May 8, 2012


How can Libya hold elections with ongoing armed clashes when even government buildings are not safe from militias? 

On Tuesday, May 08, massive numbers of the so-called revolutionaries attacked NTC government building in Tripoli and Prime Minister Keeb who was inside and killed people. There are even talks about moving headquarters of the NTC government in the other city because of instability and clashes in Tripoli. Here is the photo from Tripoli today:

Armed clashes among different factions have been ongoing for a month now in Tripoli, mostly in Souk Al Juma and Tajoura. People are getting killed, even children. One child was found shot with a bullet in his head. 

How can elections be held in a country when there is no democracy? 
Who do they think will vote, when only 500.000 people registered to vote up until now, and deadlines for registration have been postponed countless times.

What is Saif Al Islam Gaddafi guilty of?

And NTC killers whose faces are clearly seen on the videos of massacres are forgiven, even BY LAW! 
Jalil, you are forgiving NTC killers, and yet you are prosecuting pro-Gaddafi people even for the words they have said on the streets!! 
What kind of democracy is that? 
How do you think to impose peace in Libya by provoking such an injustice?
 NTC's deeds will never bring peace to Libya! 

Yes most of the people will live crippled by fear, but there will always be the ones who will take up the arms and fight, who will revenge, who won't stand that injustice! 
You are making big mistakes, your whole existence is a mistake, Jalil! And your quazi-elections are a joke!

Abdel Jalil was born in 1952. He served as justice minister under Muammar Gaddafi, but resigned early last year and betray Libya.

Why don't NATO servants in Libya release Dr.Dorda who is illegally held in prison?! 
Why don't they allow him to run in elections? 
He is currently the only man respected by all the tribes, both green and rebel tribes, and the only one who could unite Libya! Why are they afraid of him? 
Why are they afraid of united Libya??
Where is their moral and social responsibility? 
Where is justice and democracy they talked about?
Where is our freedom to chose?

Abuzed Omar Dorda
NTC/NATO newspapers and TVs are showing us that we live in a peaceful country, that our problems are not worse than Swiss problems, they lie to us every day while people are dying on the streets, everyone is laughing at their press, even rebels, as if people can not go out on the streets and see what is going on, as if we can't hear the shooting from our windows.

Why is NATO/NTC afraid of PEACE option? 
How do they think to implement all those Jamahirya supporters in the new system?

Prosecuting them, putting them in jails, killing them on site, passing laws which criminalize support for Gaddafi's regime will not bring peace to Libya.

Forming fake-opposition parties will not solve the problem either, people are not so blind, although some will certainly fall for this colonizers trap "whoever you vote for, you give our vote to us". 

City of Sirte has already decided to boycot the elections, city of Murzuq closed its registration office for elections today, and people showed their stance with civil disobedience. In Tripoli, NTC government building was shot at. No one trusts in this story with NATO elections. 

NATO puppets and NTC obviously see "Divide and Conquer" as an only option in this situation. 

Coming elections with a lot of newly formed fake-opposition parties (minus Pro-Jamahirya people) is one way of doing this. 
Forced fraud elections, in which no one believes will come and go, new "voted by fraud" NATO government will not be trusted and fights will continue nevertheless, unless they let out Dr.Dorda, the only man respected by all sides, who still has the chance to unite Libya and stop the bloodshed.
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