May 3, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 16. March - 22. March 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 22.  March 2012.
01h/ Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's speech  Ba Al Azizia  [22. March 2011.]

00h/ Libya: The name of a cafe is Sarkozy. Sarkozy !!! who led bombing of homeland of this traitor, puppet and slave.

24h/ Evacuation of the prime minister, after being besieged by an armed group -3/22/2012 -
Media sources said that the prime minister was evacuated after he was cornered by an armed group of rebels with medium weapons.  That group shot at the windows of the headquarters without causing any injuries.
 As Irassa site has published on Thursday, Chancellor Nasser Al Mani and a number of officials were present inside the headquarters.
And according to the source, the group responsible for the siege of the headquarters have done so because of the government's delay in the treatment of wounded rebels abroad. 
23h/ The Libyan film director Haitham has been killed in mysterious circumstances. His body still undergoing autopsy and examination.
22h/  US Mercenary “Took Part” in Gaddafi Killing; Sent to Assist Syrian Opposition
US government officials requested that an American private security firm contact Syrian opposition figures in Turkey to see “how they can help in regime change,” the CEO of one of these firms told Stratfor in a company email obtained by WikiLeaks and Al-Akhbar.
James F. Smith, former director of Blackwater, is currently the Chief Executive of SCG International, a private security firm with experience inAfghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. In what appears to be his first email to Stratfor, Smith stated that his “background is CIA” and his company is comprised of “former DOD [Department of Defense], CIA and former law enforcement personnel.”
We provide services for those same groups in the form of training, security and information collection,” he explained to Stratfor. (doc-id 5441475)
21h/ Critics: Little appetite at UN to press Libya
GENEVA — Serious crimes committed by former rebels in Libya risk going unpunished because members of the U.N.'s top human rights body show little appetite to press the new government to investigate abuse committed since NATO backed Libyan War , rights groups warned Wednesday.
"The transitional authority is not willing to investigate what these militias are doing," said Donatella Rovera, senior crisis response adviser at Amnesty International.
"They are not even willing to admit the extent of the problem. For those people who are victims of the militias they have nobody to turn to," she said.
"They (the new [illegal] government) have said the right things and made the right noises but they haven't really changed anything," she said
20h/ Libya decided Thursday restore diplomatic relations with Iraq. The Leader Muammar Gaddafi break diplomatc relations with Irak  -  since 2003 after  U.S. invasion of Irak.
This decision of illegal NTC governmant is coincides with the ongoing preparations for holding the Arab summit in Baghdad on March /29/ 2012.
Libya is seeking to obtain guarantees for the non-implementation of the death penalty in a number of Libyan prisoners in Iraqi prisons belonging to a number of Islamic organizations who participated in the war against U.S. forces during the invasion of Iraq.
19h/ SHOCKING VIDEO: Feb17 mercenaries storming neighborhoods in Zawiyah,beating & killing anti-NTC residents
... smoke due to burning of garbage [We are all Muammar Gaddafi]
Tripoli , Libya 22. Mrch 2012.
18h/  Libya still needs Britain
A year on from military intervention, we can help fight corruption with our institutional knowhow

17h/ #RAPE of #Libya is continues - Gaddafi cruise ship bought by Italian firm for €550m.
TO WHOM? WHY? WHERE WIL GO MONEY? why they selling every part of Libyans? Later they will buy NEW?
Any governmant of the world have representative cars , ships, houses ... for visitors isn't it? How many cars etc had western politicIAns?
and ? SO WHAT?!
16h/  Photo from Benghazi: Gamal Abdel Naser street blocked by Feb17 fighters who want to get payed for their treason

