May 6, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 23. March - 01. April 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 01.  April 2012. 
It's aaaaaaaaaaaaaal about money...NTC traitors decided to give to each bandit and mercenary that fought against Qaddafi the amount of 4.000 dinar (to each man) and 2,000 Dinar to women.....well, good news, this is the award for each bandit. Just think if the "award" is 4,000 and 2,000 dinars to each bandit, what the NTC member took and stole from libyan's money. Well done, criminals. Prepare your self to welcome the International Monetary Found! So, if you betray your country, your religion, your brothers and sisters you will get at least 2,000 dinars. Even your betrayal is sooooooooo cheap and dirty. Get your dirty-bloody-Money mercenaries and have sweet dreams that you have killed children.
From 01.04. 2012. to 01.05.2012. the Libyan Resistance News shall
 be published in daily posts on the HOME page
21h/ 25 Zuarans kidnapped by Green Resistance from Al-Jamil
Zuara has been on high alert since Saturday night when Green forces from the neighbouring town of Al-Jamil  captured 25 Zuara men [traitors and mercenaries] on their way to Zuara from Nalut.
20h/ 150 dead in Libyan tribal clashes reveal vacuum in authority
Although Libya’s National Transitional Council nominally controls all of the country, in practice it has struggled to integrate the disparate tribal militias who fought Gaddafi into a single national force. As a result, large parts of Libya have disintegrated into separate fiefdoms.
The clashes in the oasis region some 650 kilometers south of Tripoli show the fragile authority of the Libyan government, particularly in the isolated settlements that dot the southern desert. With only a nascent national army and police force, Libya's ruling National Transitional Council relies on militias comprised of former rebels to keep the peace. However, the country's vast distances make it difficult to deploy them to trouble spots.
The Council has already been accused of passivity, but no-one knows for sure if it actually has the manpower to resolve a conflict in a city that far away from the capital.
The Sabha conflict is not the first major outbreak of violence. Clashes in Al Kufra, also involving the Tubu, killed more than a hundred people last month.
19h/ SALEM -Anti-Gaddafi Benghazi Rebels Repay West by Trashing WWII Graves
 It quickly became obvious to those paying attention, that many of these well funded attackers of the Libyan government, are radical Islamists 
So they now are repaying their debt to the west, backer of Libyan rebels in Benghazi, by toppling British soldier's gravestones at the Benghazi Cemetery, isn't that an unusual way to say thanks to your sponsors? Those identified in these photos are described as Salafists, and if you think moderate fundamentalists are bad, you haven't done your homework. The soldiers who died in WWII and are getting their graves trashed, did absolutely nothing to these vandals in Libya. While the new 'government' apologized, they can't deny that under Gaddafi, this never happened, it was never allowed to happen.
 it's a new day in Libya.
18h/  ZAWIYAH, Libya, Mar 31, 2012 (IPS) -This is the million dollar question right now, because the MOD and MOI are sort of fighting over this issue," says a U.S. embassy official in an interview with IPS. "Sometimes it looks like they’ve reached a resolution, and sometimes they haven’t."

The U.S. Army Command (AFRICOM) has an increasing presence across the region. "We’re looking for ways in which we can be helpful," says AFRICOM commander Gen. Carter Ham.
"I think the Libyans and U.S. would like to see improvements in Libya’s border security infrastructure, and there is a real need to develop some sort of border security force to provide the training and the equipment.

"Libya in general is part of AFRICOM’s sphere, and I think the Libyan government really welcomes the idea of a robust military to military relationship with the U.S.," the official adds. "They appreciate the value added having a strong relationship with the U.S., so we are just in the very initial phases now of figuring out what that means."
17h/ Ballymena healthcare firm strengthens position in Libya
The Ballymena-based specialist in self-diagnostic tests, which has taken part in a series of Invest Northern Ireland missions to markets in Africa and the Gulf states particularly Saudi Arabia, gained its first contract in Libya in 2011 for its SureSign range of diagnostic kits, now on sale in over 40 countries worldwide.
16h/ Last night there was a security alert in Kufra after a shootout in a street market. #Libya
15h/ Garbage crisis in #Libya reported by Al Jazeera..

