May 1, 2012

Libyan Resistance News 01.05.2012

News : Resistance in Gmal and Rigdaleen were able to enter Zwara and the clashes are going on until now next to Zwara university and the resistance have controlled the area around the gas factory

International Workers Day: Muammar Qaddafi on Democracy in Industry:
"We celebrate today the first of May, the international workers day; but the real workers' day is the one on which all workers of the world are liberated from slavery and when they become partners instead of wage workers...

This should be the Workers International Day of Liberation throughout the world which deserves the true celebration.

What meaning does this celebration of world workers have so long as in every part of the world they are succumbed under servitude of the pay which controls their living and their freedom? Is there any freedom for the person who lives enslaved by another? Is there any meaning for the life of a person when all his material and necessary needs, his daily or monthly income and his children's living are all possessed by another person?

One's freedom is not complete until he is totally emancipated from all forms of pressure and oppression from whatever source they are practised. That is to say when one is in complete control of all his needs, because he can never be free if any of his needs is possessed by others.

The genuine revolution eliminates all forms of exploitation on which the exploiting society is based including the Libyan society up to this moment. The bases of exploitation which deny the Libyan his freedom should be all destroyed.

Brothers, the revolution is not a military coup, nor the taking of seats from one group to hand them to another; but the revolution exposes the bases of oppression in society and destroys them. It attacks the fortresses of exploitation and is capable of destroying them. This is the revolution." Read the rest here
or watch this video:

-Sarkozy threatens action against investigative website!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says he will press for a law against investigative website Mediapart. The site reported on the funding of Sarkozy’s 2007 election campaign by the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The President calls the report "a dirty trick aimed at his re-election campaign". IF A FREAKING PRESIDENT (!) OF ONE COUNTRY IS SUING A ... WEBSITE (!), WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU??

- Sukant Chandan on PressTV: West’s existence, dependent on war against Global South. 
"...I mean look at Libya, what has Libya turned into? And what was Libya all about, I would argue, from the first weeks of pro-NATO rebellion it has turned into a launch pad for further regime change from imperialism 

You have the audaciousness of imperialism and their allies in Syria organizing 150-ton-load of weapons of a boat that was loaded in Benghazi in Libya, then went to Tripoli in Lebanon and luckily and thankfully the Lebanese army foiled that attempt to in arming the opposition.

So this is what we are faced with, and Ghaddafi said himself in the last summer that the resistance in Libya against NATO is defending Syria and Iran as well. 

So really the whole third world, the whole Global South has to stop this war machine in Syria but the point of what imperialism is trying to do in Syria is, obviously their ideal situation is regime change in Syria.

But inside of an attack on Iran, destabilizing Syria, softening it up is enough for them for their war preparations against Iran.

So this is the great danger. So where some people are perhaps thinking well, now Russia and China are supporting Syrian independence we have some breathing space.

This breathing space really has to be a moment where we up our vigilance, up our militancy and preparedness against the plans of empire in the region."

Tense situation in Tripoli/ Source

There were armed clashes in three areas of Tripoli on Tuesday evening, in Suq Al-Jouma, Hadba Al-Khadra and downtown, at the intersection of 24 December Street and Shara Ennasser. The city’s main highway was closed as a result of the clashes.

Speaking later about the incident in 24 December Street, outside the Interior Ministry, Al-Fituri Agribil, head of the city’s Supreme Security Committee, said that a group of militiamen, whom he described as “lawbreakers”, had been indiscriminately firing at residential buildings in the street as well as targeting the ministry building. The situation was now calm, he said. Two people had been arrested.

In Suq Al-Jouma, he said that forces from a brigade had attacked a building belonging to the Foreign Ministry. A number had been arrested but others escaped.

- 03h - Tripoli- all night distruptions and shootings. Dead and wounded reported in the clashes.

- Whistleblower Mediapart sued by Sarkozy & attacked by his campaigners.

- Former Libyan oil minister Shukri Ghanem died by drowning, according to preliminary post-mortem results in Austria... Who would believe that...

-Libya challenges ICC right to try Gaddafi’s son
"The International Criminal Court in The Hague said Libya has formally challenged the ICC’s right to try Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam. Libya continues to claim Saif al-Islam should be tried on his native soil. The conflict between the country and the ICC boils down to the question of whether or not Libya is capable of conducting a fair trial."[RT TV]

[30.04.2012] Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) has decided to keep the interim government in power until the June elections. [RT TV]
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