14h/ 5,000 Qatari troops helped to colonize Libya
13h/ Drug traficking in North Africa: Moroccans arresting Libyan war lords which are smuggling drugs in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria etc..
12h/ Fears that Libya will be divided into three federal units, now threatened by Division into five or more federal units...the same Libya which during the time of the Great Jamahiriya seeked to unite with their neighbours, and preservation of territorial integrity was the greatest aspiration.
10h/ SYRIA - Libyan mercenary Abdul Rahman Alwerfalliwho terrorized Tripoli with his gang, has been arrested in Homs.
Peter K. "Oh, how comes a "Libyan Rebell" to Syria? Sure he has a Ticket for the NATO-Express. LOL"
09h/ TRIPOLI  [last night] headquarters of the agent Abdullah the Ungrateful are bombed,and is wanted dead or alive by the order of the Attorney General.
He is now Hidden.
Libya: Ex-Premier Needs Lawyer, Medical Care - (Tripoli) – Abuzaid Dorda, the detained former Libyan prime minister and head of foreign intelligence under Muammar Gaddafi, needs immediate access to a lawyer and specialized medical care for injuries sustained in custody, Human Rights Watch said 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 21.  March 2012.
24h/ SOUTH LIBYA - [ monday night] Green Resistance captured 9 armed pick-up, many arms (kalashnikov,RGP,machine guns) and 23 cars.24 Rebels killed. [TheTruthLibya BREAKING]
23h/ TRIPOLI - Massgraves found all over Libya:
Bodies found in mass grave nearby main #Tripoli highway a few hours ago #libya
Mass grave was discovered in Ber Elosta Melad area contains thousands of bodies #Tajura #Libya,
Mass grave discovered in #Tajura at #BirUsttaMilad area, containing thousands of remains. #Libya #Feb17
[halil drebbi @Drebha ]
22h/ NOUAKCHOTT/TRIPOLI, March 21 (Reuters) - A Libyan delegation left Mauritania on Wednesday without Muammar Gaddafi's intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi.
Mauritania sources downplay talk of imminent deal.
Senussi in good health, under strong security  [Reuters]
20h/ Video from Sabha today: Closure of many roads leading from district "Gardah," including this intersection that appears in the video clip, which is in front of Hotel Africa. And we received news reports now of burning tires in the middle of the road and from time to time you can hear RPG launchers and bursts of anti-Air 14.5 weapons

18h/ The cutest little member of resistance

17h/ The Libyan rebel outlaws are not just suing Zambia for haft a billion dollars in telecom revunue, they have stolen all the copper wires for phone line cables, and sold them in black market. Their agenda is to make money without morales nor conscience.

16h/ SLIPPING INTO CHAOS: After Libya, NATO Intervention Threatens To Destabilize the Entire Region
One year after the NATO intervention, Libya faces disintegration as the oil-rich eastern region seeks semi-autonomy.
Over 100 militias, flush with lethal arms, are bunkered down in the major towns of the country. They are unwilling to integrate into the national army or give up their arms. In the capital, Tripoli, the main airport and major government buildings are still under the control of opposing militias. Frequent clashes have erupted in the capital and other parts of the country as each militia has been trying to expand its turf. The seven-month- long war inflicted by the NATO forces not only claimed thousands of lives but also destroyed the country's infrastructure.
The Tuareg ethnic group, which stood by Qaddafi until the very end, while siding with the resistance, has also linked up with its kinsmen in neighbouring Mali and Niger. The Tuaregs, known for their distinct style of dressing and nomadic lifestyle, have been demanding a separate state. Well-armed Tuareg groups have, in recent months, attacked towns in Niger and Mali. Sophisticated arms in the Libyan armoury have trickled down not only to militant Islamist groups but also to groups fighting to overthrow governments in the Sahel region bordering Libya. NATO's military intervention in Libya now threatens to destabilise the whole region and beyond.
13h/ What a load of BOLLOCK! BBC:One of two British journalists held captive in Libya has spoken to the BBC about his ordeal.

Nicholas Davies-Jones, from Berkshire, and his colleague Gareth Montgomery-Johnson, from Carmarthen, were labelled "spies" after a militia in Libya confused the Welsh language on their equipment with Hebrew.
Mr Davies-Jones, from Wokingham, was picked up by the Misrata Brigade in Tripoli who accused him of being an Israeli spy.
[Yes, sure, they can't hear the difference between Welsh and Hebrew!You mister are a lying chicken , excuse my FRENCH]
12h/ Mustard gas brought into Libya by NATO & Qatar forces, about 6 large cylinders and 4 medium sized containers of mustard gas containers left un-attended. 

