May 18, 2012

“Playground War – Libya” – Documentary

Comment on Documentary “Playground War – Libya”
The newly released documentary by Journeyman TV, Playground War – Libya, is an extremely important and heartbreaking insight into the realities of NATO’s war on Libya.
Shot in Sirte, the city that was obliterated during the last weeks of NATO’s bombing campaign, the interviewees who participated very bravely give an extremely honest account of the suffering being endured first and foremost by the primary victims of this aggression, Libya’s children.
It shows that the result of this war, like every war and intervention the west has been involved in, has been the division of people who previous to that intervention lived side by side as brothers and sisters, in peace and unity. In Syria, if western support for the insurgency continues, Libya and history shows that the result will be the same.
As a reporter that witnessed Libya transform from a prosperous, well developed country, that provided a good quality of life for its citizens – a fact that the children in this documentary allude to when they repeatedly remark that they wish life would return to how it was before the war – to a country destroyed beyond comprehension, to now being in Nicaragua, which went through a similar experience, the comments from one of the featured families that supported the western backed insurgency against the Jamahiriyah lead by Muammar Gaddafi, were particularly interesting. 
They remarked how the revolution that they had supported had delivered them no benefits, and that they too were suffering gravely from the war. 

In Nicaragua, many of the ordinary working class people that fought with the US backed “Contras”, against the FSLN government in the 1980s are now supporting and working with the FSLN government that was reelected in 2007. 

The reason for this is primarily that after having lived under 16 years of US backed neoliberal government during the 1990s and early 2000s, and like this Libyan family, far from receiving any benefits instead they suffered greatly, they have experienced first hand betrayal by the forces they once supported
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