14h/ Typical young ignorant foolish servant of #imperialism .. Disgusting.. O god why young people are so easily manipulated?? So easy to spin the values in their heads.. They think they know everything the best.
They do not have respect for ones age and experience anymore. They will be sorry one day when they realize they were the manipulated wheels behind this bloodshed, and then it will be too late to reverse the history, and bring back all the children which were killed by Nato bombs. SAD.

13h/ Just so u know,most of the western propaganda used to start the "revolution" was targeting the youth of Libya, and tried to engineer their opinion and spark a "Che Gevara rebellion spirit" among kids, which was not so difficult to do, cause teenagers are easiest target for that and most likely to catch the bait (our friends from Serbia say it was the same situation there in 2000).
And the most manipulated ones were the Libyan students studying abroad, which is really strange and should be analysed in the future.
 The thing is that Libyan students abroad lived much more luxurious then any other students in the west, everything was payed for them by the Libyan state, which other countries don’t do for their students who wish to study abroad. This is a very interesting topic. Elders didnt fall for the tricks of the western propaganda, but were later inevitably involved in the clashes started by the western mercenaries.
12h/ Chicago bans anti-war march during NATO Summit - #US #NATO #Democracy
“It defies logic,” Thayer remarked. “Ultimately the city is … pursuing a political agenda of denying meaningful First Amendment expression of anti-war views.”
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 31.  March 2012. 
Muammar Al Gaddafi great Leader of Libyans

24h/ A tour through Hijara-district (#Sabha), devastated by NTC's air raids

#TRIPOLI - NTC gives up all checkpoints. Snipers are deployed on the roofsto keep the people in check.
#SABHA - Militias blow up a powerhouse in the South #Sabha to provoke an outage in #Marzak, # Traghen and #Weden, bcz all liberated now.
#BENGHAZI - and #Misrata-Militias sent a big counter attack force to #Sabha,composed of 500 pickups +Saïka Special Forces
Many #Saïka forces are already hit by Tobou-snipers. #Misrata-n reinforcements suffer heavy losses, being ambushed.
#RasAlJedir (Libyan-Tunisian border crossing checkpoint): Rebels flee #Libya country, horrified by the events in #Sabha. #AlgeriaISP [@SaintJust88]
23h/ #Benghazi special forces got demolished in #Sebha this morning

#Misurata brigade that went to #Sebha is completely done. nothing is left of them just dead bodies[@MuammarLGaddafi ]
22h/ BAKU  - The inscriptions on the wall of NTC traitors on Libyan Embassy in Baku: "Allah, Muammar, Libya, and only," "Free Libya - Libya is Green", "NATO - get out of Libya!"

It's aaaaaaaaaaaaaal about money...NTC traitors decided to give to each bandit and mercenary that fought against Qaddafi the amount of 4.000 dinar (to each man) and 2,000 Dinar to women.....well, good news, this is the award for each bandit. Just think if the "award" is 4,000 and 2,000 dinars to each bandit, what the NTC member took and stole from libyan's money. Well done, criminals. Prepare your self to welcome the International Monetary Found! So, if you betray your country, your religion, your brothers and sisters you will get at least 2,000 dinars. Even your betrayal is sooooooooo cheap and dirty. Get your dirty-bloody-Money mercenaries and have sweet dreams that you have killed children.
20h/ SIRTE - Female students in #Sirte walking towards #NTC headquarters yelling "Allah, Muammar, wa #Libya bass!"

19h/ AFRICA wa Bas! By: Larry Jones
GROW IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS! Clean your ethical mind of parochialism, and join with fellow black Africans of a Union of African States. So I very well know that many African leaders are corrupt. But that didn’t prevent that, Muammar Gaddafi, continue their plans for a United Africa.
Vision and determination are needed. Do it!
Allah, Muammar, Africa wa Bas!

18h/ Destruction of the Sabha district
17h/ Now its not even possible to find us on #Twitter if you write @Libya_SOS in Search tab. TOTAL CENSURE!
16h/ UBARI - Number of sheikhs from Alzentan,Mount Nefoussa and Azwaip arrived this morning to #Ubari in order to try to resolve the clashes that took place in Ubari. (To remind you,100 Zentan fighters were arrested by Tuareg tribe.)
15h/ Commander of Suleiman tribe Maihoub Abu Bakr was killed by Tobou forces (Journalist Ahmed Abdullah,a Special correspondent from Sabha confirmed the news)
14h/ Man working in Sabha hospital morgue said he just washed 67 bodies & is about to wash 5 more. 72 in total. #Libya

