May 19, 2012

SHOCKING: interview with a man who has been tortured for months in Misurata’s jails

This is a Pal-Talk conversation in which a Green ex prisoner in the Barbarian jails of Misurata gangs is revealing of what happened to him and to some of his colleagues, so in this conversation there are three main people: 
First is the Person who hosts and presents the Ex Prisoner his Nickname is (Maadani) the Ex Prisoner plus the intervention from Dr. Hamza Al Tuhami.

Maddani I will let you hear this man who has just got out from the prison of Misurata after they cut off his right leg and left hand. Each of his friends, family and loved ones have paid 120,000 Dinars as a ransom so as to get him out of Misurata prison and now he is going to tell you his full story come on our hero the time is yours now to speak.

The ex-prisoner: 
BISMI ALLAH (in the name of ALLAH) and Salam Alaykoum. I am going to tell you my story in brief if you do not mind but first of all I want to say that concerning my colleagues in that jail I mean those who were militants in that HORRIFIC jail they made me promise that I would tell everything what’s happening there and for me, 

I could not believe that I would get out from that hell without the help of ALLAH first and then from my beloved ones which they also insisted on me to speak up in what is really happening inside those jails and I accepted to appear even on a TV channel to tell these facts. 

I swear that they are indescribable things, they are beyond human fiction, things that one can not believe or imagine there are some brutal violations, raping and here I mean raping guys and I can tell you even their names, there was one called ALI EL ATTI this man you can ask anyone about him in MISURATA because he was captured there and 

I swear by ALLAH SUBHANAH that they COOKED him in a big COOKER and there were two other officers their names are EL ZUBAIDY and EL GHASHIKA were HANGED NUDE FROM THEIR HANDS without any clothes on them and I can not tell you what they did to them (IMMORAL THINGS) and ask about them all this in addition to rape torture and cutting hands and legs and there was a man I can not say his name he belonged to El Gadadfa tribe and lived in Misurata. 

He had a PRIVATE problem with a local family BEFORE the events took place just ask people there about him because anyone there knows about him after he was jailed members of that MISURATI FAMILY PAID the MILITIA and TOOK him to THEIR house as if they TOOK a GOAT and they SLAUGHTERED him and CUT him to pieces so look what they did to that guy who had a Shahma because anyone who knows that family they also knows their argument with this poor guy and I know very well his brothers but I do not want to mention their names so they can not get hurt because they were my jail mates.

Concerning what happened to us, I think I should congratulate the free soldiers who martyred in the battlefields and I wished if I had died 10 thousands times than passing one moment in that jail.The things that they do in the MISURAT JAIL they don’t do even in Israel. Somethings that I will tell you only few of them and as for the names they are so many so I can not remember all of them because I want to give each one’s name and what they did to him.

For me I was injured about three days or four before they captured me and during the fighting while I got injured, me and another colleague whose name is ALI EL MAARRAF whom I think he was martyred and the HERO HAMZA. So our group did not let us down, we told them to leave us because we will slow them down, at least they will live but they refused and took us with them in their pick up car because there were no medics and the only clinic that was in the district was number 2 which was destroyed. 

After we got defeated and captured I didn’t know anything about my injured colleague and they told me that he was martyred and then when they took me to Misurata I thought they did that because of my injury and they would have sympathy towards me. It is true that during the events we heard of some crimes about slaughtering and killing however I swear by the GREAT ALLAH that what I saw there its more than WHAT you are hearing and more than what its happening so when I got there and started telling these things to people some of them could not believe me and they told me that I’m exaggerating! A simple example is that guy from Tawerga his name is ALI EL ATTI 

I swear by ALLAH SUBHANAH that they COOKED him in a big COOKER and if you do not believe me ask the people of Tawerga about that name and they will tell you his story and the guys there were recommending me to tell you about the RAPING that there doing to us. 

YES guys they are raping us and I do not want to tell you the names of the Heroes so not to get them embarrassed and those thugs they were treating us like cattle any moment someone comes and chooses any prisoner maybe randomly and takes him to an unknown place and after that moment we wouldn’t hear any news about him and I remember that there is a summer resort called Jannat (means Heaven) because any prisoner who was taken there was considered doomed. 