11h/ Postcrad from Benghazi 
Postcard from Benghazi
10h/ Postcrad from Tripoli
Postcard from Tripoli Garbage at Al Fateh University
Postcard from Tripoli Garbage at Al Fateh University
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 20.  March 2012.
01h/ Sarkozy wants Sanusi because " Gaddafi's Black Box " could destroy his election chances
Sarkozy in Gaddafi's tent
00h/ Muammar al Gaddafi - a Symbol of Justice, Resistance, Honor and Freedom in World

24h/  According to Elbadil Press, Mauritanian president said to NATO delegation: "Sanusi came here voluntarily, and he will leave only in that way"
23h/ BENGHAZI URGENT: Very large explosion shakes the whole city [news received from the witness by the phone]
22h/ LONDON  - Something is happening in Libyan embassy in London.There are unconfirmed news that ambassador and his people have been expelled and one of the guards is wounded.
21h/ MADJER - Some NATO shells which failed to explode during the crusade, have exploded yesterday in Madjer, kililing one 13 years old child and injuring another one.
20h/ TRIPOLI REPORT  - Hear the sounds of shooting in the area of the eastern plateau near the Mosque
Sounds of very powerfull shooting and mortars in the area of Ain Zara
Shortly before: the clashes in the Green Square
Sounds of low flying in the area of Ben Achour
Powerful explosion in Green square now
Photo from Tripoli last night: Closure of roads leading to the Green Square, largebarrickades and preventing anyone from passing through it, even the residents of the area and the reasons for this act by the rats are still conflicting. Today there was a huge explosion in the same place.
20h/ [Yesterday] Bastards & traitors celebrating the day when NATO started bombing Libya
Celebrating the day when NATO started bombing Libya 
Traitors of homeland celebrating THIS

19h/ An appeal to the Algerian GovernmentPresident Bouteflika and our free brothers- Algerian people to reassure us that Gaddafi family is fine and in good health, because they have been cut off from external contact for some time now

20h/ Separatist province of Burqa started to control the eastern oil companies, splitting from National Libyan Oil Corporation
18h/ Urgent (Bani Walid youth statement on the sabotage of Man-Made river)
In the early morning hours of 19/03, a rogue group of "May 28" rebels sneaked in and comitted acts of sabotage against industrial river systems in Bani Walid, coinciding with the visit of the delegation from the United Nations to the city of Bani Walid today to explore conditions of the city. This criminal offence was preplanned to tarnish the image of Bani Walid in front of domestic and international public opinion.
Pipe of man-made river which exploded is making its own rivers now around Bani Walid

Rainbow & visitors at Bani Walid 200m high 'fountain' (Man-Made river pipe which exploded)
17h/ Military jets flying over Tripoli. Photo- jets over Tripoli flying high for now
16h/ TUNISA BORDER  - A mortar attack targeted Tunisian army patrol on the Tunisian-Libyan border on sunday.
Tataouine radio said, quoting witnesses, that a military patrol that came under a mortar attack by the Libyans on the Tunisian border with Libya in the Alkrnta Batawai Ben Guerdane.
According to sources, patrol was digging a ditch to repel smuggling operations.
The radio quoting the witnesses said that patrol retreated into the Tunisian territory. In monday it has been retrieved a military bulldozer that had been seized during the operation.
National army as well as elements of the security forces and National Guard patrols have intensified in areas already saturated from the Libyan border to counter smuggling and infiltration of arms into Tunisian territory.
15h/ Epidemy of livestock in Libya:Libyan officials from agriculture sector said that on Sunday in Benghazi it was discovered 6879 cases of foot and mouth disease among cattle and cows. Nearly 2500 of them were dead on farms
14h/ Mauritania rejects extradition of El Moudjahid Sanoussi to anyone !