13h/ Lizzie Phelan is writing a contribution for a book edited by Cynthia McKinney about NATO's crimes in Libya.
My contribution will include an exclusive interview from someone who lived through every day of the crisis and whose life throughout the 8 month NATO bombing and since has been transformed.
The other contributions by people who were in Libya, including Mahdi Nazemroaya, will provide exclusive insight into the horrific realities of the west's campaign "to protect civilians". We must never allow such crimes to be committed ever again.
12h/ One Year After U.S., Britain, France Destroyed Libya: Still a Mess
Paradoxically, the Libyan war and its aftermath have had the unintended consequence of undermining the doctrine of “responsibility to protect” (R2P)that was originally used to justify the intervention. Many advocates of intervention believed Western involvement would strengthen the norm that sovereignty may be limited to protect a civilian population from large-scale loss of life. Instead, the Libyan intervention helped discredit that idea.
11h/ US obstructing investigation into Kandahar massacre?

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 30.  March 2012. 
00h/ SABHA - Warplanes of #NTC are flying over city bombing civilian population

24h/ SABHA - NTC-NATO mercenaries firing on the population of the city of Sabha - 30/3/2012

23h/ TOBRUK - captured NTC-mercenary admits rape and murder of an entire family - 30 Mar 2012 -->

22h/ On the Ashes of a Nation (the fragmentation of Libya)
Libya was a very safe country, I was never afraid of walking around alone, even at night, it was safe, not at all like neighbouring countries , not like in Egypt, or Tunisia, where a woman alone wouldn’t feel safe to go out at night, in Libya it was not at all like that. People respected one another, men respected women. It was a wonderful place to live, but now… look at it now… so much destruction, so much death, so much hate, so many killings! Look around you. Where are all those men coming from? They are not Libyans… they keep arriving from abroad… they do not love Libya, they come to rape the country…
21h/ GERMANY: Green Committee Munich Releases Balloons Supporting Libyan Jamahiriya
In a well-produced video shown below, a Green Committee in Munich, Germany, undertook a popular action supported by millions of Jamahiriya supporters in Germany. MATHABA
Grüne Ballons für Libyen - Soliaktion in München [28.03.2012.]

20h/ At Arab League summit NTC chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil calls for Qaddafi loyalists to be handed over.

“They will face fair trials for the crimes they have committed,” Jalil told the opening session of the Arab Summit in Baghdad on Thursday.
Who are you Sir?
Who chose you and why? In which election? Maybe NATO? 
Do you have betrayed homeland?
Do you selling state?
Have you called NATO to massacre Libyans and Libya?
Who are you to judge anyone?
Mustafa Abdul Jalil Libya NTC

19h/ Southern Libya militias reach new agreement to end fighting  Reuters [We will see] -
Tripolis girls from resistence said, to NATO  mercenaries "We take revenge for all our brave martyrs . We are proud Libyan women , we will not forget our victims . Every Libyan will be revenged, our kids , our brothers , fathers , sisters ... In the name of Allah, this is our Jihad . Our sandness get sword of revenge - you -rats , you are already finished . Allah Muammar wa Libya wa bass !!!

17h/ History and Destiny of Africa

16h/ DARNA - Al-Qaeda declare itself in Derna City in the east of Libya and they raise Al-Qaeda flag, many explosions in the city done by Al-Qaeda members .
15h/ Explosion in Darna

14h/ One Year On. Why we attacked Libya
13h/ UN Silence: NATO ’s Killing Of Civilians And The Future Of Nations
Are we looking at a future of military interventions by powerful nations(international gangsters) that falsely create the ground situations in these targeted countries and then officially obtain a mandate to militarily intervene?
12h/ Lessons of Libya for the anti-war movement
The following article is based on a speech I gave at Brunel University at the invitation of the Brunel Socialist and Progressive Society.
There is currently a very serious threat of war against Iran and Syria. Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe and elsewhere are also on the ‘hit list’. The key issue for the anti-war movement in the west is, obviously, what can we do to prevent wars of imperialist aggression taking place?

With that question in mind, we need to review the recent history of an African nation that goes by the name of Libya - until quite recently known as the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. A year later, I believe it is fair to say that the results of that war have been nothing short of tragic.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 29.  March 2012. 