As soon as they knew that a Human Rights committee or any other International Org is to visit their jails, they would come and collect those handicapped prisoners like me and put to another area and force the others to wear a new sportive pajamas and give them new blankets so that everything could appear like a five star hotel prison to those committee or org. They were threatening us to tell the truth so we felt that we were not anymore men in fact what really was getting on my nerves is that bunch of thugs who were torturing us are not real men but what were we going to do? 

We were not afraid but we really HUMILIATED by these thugs we were not afraid of them but they exhausted us and for me they did something that made me think that I would never leave but SUBHAN ALLAH life are in the hands of ALLAH SUBHANAH because my colleagues who were not handicapped were martyred whereas and thanks to ALLAH SUBHANAH I remained alive but only in name.

Maadani: Yes of course some of his body parts do not exist his right leg and left arm.

The ex-Prisoner: Yes concerning our convoy after they capture us they started executing us and thanks to ALLAH once again I could not believe how I survived, things were like the coin toss and I remember a brave guy whom they shot, his name was HISHAM SAAIBA from SIRTE exactly in the district number 2 and he belonged in the Warfalla tribes may ALLAH Subhanah bless his soul.

 Another one whose story was so strange, which made me so overwhelmed. Its true that every Mujahid has a sympathetic story but this man has a special and emotional story, his name is MUNIR and he is from Zlitan, ask about him anyone who fought in the district number 2. 

All members of his family were killed in Zlitan, after that he came to Sirte and started fighting with us in the district number 2 after telling us his sad story swearing to be faithful to his family, he remained fighting with a brave heart until he got caught and executed by these filthy thugs may ALLAH bless his soul his name is Munir from Zlitan but I do not remember the rest of his name so I address to the people of Zlitan to refresh their memory if they know him he came to us after Zlitan had fallen.

Besides anyone no matter who he is: a drug addict, an alcoholic, a rapist, a thieve, a criminal, whatever his crime is after PAYING A BIG CHUNK OF MONEY HE WILL BE SET FREE!!!!

Maadani: How much did you pay our Hero?

The ex-Prisoner: In fact some people from Sirte put up the money may ALLAH Subhanah protect them they are you guys who paid 120 thousand Dinars and set me free. Truly speaking I could not believe it when they told me that I would leave because my Friends paid for me! 
As what I have seen there, what these thugs do they are not humans at all and as for the guys who paid for me May ALLAH Subhanah bless them all as I do not think even my family could pay such a big amount for my freedom and INSHALLAH I will return the favor.

Ok I do not want to take so much of your time, INSHALLAH another time I will tell you more details.

Maadani: Sorrry guys but our Hero has got tired because of his critical situation, he can not sit and speak, I see him struggling onlly to sit as any other ordinary man and this is because he has lost some body parts may ALLAH be with him.

Dr. Hamza: Listen to me Maadani Listen I am Dr. Hamza

Maadani: Welcome Dr. Hamza

Dr. Hamza: You have to record this man’s speech and anyone who knows English must translate this speech and then publish it in English version for all human rights organizations websites and to the world press so all can see what happened to him because this man is an eyewitness, 

now let him get some rest and after that bring him to that pal-talk room to speak in private with a person who knows English and after the translation publish it in all human rights org websites and in the Green forums of Zangetna and in our pages of twitter and Facebook etc…. 

I know that some guys are now recording the man’s testimony but I want you Maadani to take him to rest now and after that bring him to speak in details so that others can record every word he says and some of our free people can translate these words to each foreign language like English and French and then your sister Watanna will take it over for the rest of the work so enter with her into the private chat and give her all names and facts and addresses so she can do her job because of her relationships with some of the organizations ok?

The ex-Prisoner: Yes that’s it. I a private chat because if I gave some names no one knows what will happen to their people if they would see them again or not. I am really worried about them.

Dr. Hamza: So go to your sister through the private chat and tell her everything.