13h/ Mauritanian parties and organisations made an appeal to their government not to extradict Sanoussi 
We, a group of people's parties and cultural organisations are the signatories below, starting from our lisadh Mauritania, and the need to respect human rights, serious criminality without a legal document, and from the established Arabic Islamic values, we emphasize the following: our President-from sense, his partisan humanitarian vulnerable. Don't succumb our country to foreign impositions that make Mauritania a place to dump files, international extradition Senoussi, let him choose the destination by himself ...
12h/ Stratfor Emails: US Government Contractor Was Involved In Gaddafi Killing; Now Aiding Syrian “Regime Change”
Is it any surprise that Syrian “opposition” forces are now also rallying around the Al-Qaeda flag just as they did in Libya?
All the evidence points to the fact that western governments who are supposed to be engaged in a ‘war on terror’ against radical Muslim terrorists are handing those very same terrorists control over entire countries in the middle east and North Africa.
The establishment media, just as they did in Libya, continues to describe terrorists who fight under the Al-Qaeda flag as “activists”.
Meanwhile, the Pentagon preparing to support these Al-Qaeda terrorists by launching “guerrilla attacks” and “assassination campaigns” inside Syria to topple Assad’s government.
11h/ TRIPOLI, Libya — The NATO puppet aka  head of Libya’s illegal interim government Mustafa Abdul Nato Jalil  said Sunday that militias should not control government buildings or institutions, speaking on a day that clashes between a powerful militia and Tripoli residents killed at least one person.
The NATO puppets aka government in Libya has proved incapable of governing or protecting the country’s vital institutions.
With the collapse of central authority in Libya, militias and tribes have been acting on their own, exacting revenge on foes and enforcing security in their areas with little coordination or accountability to the Tripoli government.
In Tripoli a  militia from Libya’s western mountains is in control of the country’s main international airport. The former rebels from Zintan, well armed and well trained, are in charge of airport security in the absence of a fully fledged police or military force.
11h/ Zintan militia commander Mohammed el-Rebay said one of his fighters was killed Sunday in a gunfight with residents of Tripoli’s Abu Salim district.
11h/ Over 200,000 people in Libya are armed.
10h/ 'Libya in dead-end as NATO washes hands of civilian blood'

09h/ The forgotten victims of Libya's war -
“This is not propaganda,” said government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim in what came across as an admission that other casualty sites had been staged, according to an AFP journalist present at the time.

But that night less than a year ago, the mistake by the Western alliance was highlighted by the singed bodies of two men, one woman and two children, all members of the same family.
Even NATO admitted it was a mistake, but when people make mistakes they must make amends and NATO has not made amends with us - they have not come to apologise or do right by us,” Garari said.
“They destroyed my home, my family and never looked back.”
08h/ TRIPOLI, Libya: NATO must investigate the killing of dozens of civilians during its air campaign in Libya last year and provide reparations to the people affected, Amnesty International said Monday.
“Adequate investigations must be carried out and full reparation provided to victims and their families”
The watch dog said it has documented 55 [?!] cases of named civilians, including 16 children and 14 women, killed in airstrikes in the capital Tripoli and the towns of Zliten, Majer, Sirte and Brega.
07h/ France, Libya, ICC Fight For Custody Of Libyan  Chief Senussi
Mauritania has not signed the Rome Statute governing the ICC and authorities were not immediately available to comment on what they would do with Senussi.
"They are [Mauritania] not obliged to give him to the ICC because they are not members, so they will probably agree on our request but we will wait and see," Elshlmani said.
05h/ A delegation of NATO puppets today visited a Nouakchott chairmanship Mustafa Abu shakur (picture) to explore the possibility of extradition of Senussi to the Council of shame and treason in Libya.