23h/  DERNA - Explosion yesterday, Wednesday, at the Women’s Higher Vocational Centre in Derna.  Officials at the centre say that an unknown group threw a hand grenade into the courtyard.
There were no injuries.
Local people have protested at the attack.
A week ago, a car filled with ammunition and explosives, blew up in the town. It was said that a grenade had been thrown into the vehicle.
At the beginning of March, the head of the security committee in the town,  Mohammed Al-Hassi, was shot dead outside a petrol station in the town. He was also the head of "Derna’s anti-drugs unit" who try to catch  local drug smugglers through Egiptian border.
22h/  Civilian casualties in Sabha.
NATO's big thank - you destroyed this country like many before .
You are bringing chaos and death  wherever you look.
You're a demon

21h/  Migrants left to die after catalogue of failures, says report into boat tragedy [US/ European egoism and hipocricy]
Council of Europe investigator says deaths of migrants adrift in Mediterranean exposes double standards in valuing human life = "Many opportunities for saving the lives of the persons on board the boat were lost," it states, before going on to demand an overhaul of search-and-rescue procedures in the Mediterranean. Those who died "could have been rescued if all those involved had complied with their obligations", the report continues, adding that Nato and its individual member states should now hold their own inquiries into the incident and allow the full facts to come to light.

20h/ BENGHAZI - Massive demonstrations in Benghazi because of the unpayed salaries for "freedom fighting"
19h/ GREEN RESISTANCE - Message which is circulated to resistance fighters:
1. Do not violate sanctities
2. Do not enter homes of rats
3. Theft and vandalism of public property is prohibited
4. Provide the safety of the citizens, of our mothers, our sisters, our children and the elderly even if they were rats. Respect moral Islamic values which Muamar's generation has built.
5. Avoid unnecessary killings, we need less of a blood as possible, take into account that Libya has lost so much blood from the hearts of our mothers and sisters and our children and the elderly
Libya, 28-3-2011

18h/  SABHA -  People say that 40 vehicles with Misurata brigade arrived to Sabha
17h/  SABHA -  There are news that Misurata brigade arrived to fight against Tobou in Sabha. Renewed clashes now
16h/  Nato 'failed to aid' Libyan migrant boat - Council of Europe report
[NATO and European EGOISM and HIPOCRICY] ]
The nine-month inquiry concludes that there were many opportunities to rescue the migrants, who were hoping to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa:

-      After 18 hours at sea in a crowded boat with little fuel and water, a distress call was sent by satellite phone to an Eritrean priest living in Italy
-      This was passed to the Italian coastguard which used the satellite call to establish the boat's position
-      The information was passed onto other ships in the area
-      Nato had said the area was a military zone under its control, but failed to launch a rescue operation
-      Within a few hours the survivors say a military helicopter hovered over them and dropped food and water, and indicated that it would return - it never did
-      The boat made contact with two fishing vessels which refused to help
-      On around the tenth day when half of those on board were already dead, a large military boat allegedly came alongside, but despite obvious distress signals it also sailed away
15h/ Aircraft carrier left us to die, say migrants
Exclusive: Boat trying to reach Lampedusa was left to drift in Mediterranean for 16 days, despite alarm being raised
14h/ ITALY - Italy stealing money of Libyans by falsely proclaiming it as Gaddafi private assets.
Italy seizes $1.5 billion in Gadhafi family assets [IT IS PURE LIES - there is no Gaddafis "private" assets]
13h/ SABHA - URGENT Crime against humanity in Sabha #Libya : Military jets bombing Tobou forces in the city,without care for civilian casualties
12h/ SABHA -   inside the hospital

11h/  Yugoslavia: Destruction of a country for a LIE
Colonel spoke much about it.
Another sovereign country was attacked last year under false pretext, its infrastructure destroyed, former government replaced with a more plausible, transitional one, over 60,000 people killed, national cohesion forever disturbed and bases for a free market economy firmly put in place.

The only difference in the way the NATO action was imposed was that this time the war machine, well oiled by the PR agencies, false reports from human rights organizations and social networks, was authorized by the United Nations Security Council.

As I write this, there are still attempts to destabilize Syria, even though a large scale military action was avoided due to the Russia's and China's positions.

Israel and America are threatening to attack Iran because of its alleged intentions to build a nuclear weapon (the same restrictions obviously don't apply to Israel, America, France...) and I wonder why the public always falls for the same tricks?

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 28.  March 2012. 

