata Brigade militia in Tripoli three weeks ago.
14h/ Libyan NTC head praises UAE [private state of 7 families] leadership for their support
He renewed his country's keenness to benefit from the UAE 's successful experience to achieve sustainable development that made the country a modern state. He also hailed efforts of the ambassador to bolster the march of cooperation between the two sisterly countries and wished him good luck in his future assignment.
 Foreign Minister stressing UAE's continued support for Libya and wished more welfare, prosperity, security and stability for Libya .
13h/ Italy Condemned for Violations of African Refugee Rights
On February 23, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg came to a historic judgment that Italy had violated the European Convention on Human Rights by intercepting and sending back Eritrean and Somali migrants to Libya.
12h/ Panetta Discusses U.S. Focus on Pacific, Middle East
The Pacific will be a growing focus for the American military in the years to come, but the Middle East also must remain a priority, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said in Hawaii yesterday.
11h/ SYRIA:Terrorist Groups Committed Atrocious Massacre in Homs to Elicit International Support against.
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 12.  March 2012.
23h/ Russia demands investigation of civilian casualties from bombings in Libya 
“The organisations or countries that undertake to fulfil a mandate issued by the U.N. Security Council must report their activities to the Security Council in full measure. This also applies to the North Atlantic Alliance which has volunteered to ensure the no-fly zone over Libya but engaged in mass bombings instead,” Lavrov said at a Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East and North Africa on Monday, March 12.
“It is regrettable that reports about civilian casualties of these bombings have not been investigated so far,” he said.
We believe that all unlawful actions stated in the report, including human rights violations by NATO, must be thoroughly investigated and those responsible must be brought to account,” the ministry said.
22h/ Libyan human rights abuses 'deeply concerns' Ban Ki-moon #UN Columbus - Good Morning Columbus ! What is about NATO victims Mr. Columbus? 
Illegal arrests, revenge attacks and deaths following torture in secret prisons are continuing in Libya by armed militias with the new government failing to establish an effective judicial system, according to the Secretary General of the United Nations.
21h/ 'Several drunk #troops behind bloodbath, laughed on shooting-spree, burned corpses'
Gruesome new details are surfacing after 16 Afghan villagers including nine children were shot in their houses by at least one US serviceman. Witnesses to the atrocity now say that several drunken American soldiers were involved.
20h/ The Pentagon says the US military will prosecute the American soldier responsible for the killings of 17 Afghan civiliansrejecting calls for his trial to be held in Afghanistan.[Press TV]
19h/ In the last 4 days, 23 people have been slained by Israel's bombs.Gaza's "rockets" killed 21 Israeli in the last 11 YEARS. #Facts [occupiedpalestine]
18h/ ‎/ Senator John McCain: Founding Father of the Terrorist Emirate of Benghazi - by Tony Cartalucci -
March 7, 2012 - "I have met with these brave fighters, and they are not Al-Qaeda. To the contrary: They are Libyan patriots who want to liberate their nation. We should help them do it." - Senator John McCain in Benghazi, Libya April 22, 2011.
Al Qaeda flag over Benghazi 
Image: And yet, the very courthouse McCain uttered his lies in front of is now flying the flag of Al Qaeda, while crowds have been photographed in the streets of Benghazi carrying it aloft since the fall of Qaddafi. Clearly, the senator from Arizona was "mistaken."
17h/  We have become example for others ..?
Bakri: "If we do not unite Egypt will meet the same destiny as Libya"
MP Mustafa Bakri warned of the arrival of Egypt to the same situation like Cyrenaica in Libya, which is exposed to attempts to divide in the absence of unity to counter the US threat.
16h/ Colonel #Gaddafi 'gave French President Nicolas #Sarkozy £42MILLION to fund his 2007 election campaign'
Nicolas Sarkozy received up to £42million from Colonel Gaddafi to fund his election as French president, it was sensationally claimed today.
Extraordinary evidence made public in Paris is said to prove that the two former close allies had an illegal financial arrangement which propelled Mr Sarkozy to power in 2007.
Nicolas Sarkozy received up to £42million from Colonel Gaddafi to fund his election as French president 

15h/ The Libyan people's solidarity committee is seeking for information regarding Radwani Ameri of Libyan television network, live, love and laugh. The man who inspired Libyans with daily wisdom, he is a force for good, if you happen to know where he has been detained by armed gangs aka rebels , some-where and anywhere in Libya, let us know.