According to "Alternative" the Mauritanian Government delegation informed the NTC criminals that they cannot extradite Senoussi to anyone, especially Libya at this point where there is no Government, and no central authority, adding that the Libyan Government is "unable to provide guarantees for the safety of the man and his fair trial, therefore,Nouakchott apologizes for not extraditing Senoussi.
Informed sources confirmed for "alternative" today that Mauritania had refused all requests addressed to them regarding the valiant Abdallah senussi, who was arrested two days ago in Nouakchott international airport.
04h/ A security source in Nouakchott who spoke on condition of anonymity said Senussi was "currently on the premises of the Directorate General of Territorial Security located in the centre of Nouakchott, in the government district".
The Mauritanian government has made no comment beyond a report by its official news agency which said Senussi was arrested at Nouakchott airport on a regular flight from Casablanca, carrying doctored Malian travel documents.
Britain, along with France one of the key Western backers of the insurgency, also cited the need for Mauritania to cooperate with the ICC in a statement by Foreign Secretary William Hague. [Reuters]
10h/ PARIS (AP) — Interpol red notice out for ex-Libyan intel chief
Interpol has issued an alert seeking the arrest and extradition of Libyan intelligence chief at NTC's request.
03h/ Destroy all churches in the Arabian Peninsula – Saudi Grand Mufti
he Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has said that all churches in the Arabian Peninsula must be destroyed. The statement prompted anger and dismay from Christians throughout the Middle East.
02h/ Man behind ‘Kony 2012’ arrested – for masturbating in public 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 19.  March 2012.
19.March 2011. 
Today is the sad aniversary - day when NATO bombers started their agression over Libya year ago. Rest in Peace to all the victims
Rest in Peace  all the Libyan children who were killed by NATO bombs, we will not forget you
24h/ Amnesty International NATO 'covers up' Libyan death shame [RT]
23h/ Report Libya 19. March 2012

21h/ BANI WALID  - The great man made river in Libya is damaged

20h/ BANI WALID  - Interuption of water supply to Tripoli because of explosion of waterpipes in Bani Walid [video]
19h/ BANI WALID  - Statement of Warfalla tribe about the explosion of the Man-Made River pipeline: 
It was not a technical fault, it was a sabotage, they are trying to displace the whole city, not caring about the children, or the ones which they already orphaned!
18h/ Photo-Explosion of the water pipeline [Man-Made River] in Bani Walid
17h/ Salute to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi- the real fighter against imperialism, the keeper of Libyan independency and sovereignety, the last man standing, the man who died as he preached, fighting in his hometown, standing by his own people, and dying along them, while trying to defend it from vultures of imperialist countries. How many of those western leaders who attacked him would do the same, Sarkozy, Obama, Cameron? Would they take up a gun and fight in their hometown? Maybe for a photo-shoot..
16h/ Salafists damaged Roman statues in Sabratha on friday morning.
It is reported by local residents that they destroyed  statues, then tried to get into the museum before being stopped by guards.
Earlier this month, several hundred Salafists arrived in Zliten from across the country intent on destroying the tomb of one of the most revered Libyan Sufis, Sidi Abdul-Salam Al-Asmar.  Confronted by furious local brigadesmen supported by others from Misrata, they withdrew after a group of leading figures from the town and nearby Khoms, M’salata and Misrata then intervened.
15h/ A year ago NATO started bombing Libya & killing civilians & children.
Today Feb17 traitors gave a name NATO to a shop in Tripoli! How long till they start naming their newborn children like that???? Sick twisted dumb stupid opportunists!! 
14h/ Dr.Hamza : Green resistance starting the operations of freeing Libya from occupiers
13h/ MUNICH, GERMANY - Grüne Revolution Deutschland:
The green committee Munich started an action of resistance against media propaganda in Munich yesterdayOn the 1. anniversary of the 17. March - day of the UN Resolution against the Libyan people they distributed some hundred flyers to the german people. Those flyers were telling about who is the real war criminal (NATO) and that NATO should be charged for warcrimes they commited in the war against Libyan people. Global resistance against anti-green propaganda is there and we will do anything to support the Green Resistance!
Long live the real freedom fighters of our beloved green Libya!

Das Grüne Komitee München starte gestern zum Jahrestag der UN Resolution die zur NATO-Invasion Libyens führte eine Flyeraktion, um das deutsche Volk über die NATO Verbrechen aufzuklären. Es wurden mehrere hundert Flugblätter verteilt, die auf die Verbrechen der NATO hinwiesen.
12h/ Video: Feb17 Libyans admitting they have been tricked and that martyr Muammar Gaddafi was right
11h/ [last night] TRIPOLI -  Mazran street blocked, clashes in some areas 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 18.  March 2012.
00h/ UPDATE of Report Libya for TODAY:  
24hThis tweet explain all Crime of Western Media Against Libya! Shameful!!/BBCNewshour… The Hoax #Justice goes on! #Saif #ICC #HRW
James Menendez @jamesmenendezAlso coming up shortly on @BBCNewshour, the Observer's Chris Stephen on Saif al Gaddafi's 'luxurious' new prison cell #libya