  Gunfire everywere at the areas of Tripoli, Sebha, Mansoura. No peace, no safety, no Democracy. Anybody can kill anybody or, everybody. People are afraid to talk. The atmosphere smells awfull, and you can find at every corner a dead body. Everybody (even Children from 5 years old) is carrying guns, and they shoot eveyrwhere without a reason. 
Well, this hell is called "NEW - FREE LIBYA". 
Sorry for the delay to write news, but ...this is the situation, we have to protect our lives in order to continue the resistance and bring back to Libya freedom and Democracy. May Allah protect our Libya.
#Latest news from the Administrator#
23h/ People leave Sabha

22h/ RUSSIA  - Launching the green balloons in the sky for Great Jamahiriya. [28.03.2012]

21h/ TRIPOLI - Omar Mukhtar Street is  closed by militia until further. Earlier today  NTC  closed 1th Sept.  Street and Haiti street.

20h/ What Are They Fighting and Dying For

19h/ SABHA today

18h/ TOBOU -  Second Libyan Tribal Group Threatens Secession
Tabu leaders said that they would declare their own state to protect their people. The Tabu, along with other African tribes, were the original inhabitants of south Libya.
Eissa Abdul-Maged, a Tabu leader, said Wednesday that his tribe is subjected to "genocide," but the Libyan government in Tripoli hasn't intervened.

"We are being massacred right in front of the NTC's eyes," he said, adding that a village in Kufra, close to Libya's border with Chad, was "burned to the ground," and fighter jets pounded civilians. "This is a genocide," he charged.

Underlining the volatility of the situation, a leader of the Zawiya tribe, Mohammed al-Zawiya, said that his tribe would fight anyone who calls for dividing Libya into separate states.
17h/ SABHA - The whole family was killed except the father in yesterdaysbombing of South Sabha Libya by NTC-NATO planes
16h/  LIBYA CIVILIAN WAR - Libya’s ‘non state’ The lawlessness Libya has plunged into is the direct result of how the current government came into power, Oxford-based freelance journalist Neil Clark told RT.
The main problem is that Libya is awash with arms. And who is to blame for this? It’s the Western powers, who gave these arms to the rebels to topple Gaddafi. And now you have different tribal militias all heavily armed. You have got a very week divided government in Tripoli, which cannot control its territory. You have got a real recipe for anarchy at the moment,” he explained.
“The main Western news channels are not covering the story the way they are not covering Iraq. In the end of the story Gaddafi is gone, and they are really not interested in reporting what’s going on, which is a human rights catastrophe,” he added.
15h/ Palestinian doctor imprisoned in Libya awarded $1.33 million in compensation
A Dutch court has awarded $1.33 million in compensation to a Palestinian doctor who was tortured and jailed for eight years in Libya along with five Bulgarian nurses for purportedly infecting children with the AIDS virus.  Ashraf al-Hazouz and the nurses, who were pardoned and set free in 2007, have said their convictions were based on forced confessions. Al-Hazouz's Dutch lawyer said Tuesday that the Netherlands and European Union should now ensure Libyan authorities pay up promptly.
14h/ LIBYA - Rebel atrocities videos -some analysis and critical views
13h/ GERMANY Protest against NATO Security Conference Feb 04 2012

12h/ SIRTE   -  The oldest grandmother in Libya martyred by NATO is the hero of Sirte. She was born in 1886, lived in Bani Walid and settled mainly in Sirte. She witnessed everything that was happening in more than 100 years to Libya, and was patriotic till the end and died as a hero. Martyred grandmother Hussein Warfali a hero of the district Al Fawares No. 2 was martyred during the NATO bombing of the city of Sirte. God did not let her die of old age, he wanted her to be martyred as a hero. Salute!

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 27.  March 2012. [Clashes in SABHA]
03h/ Report Libya: Clashes in Sabha, real time updates [27.03.2012.]

REUTERS Editor’s choice MAR 27, 2012 07:00 EDT
Our best photos from the last 24 hours. 24 PHOTOS
I make screenshot .. can't believe to my eyes - PEOPLE CAN DIE and vultures MAKE PHOTOS???

1 of 24 | A Tibetan exile runs after setting himself on fire during a protest against the upcoming visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to India in New Delhi March 26, 2012. Hu is scheduled to attend the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit in India on March 29. REUTERS/Stringer
COMMENTS (1) MAR 27, 2012
What happened to the guy on fire? Did he somehow put himself out, or is he now dead?