Give us the approriate information, we need clear ground intelligence and information because rats/rebels often give wrong information, we need double check. It's important we get accurate information, so we can send some people to meet green people illegally detained by the rebels, accuracy of information is crucial because rebels often move and shuffle detainees, abuse them, and if we get the precise location, we have other options in place.
14h/ Conditions inside Libya are at their worst levels ever since, trash pile up of a stinky city, lack of adequate security, inability to access better healthcare services. ->

13h/ libya  - Many people are faced with very harsh medical realities, A woman demanding to know the health of her family, medical facilities in Libya are almost completely empty. ->

12h/ Al Jazeera exodus: Channel losing staff over ‘bias’ -
It is very disturbing to hear how Al Jazeera is now becoming this regional player for foreign policy in a way that some would arguably say the BBC and others have been for decades,” he said. “If Al Jazeera Arabic is going to take a war-like stance after [the] Qatari government, this would be very ill.”

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 11.  March 2012.
24h/Report #Libya 11. March 2012 #photos
BREAKING NEWS #Libya : Gaddafi family had their phones taken away & arent allowed to put the kids in school & arent allowed out !
Aysha Gaddafi with daughter born 2011.
23h/ History facts- This is a feasibility study written by Jews in 1908, about the possibility of making Green Mountains in Cyrenaica a Jewish country by resettlement. Proposal for this study came from Jewish comunity from London.
GREEN MOUNTAIN - ISRAEL's millitary base???
Green Mountains in Cyrenaica a Jewish country by resettlement
22h/ Two Russians still held in Libya
Libyan warlords continue to hold two Russian and two Ukrainian engineers, oversix months after detaining them in Tripoli on suspicion of helping pro-Gaddafi forces repair tanks. No formal charges against the men have been laid.
In a statement issued in Moscow Sunday, the human rights department of the Russian Foreign Ministry described this situation as ‘unacceptable’.
Dr. Hamza Touhami has sent a video-audio-message about the attempted partition of Libya.

The second message is “encoded”, for some special units of the Green Resistance :
“Your dead BROTHER pass you a big hello. I swear your dead BROTHER sent me this message through a man of confidence, to pass you a Salam and that there will in the near future a statement similar to the September 1, 1969. I swear it’s true. Wait for us, we come!”.
20h/ Obama-Supported Libyan Rebels Rape & Murder French Journalist – Story Ignored By MSM -
The Information center Darna (port city in eastern Libya) has filed a complaint and discloses the French origin of the victim. Algerian sources also surprised the Gallic indifference of the authorities to this case, and would even suggest the existence of factors related to the election campaign that live France. In this sense, the traditional parties of the neighboring Republic have agreed not to cover the news for not benefit electorally the party identity of Marine Le Pen. France was one of the main actors in the war that brought down and murder of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
19h/ TUNISIA: breaking news.
Tunisian government's guards forced the Tunis conference about Libyan Jamahiriya to be stopped!
It's A SHAME that a government STOP a paeceful international conference !
 [ Mathaba News Network]
18h/ UK govt. lies about use of DU in Libya -
The governments policy remains that DU can be used within weapons, it is not prohibited under current or likely future international agreements. UK armed forces, use DU munitions in accordance with international humanitarian law. It would be quite wrong to deny our serving personnel a legitimate capability.
17h/ ALEX JONES: Arrest Angelina Jolie For War Crimes: Kony 2012 [Thank you Alex!] -

16h/ Polygamy in Libya: Freedom won or rights infringed?