 PPL must See why Saif goes to Jail! ...
Not the "Vip"- Jail! -
It's shamefull the BBC parody! I'm tired of their Funny way!
The @BBCNewshour Funny way to repeat Lies about Libya & spread Reports about Gaddafi Houses KILLED many PPl In Libya.
@BBCNewshour That Jail should be for all Ghost killers of Libya-n ppl! Media #BBC Hidded all Rebels Cruelty! 
Why? So CRIMAL & Sick
They biuld that Jail just to go on in Parody! 
Wasn't Saif U demand it!
Libya_SOS: No suprise @BBC clowns know only to serve interests OF THEIR BOSSES .
Does anyone beleive in independent "journalism" ?
It's a Strategy of TERRORISTS Advisers!
@BBCNewshour in on it! Spreading 1 more step on their collaboration in Libya aniquilation! All is so Funny for them! So easy. [Dputamadre]
CoastalWind @Dputamadre @Libya_SOS @BBCNewshour meanwhile depraved Rebels rape pillage; murder; agitate; torture; false prison WITH NO PROSECUTION Libya
Oh! @BBCNewshour knows it! and much more! They have all the time watching and Hidding! REMEMBER it! #Libya #Saif

Tensions arise in the town of Alzentan which is positioned 160km east of Tripoli, after Wahhabi Al Qaeda destroyed shrines of their elders in the town and in the villages near by.
Salafi's and Wahhabi's and other groups from Derna have been active in provoking conflicts around differences in religious practices, after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. Alzentan residents are furious and afraid, and this might provoke another round of conflicts. And the real question arises, was this ordered by someone? We all know who controls the extremists..
22h/ #Gaddafi family is still in the house arrest in #Algeria ,although they have done no wrong to anyone
21h/ Today there were clashes on the green square in Tripoli between pro- and anti- federalism people as well
20h/ Ex-Feb17 fighters want to overthrow NTC government. Clashes all over Libya. 
Report Libya 18. March 2012.

19h/ Benghazi: there have been clashes between pro and anti federalism people in the last 3 days,lot of explosions and gun fire were heard
18h/ Summary of some of the events today:
-Zawiyah: the proliferation of suspicious Al Qaeda extremists, they burned the beauty salon for women, stressing "the need for schoolgirls to wear the veil"
-ambulances rushing and speeding towards the Tajoura coast
-Armed clashes in Abu Salim against Abu Salim Council
-Shooting near the hospital in Abu Salim
- An exchange of fire between several parties in Sirte with the NTC security committee
-Cutting off communications and text messages from areas that witnessed clashes
-Feb17 Friday Market fighters attacked the Mitiga air base with heavy weapons in protest because of the salaries
-Armed clashes in Sabha
-tensions in Benghazi
14h/ Video-People gathering in Abu Salim today just before the clashes started
13h/ SHOCKING VIDEO: the ammount of garbage in Tripoli. WHAT HAS BECOME OF LIBYA !!??
12h/  Head of Tripoli NTC lied about capture of Abdullah Senussi 
Once again, reports surfaced yesterday that the former Libyan spy chief Abdullah Senussi had been arrested in Mauritania.
This was despite that head of the Tripoli NTC Abdullah Naker had insisted that Senussi was already in the NTC's custody. In this video he can be heard clumsily trying to cover his back. 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 16./17.  March 2012.
24h/ The Green Lions of Libya One of the best video about Brave people of Libya , and one of the most hard. SALUTE HEROES! There are heroes REAL NAMES, REAL PERSONS and REAL LIBYANS!
23h/ Today one more mass grave was found with 40 bodies (recently burried) in Libya
23h/ Syrian opposition calls for Libyan scenario [?!?]
The Syrian opposition is only ready to resolve the crisis currently gripping the country via a repeat of the Libyan scenario, the Secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil Al-Arabi, announced on Saturday. “The Syrian opposition believes that the way out [?] of this crisis is only possible through the “Libyan scenario,” and negotiation attempts with the president Bashar Assad will lead to nothing,” Al-Arabi was quoted as saying by one Egyptian newspaper.
22h/ Resistance sources deny that Sanussi was arrested. We will see what is the real truth in the coming days
21h/BENGHAZI  -  Anti-federalism protests, vandalism and chaos [16. March 2012.] [videos]
Demonstrators flooded the streets of Tripoli and Benghazi to protest against federalism.
The supporters and opponents of federalism threw stones at each other and exchanged gunfire.
20h/ BENGHAZI -  NATO Mercenaries massacre peaceful protesters in #Benghazi