23h/ Video form hospital in SABHA

23h/ Sabha-violent and indiscriminate aerial bombardments on several areas in the city now.
Please free brothers in the city of Sabha try to document the bombing if its possible
22h/ Photo-Convoy of armed gangs aka ex-rebels heading to Sabha

21h/ Sabha-violent and indiscriminate aerial bombardments on several areas in the city now.
21h/ The first plane from Sabha with injured people arrived to Tripoli airport shortly before carrying 20 seriously injured and 17 moderately injured.
The first plane from Sabha with injured people arrived to Tripoli airport shortly before carrying 20 seriously injured and 17 moderately injured.
21h/ Photo- victim from the bombing of Sabha just now. Planes are bombing districts where Tobou are located. There is no hospital for wounded and dead Tobou members.
Photo-Tobou victim from the bombing of Sabha just now. Planes are bombing districts where Tobou are located. There is no hospital for wounded and dead Tobou members.

20h/ There are some reports that clashes between Tobou and Suleiman tribes are happening in Murzuq as well, and that Tobou surrounded them.

BBC-Escalating military clashes on the border areas between Sudan and South Sudan

19h/ Rebels in front of the NATO military council 27-3-2012
Rebels in front of the NATO military council 27-3-2012 Libya news

19h/ TRIPOLI  — When war started hundreds of prisoner escaped from prisons. They are now free criminals and all of them are armed.
 Hundred  of AlQaeda and another  terroristic organisations  joined the rebel frontlines. Several climbed the ranks to become commanders. Many were killed in battle. Others simply fled with weapon, their whereabouts unknown.
 With the proliferation of small arms on Libya’s streets today, the presence of escaped prisoners is a destabilizing force.
 Although these criminals pose one of the biggest threats in the city, old records were destroyed when the Misrata courthouse was bombed by NATO , so they cannot simply re-arrest former inmates, no matter how serious the offense.
They are now free criminals and all of them are armed.

18h/ SABHA - We receive many conflicting reports about Sabha, we will publish all the versions, and hopefully find out the truth in the end.. one more version: "Hi, regarding Sebha. We spoke to people we know and the Tobou  tribe that has taken the airport has many green hearts. 
They were going to hold some people, but when they found out they were from the Gaddaffa and Magrahe tribes they were released. We hear 70 people have been injured. Not everyone in Sebha is fighting them. Please be careful about what is being posted. It is really difficult to know what information to trust so I understand."
16h/ TRIPOLI  -no comment..

15h/ SABHA hospital still receives the wounded

14h/ SABHA -  The names of the dead in Sabha 
1 - Abubakar Yusuf Ahmed
2 - Ahmed Ali Boucetta
3 - Ali Abdullah Gamt
5 - Osama Bashir Qayedi
6 - Mohammed Hamad Al-Taib
7 - Abdul Rahman Allam Allam
8 - Ali Black
9 - Gigi Hussein
10 - GhaithAkila
11 - Sanusi Aorkah
13h/ [As we predicted ] First burger chain to open  [Instant food is traditional in Africa]
BurgerFuel’s CEO of International Markets, Chris Mason, based in Dubai, stated: “We saw Libya as one of the leading countries to enter in North Africa. Democracy is flourishing right now so this is a sought-after market to enter and to take first mover advantage in. Our partner has opened the first Il Caffe di Roma which is achieving amazing sales figures and we see BurgerFuel being just as successful.”

12h/ UAE firms look to capitalise on emerging opportunities in Libya
[Note: UAE [private state emir] importing experts from all fields. 
Why Libiya itself if it wants to, can not import the experts?
 Is Libya to import experts to Dubai ruler? ]
The UAE is playing an active role in supporting Libya on political, military, security and humanitarian grounds while also offering technical support [ whic Libyan wil pay]. The upcoming event will provide a major showcase of various industry expertise reflecting the importance of the vital sectors to Libya's economy by bringing together, production, service and supply companies, in addition to some of the world's leading technology companies.
10/ #Libya Vandals attacked more graves of some dead moslems with explosives this time