15h/ The Tradgedy of Tawarga (Part 1) (Arabic Language) 
14h/ Statement by Secretary Clinton: Libya's National Day -
On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Libya as you mark your National Day on September 1.
13h/ Moscow Criticizes UN Libya Commission Report -
“We consider the assessments included in the commission’s report regarding Gaddafi’s death and especially civilian causalities as a result of the NATO military campaign in Libya inadequate,” Dolgov told RIA Novosti.
The commission said in its report that NATO “conducted a highly precise campaign with a demonstrable determination to avoid civilian casualties.”
“On limited occasions, the Commission confirmed civilian casualties and found targets that showed no evidence of military utility,” the report said.
12h/ Yesterday, Saturday, March 10, 2012, NTC has allocated $ 150 million dinars from the budget for the friends of the terrorist alghithi (friend of Belhadj and a member of the Al-Qaida previously) and he was an agent of the Government of the so-called Defense Ministry to "ensure the security of vital installations to install there own Office (actually gave money to Al-Qaida associates)

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 10.  March 2012.
A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
23h/ Doha, March 10 (QNA) – Libyan illegal  Chief of Staff of the Libyan Armed Forces [?] Maj. Gen. Yusef Al-Manqoush and the accompanying delegation arrived in Doha [to visist bosses and to take instructions]  this afternoon on a several-days visit to Qatar.
 He was welcomed upon arrival in Doha International Airport by Qatar Armed Forces [?]  Chief of Staff, HE Maj. Gen. Hamad bin Ali Al Attiyah and a number of ranking officers of the Qatari Armed Forces.
22h/ ZLITEN Report  -  link to the report 
21h/ ZLITEN  - AlQaeda gathered 1.000 forces, attempting to destroy the tomb of Abdel Salam Asmar, but was stopped by other rats #AlgeriaISP
DR. HAMZA : #Jalil supports Western orchestrated secession of #Barca , he just pretends to be opposed to it
Hamza calls for civil disobedience to pave the way for Green Resistance and urges "rebels" to wake up, now that Libya's divided
According to Hamza , GreenResistance has gathered many forces in every region of the country who just wait for the word. #AlgeriaISP [ via Amin @SaintJust88]
20h/ Benghazi ElBaladi-Hotel on fire
19h/ SABHA – Protests against fedelaization of Libya

19h/ MISRATA council made Parrade once again of its remaining fighters.. believe to be Show of Force against Barca council in sirte
SOUTH EAST OF LIBYA attempts to make its own Militia's to avoid any attempts to add them to "Cyrnicia Barca council"
BENGHAZI - heavy clashes in Benghazi after 2 rival parties NTC council vs Barca Cyrnicia council were fighting Near Benghazi market [SomaliaSuport3]
18h/ ZLITEN  [last night] The convoy consisting of about 3 000 extreme on the road to Zilten! The gang of the 3000 of extremists, backed by the number of 200 vehicles with artillery going to Zliten

17h/ Foot-and-mouth livestock epidemic Decimated in Egypt, and epidemic spread in 14 counties so far ... Which saw the deaths of thousands of livestock.
16h/ BENGHAZI  - protest against the federalism

15h/ Commander of US, NATO operations in Libya takes over as top US commander in Asia-Pacific - " the job you fill today has never been more importantJOB is: TO KILL MORE NATIVE PEOPLE IF IT  IS POSSIBLE[Tri_Tacke]
"In a world where the economy, population and military power are all shifting toward the Pacific, the job you fill today has never been more important,” Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at a change-of-command
14h/ Libya's Big-Oil PM Rolls Over for Western Masters
El-Keib obfuscates/defends Libyan support for terrorist militants in Syria.
Libya's Prime Minister, and British Petroleum, Total, and Shell-funded Petroleum Institute chairman Abdurrahim el-Keib, flatly denied allegations by Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin that Libya was directly funding, training, and arming militants in Syria
13h/ US intervention in Syria could make it the next Libya
As the US considers intervening in Syria they may want to look at Libya. NATO assisted in overthrowing Mommar Gaddaffi and now the country remains torn. Earlier this week a region of eastern Libya declared their semi-autonomy. Tribal leaders decided their new state will come with its own parliament and police force. John Glaser, an assistant editor for, joins us for the latest and helps us answer if the US should get involved in Syria. -
12h/ Human rights groups 'Trojan horses of the West' -
They seem to provide 'human rights' justification for certain Western policies of foreign aggression,” he said. And once a country is invaded with humans rights organization helping to justify the aggression, there is always the sudden surprise that such an intervention could bring violations of the human rights such groups are meant to protect.
11h/ Al Jazeera reporter resigns over "biased" Syria coverage -
"This is what happens to the majority of people who oppose the station's provocative policy. They end up resigning.” Complicating matters for Hashem was Al Jazeera's refusal to cover the uprising in Bahrain.
10h/ Invisible Children, Hidden Agenda! - Kony 2012 Campaign exposed!-  The whole world was witness to what the UN done in Libya, in their efforts to take control and install their puppet government....
This is Justice Luis Ocampo style, do not be taken in by his demeanour and fancy title, this man is a war hungry fecker!