The ex-Prisoner: Ok I will give her all the names because I am afraid if someone is listening now to us and knows the names, then they will be in danger. 

So I don’t want to be the cause of their doom, besides I want to remind you the story from Sirte, I do want to bring the rest of the events of Sirte on the day before they occupied Ibn Sina hospital and then the radio station in which we were fighting, while we were there some of the heroes got to the Mathaba district because it was destroyed and empty of people they found a free girl who was struggling there SHE was a GREAT HEROINE. 

I think she belongs to AL GUHUS (the best of EL GADADFA Tribes) but I am not sure. Our heroes brought her to us they told us that they found her alone with her weapon in the Mathaba they told her to take her to her family but she refused insisting to sit and fight with us. 

I swear by Allah Subhanah that she was fighting with us with a very brave heart, we then went to the Radio station and we remained in that building, we were afraid from getting surrounded with her, the man who brought her to us told me that he was afraid something wrong would happen to her because he felt that she was a big responsibility for him (this is the Libyan respectful way for women). So we told her to stay in the back of us exactly near to the exit in case we got surrounded.

Maadani: Is she from El Guhus??

The ex-Prisoner: I think so, she stayed, we left the radio station trying to disturb the enemies attention. 
Later on we found another group of us that was far so we could not connect with them because of the fire shooting intensity, somehow we manged to go to them and ask them about that girl to ensure about her safety. 

They told us that a bomb shell had fallen on her place and since Ibn Sina Hospital was destroyed there remained only the complex of health to which we hurried but we did not find her until we got to a field clinic in which we found her wounded and a nurse and her brother were attending to her. 

A man came and told us that she is her relative and she is in under his control now, since then we have not heard anything about her. The Hero who brought her was one of my prison mates and he was the one who recommended me about her, in fact there are some brave families who remained in some struggling districts in Sirte and did not leave at all. I appreciate their courage.

Maadani: Could you please tell us the story of that poor HERO called MUAMMAR who was caught in Misurata.

The ex-Prisoner: Yes, this is the man I did not want to mention his name but….. anyway there is a person called Muammar whose jailed in Al Wahda (the Union) high school because OF HIS NAME, THEY CUT OFF SOME OF HIS ORGANS that I could mention (maybe his penis)

Maadani: They cut his tongue too??

The ex-Prisoner: So may ALLAH look after him and give him salvation, he is actually a prisoner in Al Wahda high school and since his name is MUAMMER he is getting the extra special Best Treatment(Misurata RACIST BRIGADE) can offer. 
With all my respect and dignity to you the man can not go to the bathroom by himself, only his healthy mates who carry him to and from his name is Muammer, I pray to ALLAH Subhanah to look after him, also in prison with him is his brother.

Finally I do not want to speak longer, I want you to bear in your mind before the Resistance or any other thing the problems and the sufferings of our heroes in these monstrous jails and because there are some things that are beyond anyone’s imagination as Dr. Hamza said I will give the details and names through private chatting INSHALLAH.

Maadani: Tell them the poem that you composed yesterday.

The ex-Prisoner: Yes there are some words which crossed my mind during my jail, because I am one of the leader’s beloved and I congratulate anyone who stood with him before after and during these events especially General Abu Baker Yuness Jaber, 
who was in Al Jufra and after it had fallen he could have escaped from there but he preferred to come to Sirte beside the leader which made some people to ask him with a stunned mind why he came to Sirte while he could have run away through the south to another country. 

Ok I am going to recite my poem which I composed arbitrarily with my friends in jail with some other poems which i wrote them down in my agenda with some information’s that I will show them to you very soon and he started reciting his poem.

Anyway the poem speaks about Sirte. Sirte has written its glory with golden words, the leader stood and his son stood fighting without giving their backs to the enemy till they got martyred. 
A prayer to ALLAH to send them to his heaven a great salute to the Heroes who fought till the end and did not betray like Ashkal (the general who paved the way for NATO and its thugs to invade Tripoli)

Source: Libyan Free Press
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