Yesterday/#Libya REPORT #SABHA #Sebha - in short -
The Tobu and Tuareg have taken the airport of Sabha. Destroyed planes, so NTC can't escape.
The Tuareg, the Tobu and the Gaddadfa have taken it back together./ unconfirmed/ [@ahmabd55 ]
Sabha Sacking NTC's local council,the Tobou-tribe destroys Militia leader Ali Saleh El Hamat and captures Bahr Eldine
Militia leader Messaoud Mohamed Elhawl got shot through the heart. They try to reanimate him right now.
OuledElAlem-Battallion (pro-NTC) encircled by Tobou-fighters. Zawiya-Militias on their way to prevent the inevitable. [@SaintJust88]
The Tabu and Tuareg have taken the airport of Sabha. Destroyed planes, so NTC can't escape.
#NTC preparing to send tanks to Sabha! Wonder where the world news is.. They are going to massacre like they did in Sirte. #Libya wake up [@ahmabd55 ]

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 26.  March 2012.
03h/ Interior illegal NTC Minister al-Khadrawi: Situation Very dangerous & Sensitive Army chief working on sending Defence Team to Sebha
 TARHUNA - Sabha seems to be overshadowing the clashes in Tarhuna as well. 3 Killed in Clashes in Tarhuna [Western Libya]
02h/  TRIPOLI's rubbish crisis - armed clashes with local residents at Sidi Sayah dump near #Tripoli 

01h/ To launch green balloons in the sky on wensday ! 
Loyal campaign to launch the green balloons in the sky of Great Jamahiria , We will release green balloons in the sky everywhere around the world .

00h/ R2P: Imperial Conquest by Another Name
As the world recovers from one humanitarian peace bombing in Libya, and braces for another possible intervention in Syria, many are now asking how it is that the so-called liberal left have become cheerleaders for the very wars of aggression they once pretended to deride. As long-time investigate reporter Pepe Escobar explains, an obscure international doctrine called Responsibility To Protect or R2P has been the main tool for shaping this new paradigm for the continuation of NATO's imperial power grabs around the world.
24h/ Stratfor Emails: US Government Contractor Was Involved In Gaddafi Killing 
Emails obtained from intelligence gathering outfit Stratfor and leaked by Wikileaks show that a former director of Blackwater, the US mercenarycontractor organization, was sent by the US government to fight alongside rebels in Libya, and was even involved in the killing of Muammar Gaddafi.
4h/ 23h/ TV report for Sabha today

22h/ Clashes in Sabha today -video

Prosperity and DEMOCRACY? Look LIBYA NOW! Thank you NATO!

21h/ 'Too many powers wanted Gaddafi silenced' - ex-NTC head to RT
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was wanted dead so his secrets [??] would die with him. So insists Mahmoud Jibril, the man who led the NTC uprising to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi's regime, in an exclusive interview with RT.

20h/ "Truth will finally out on Lockerbie bombing"
I'VE never believed the Lockerbie verdict that Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was guilty of the Lockerbie bombing in 1988.
 Now the long hushed-up, 800-page report on the case by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission has concluded that a miscarriage of justice almost certainly occurred.
19h/  TRIPOLI: reports of clashes at Tripoli airport between the Zentan battalion & rats battalions. Several people dead at Tripoli airport, clashes continue
18h/ SABHA - One of  caught by Tobou people. According to Algeria ISP, his name is Bahr Eldine. His cousin Mansour El Aswed just got crushed by Tobou-tribesmen!

17h/ SABHA -  Tobou attacked with heavy weapons and launchers the Hall of the People where the a gathering of the tribe of Suleiman was going on, Tobou killed five people from the tribe of Suleiman. Currently a hospital is full of wounded. The Awlad Suleiman tribe  was notoriously anti-Gaddafi and responsible for most of the rebel activity in Sabha.
Sabha today 
16h/  BANI WALID  - Columns of NTC gangs  on the way to Bani Walid.According to the information they intend to raid the town and look for the supporters of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi by force of arms. Caution needed.
15h/ Jalil is visiting Izrael next week as well. To say 'thank you' probably
14h/ SIRTE - News coverage: Attempted assassination of Abdul Jalil in Sirte [Poor Jalil, doesn't know where to turn, or hide.. everyone is chasing him, he is hated by all the fractions in Libya]