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 09.  March 2012.
The oldes photo of The Brother Leader which we have
23h/ Report Libya  08/09 March 2012 [Updates]
22h/ 'Gaddafi 2.0?' Split & struggle flares up Libya again - and fabulous Pepe Escobar
In #Libya the interim illeagal Prime Minister has thanked the US for what he called "tremendous support"' in overthrowing Muammar Gaddafi. But the new Libyan illegal authorities are facing an uprising of their own from a group of powerful tribal leaders who have declared partial autonomy in the east of the country.

21h/ / Protest in #Tripoli tomorrow calling for Unity & a United #Libya. Green Square 5 pm  [ Source  #feb17 groups]
20h/ Realistic #photo of #NTC "winners"

The first group of Libyan’s injured in the recent fighting, arrived in Toronto on Monday for special medical treatment. The Libyan Medical Committee in Canada (LMCC) with The Libyan Ministry for War Casualties selected those severely wounded patients for treatment in Canada. The rest of the patients are expected to arrive over the next few days.
17h/ The legacy of Augusto C Sandino and Muammar Gaddafi
… Hysterical claims that African mercenaries were deployed to murder civilian protestors were also false. This wholesale mass deception reached its climax with international media broadcasts in August of fake footage ostensibly from Libya. In fact, the broadcasts used film shot in Qatar on sets made to look like Tripoli's Green Square.
This excellent article on
 made me tingle all over. Must read and share [Lizzie Phelan]
16h/ Green Libyan Soldier Tells His and Libya's Story

15h/ Report Libya  08/09 March 2012
- Video from one part of Janzour #Tripoli demonstrations tonight, 'revolutionaries' want to get payed what they were promised by Nato.
Sheikh Zubair Ahmed Al-Sharif al-Sanusi, a  nephew of Libya's former king Idris, leader of the so-called "Council of the territory of Cyrenaica," said that the decision taken two days ago, by the politicians and men of the tribes of Cyrenaica region, eastern Libya, to declare a federal territory "is the final decision,it is irreversible." -
14h/ China demands from #NTC a compensation for the affected ($17 billion worth of) projects in #Libya ,hard-hit by last year crisis.
Chinese Minister of Commerce Cheng Deming said that Beijing is negotiating with NTC about this. Most of the projects were in construction (housing), and China says that compensation demand is according to international norms.
The Minister of Commerce says that China assessed the security situation in Libya and does not consider as an appropriate to resume working on the Chinese projects there at the moment.
13h/ 'West-chosen rulers push #Libya into real civil war' 
and all pilots who bombed my homeland are at home with their families. And all politician walk through their land satisfied , only Libyans suffer - THANK YOU NATO!]

12h/ Libya autonomy declaration poses threat of civil war -
According to the Benghazi-based Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGCO), the territory of Cyrenaica holds fully three-quarters of Libya’s oil reserves. Asked by Reuters whether the creation of the new council in Benghazi would change the way in which AGCO operates, a company spokesman answered equivocally, “Nothing until now.” ...
The fracturing of Libya along regional lines would facilitate these neo-colonial aims. It also threatens a renewed eruption of civil war and yet another round of bloodletting resulting from a war of aggression waged under the pretext of protecting civilian lives.

Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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