19h/ BENGHAZI: the shooting between the Barqa supporters, NTC thugs & militias yesterday have scared top families in Benghazi: they're leaving.
18h/ #BENGHAZI, Libya— The treasure was kept mostly in two wooden chests, and locked away in a bank vault: thousands of coins, jewelry and figurines, some around 2,600 years old. For decades it sat in the bank, unattended despite the historical and monetary value. Then, as a popular uprising erupted around the downtown bank last winter, someone entered the vault and made off with the trove.
Now, as Interpol searches for the collection on the illegal antiquities markets, questions are still being raised about the nature of the theft. However, One Greek coin advertised on eBay that supposedly dates to 300 BC from Cyrene, is on sale for $3,500
17h/ MISRATA - #Libya #chaos Two banks robbed in Misrata
17h/ QATAR  - There was a royal decree that the Libya Channel which is based in Qatar will be merged into the Qatari National Radio & Television Broadcasting controlled by the Government.
There were disputes between the Board of the channel headed by Mahmoud Shamam and Qatari officials, Qatari officials refused letting the channel return and base itself in Tripoli .... and for the second time in the channels recent history a number of employees are petitioning and threatening with group resignations.
Pay packets are at 3-4000 per month of employees in Qatar without benefits and channel will be controlled by the Qatari Government now even tough the it was pre-agreed that once Libya was """free""" the channel would return .
16h/ LIBYA  -  Libya as it is today, after the "NATO-led revoulution "  treatment... [libyafreepress]

Breaking NEWS
MAURITANIA - NATO puppets aka NTC have confirmed the arrest in Mauritania of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's intelligence chief.[The ICC has not yet commented on the arrest.]
Mauritanian security officials said Abdullah al-Senussi was detained at Nouakchott airport
Abdulah Al Senussi 
15h/ BENGHAZI  - Clashes over federalism break out in eastern Libya
Hundreds of people held a demonstration after Friday prayers in support of a federal system of governance and a plan to divide the country into three self-governing regions.The supporters and opponents of federalism threw stones at each other and exchanged gunfire.   -
14h/ FRANCE - French man crying because of atrocities his country comitted against Libya and Colonel Gaddafi
13h/ EGYPT -   Egypt considers extradition of Gaddafi loyalists
Egyptian Foreign Ministry officials have said they were “seriously considering” a request from Libya to hand over former officials from the ousted regime of Muammar Gaddafi. Egypt's chief prosecutor ordered barring the requested individuals from leaving the country and placing others already outside Egypt on inbound watch lists, the ministry spokesman Amr Rushdi said. The request had been officially made by Libya's chief prosecutor.
12h/ CHINA -  Libyan Model Is A Dangerous Precedent
By intervening in the Libyan war, the Western countries were determined to topple the Gadhafi regime, rather than fighting for democracy and humanity as they claimed. The war is a tragic example of the West’s neo-interventionism.
In the first decade of the 21st century Western countries hastily invaded Iraq under the guise of “democratic reform” and ultimately left the Iraqi people with untold sufferings. In the second decade Western countries have created the “myth” of humanitarian intervention and taken advantage of the “Arab Spring” to engineer regime change in Libya, which has sowed the seeds of hatred.

 In recent years, several Western powers have not hidden their desire to intervene militarily in Africa to further their own ends.
The US is keen to establish a military base, the Africa Command (AFRICOM).
In 2011, the US sent special forces to “assist” Uganda rebel Lord’s Resistance Army rebels in Uganda and used AFRICOM to launch the war on Libya.
10h/ 16,000 NATO Troops In Arctic Practice Libyan, Afghan War-Type Scenarios

Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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