Jul 24, 2011


BREAKING NEWS- IMPORTANT- NATO  are targeting the pipe factory of the Great Man Made River in the city of Brega, where pipes are manufactured to compensate for damaged pipes of the river, THE ONLY SOURCE OF DRINKING WATER and irrigation for  4.5 MILLION the people of Libya!!! IMMINENT HUMANITARIAN DISASTER!!!!! ALERT!!!ALERT!!!!

July 22 2011.  A date for humanity to remember. NATO hit the Libyan water supply pipeline. It will take months to repair. Then on Saturday they hit the pipeline factory producing pipes to repair it. Sine when is the water supply pipeline itself a legitimate target? 
Map of Great Man Made River
The Libyan  leader  Moammar Al Gaddafi informed members of the Security Council in his message that the alliance decided to carry out mass murder against the Libyan people by targeting their only drinking water source, where billions were invested and without it life stops in Libya. He wondered what's the relation between this factory and the protection of civilians that NATO claims it is carrying out? 
  Muammer Al Gaddafi Visiting The Project
A unique Libyan project, the "The Great Man Made River" has brought water from under the Sahara Desert and  Madeit available to various historically parched areas which can now be cultivated and developed into a breadbasket for the region. The US-led international banking consortium is of course poised to seize this most valuable asset now that it is coming to fruition. Wars will be fought over access to water throughout the Arab land in coming years. Control of water could become even more decisive than petroleum reserves in decades to come.
Schematic map of the project. Designed in five phases, which eventually combine to form an integrated system, it is an estimated 25 years from completion.
The Great Man Made River is a network of pipes that supplies water to the Sahara Desert in Libya, from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System fossil aquifer. It is the world’s largest irrigation project. [1]

It is the largest underground network of pipes and aqueducts in the world. It consists of more than 1,300 wells, most more than 500 m deep, and supplies 6,500,000 m³ of fresh water per day to the cities of Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirt and elsewhere. Muammar al-Gaddafi has described it as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”[2]
Gaddafi-Central Bank used $33 billionwithout interest rates, to build the Great Man - Made River   ith three parallel pipelines running oil, gas and water supplying 70% of the people (4.5 of its 6 million) with clean drinking and irrigation water. This provides adequate crops for the people and would be a competitive exporter of vegetables with ISRAEL and Egypt.

 The Great Man made River
Project facts:
These are some Facts and Figures about GMRA :
- Approximately
500,000 pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes
have been manufactured to date.
- Approximately 500,000 pipes transported to date.
Pipe transportation is continuous process and the work goes on day and night, distance traveled by the transporters is equivalent to the sun and back.
- Over 3,700 km of haul roads was constructed alongside the pipe line trench to enable the heavy truck -- trailers to deliver pipe
to the installation site Phase I Total Length 1,600 Km.
Phase II Total Length 2,155 Km.
- Volume of Trench Excavation 250 Million Cubic Meter.
- The amount of aggregate used in the project : 30,000,000 Ton.
Enough to Build 20 pyramids the size of the great pyramid of Khoufu.
- Total Weight of Cement used 7.0 Million Tones.
- Total Length of Pre-Stressing Wire 6.0 Million Kilometers
This would circle the Earth 280 times.[3]

  Thousands of Pipes Were Used

The SECRET MOTIVE: why the UN declared war on Libya. DESTABILIZATION. They did NOT attack Gaddafi, They attacked Africa’s Fresh Water Supply.
“The West refuses to recognize that a small country, with a population no more than six million, can construct anything so large without borrowing a single cent from the international banks.”
“The goal of the Libyan Arab people, embodied in The Great Man Made River project, is to make Libya a source of agricultural abundance, capable of producing adequate food and water to supply its own needs and to share with neighboring countries. In short, the River  is literally Libya’s ‘meal ticket’ to self-sufficiency.”
“the river is  new lesson and an example in the struggle to achieve self-sufficiency, food security and true independence. No nation that depends on a foreign country to feed its people can be free. The Great River is a triumph against thirst and hunger. It is a defeat against ignorance and backwardness. It reflects the determination of Libyans to resist colonial pressure, to acquire technology, to develop, to improve their lives, and to control their own destiny in accordance with their own free will.” [4]

Since when is a water pipes factory in al-Brega a legitimate target to impose a no-fly zone to protect civilians? Sine when is the water supply pipeline itself a legitimate target?

this maybe as close as we ever to get the real reasons why Libya gets a NFZ that i doubt any other countries will have to put up with..all constructed without borrowing a cent..thats must really piss off the usury loving roths..now..if you have time..go and look where the attacks are taking place..and remember they hit a “southern” compound of gaddafis..why would he have a south compound in the desert?..maybe they were instead hitting the GMR stations?..food for thought methinks..  [5]
Libya war: fossil water 
and The Great Man Made Riverer Libya reason for war

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