14h/ Although very unpopular in his own country, Jalil will soon go to Palestine to PR himself and try gathering muslim support abroad
13h/ BENGHAZI - NATO rebels stormed the Benghazi hotel where Jalil was staying so he was forced to flee..
12h/ TRIPOLI -  second explosion heard in airport road near the seafront
11h/ Libyan new government NTC is kidnapping journalists: Honest political activist and journalist Alfasi, who had been attacked earlier by the NTC, because she exposed them on more than one occasion, she reported about their theft and squandering of public money, and was subjected to death treats because of it, and she's been kidnapped by a gunmen now

10h/ [Last night] The European Union prevents from tonight any aircraft registered in Libya from landing on any European airport,in order for libyan government to provide security for Libyan airports, ban will apply from tonight at 12 CET March 25, 2012
09h/  You can view and upload videos of NATO crimes here: 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 25.  March 2012.
24h/ LOCKERBIE EXCLUSIVE : we publish the report that could have cleared Megrahi -

The Sunday Herald today publishes the full 800-page report detailing why the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing could have walked free..
PDF doc -->

The controversial report from the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) has remained secret for five years because, until now, no-one had permission to publish it

LOCKERBIE EXCLUSIVE : we publish the report that could have cleared Megrahi
24h/ YEFREN - Why the French Ambassador visited Yefren [3 hours south/south west of Tripoli] today?

23h/ TRIPOLI - Libyan militia handing over airport security to government police, military _ ready or not
 The militia from Libya’s western mountainous area of Zintan said it no longer wants to be responsible for securing the airport seven months after it assumed control there.

Zintan militia spokesman Khaled al-Zintani said the former rebels were responsible for securing a 15-kilometer (10-mile) radius around the airport following a proliferation of long and short-range missiles that could threaten air traffic. Meanwhile, the government staffed civilian posts like the customs office.
The government promised in a statement Sunday that it would take over by the afternoon, but later issued a statement saying the handover was running behind schedule. It did not elaborate.
23h/ Egyptian border guards seized half a million narcotic pills and 3300 boxes of cigarettes smuggled across the border from Libya.
Chinese cigarettes contain substances harmful to human health caused the sudden rise in pressure may lead to death immediately.
22h/ SIRTE - Large number of Al Qaeda and Misurata rats in Sirte / unconfirmed reports of clashes with heroic youth from the city
20h/ Greeting from PARADISE for rats and NTC's "Newt Dubai"

19h/ BENGHAZI  Clashes which started yesterday still ongoning. Green flag raised over the cemetary.
18h/ Did you know that NTC indicated its willingness to "write Off " Mauritania 28 million dollars DEBT to Libya in return for Abdullah Senussi 2days ago? Can they be more slimy??
18h/ The hospital director was kidnapped Dr.Almati, by an armed group following the Supreme Security Committe words against him.

17h/ LIBYA - [yestreday] Blocked streets with burnt tires & garbage around Tripoli & Benghazi are becoming everyday national phenomenon. NTC has no money for the traitors and mercenaries, you were just a useful tools/fools for them. Deal with it!

16h/  (Time for smart ones to infiltrate a NATO press nest) LibyaHerald NEEDS Libya-based Reporters Writers in English or Arabic WorkFromHome Contact: or phone 0925608694
15h/ AL QAEDA'S LEADER BELHADJ FORMING A POLITICAL PARTY: Hizb el Watn will be called the Abdul Hakim Belhadj's political party with the backing of Ali Sallabi. 'Hizb el Watn" will be formally announced on 16th April after 3 day conference in Tripoli. Speachless..
14h/ SIRTE  - Members of Sirte battalion shot  at the members of Interior Ministry who were in the company of NTC President during his visit to Sirte.
 Misurata rebels and Interior Ministry gave 24h to the people of Sirte to hand over the attackers. According to Libyan channel, 60 Misurata rebel fighters are now based at the gates waiting for commands from Interior Ministry.Note: Members of the Interior Ministry which were attacked are originally from Misurata.
13h/ TRIPOLI - Libyan militiamen storm luxury Tripoli hotel
Armed militiamen stormed a Turkish-owned  hotel in the Libyan capital Tripoli, firing shots and detaining its Turkish manager in a dispute over an unpaid bill, an employee said, highlighting the continuing volatility in the North African country.
"He shot twice into the air and broke vases in the lobby. Then his men stormed in," the employee said, as he pointed to a bullet hole in the ceiling of the reception area.
Militiamen then rushed off in their cars, taking the Turkish hotel manager with them. No one was hurt by the incident, but the hotel manager "Rixos" Turkish nationality, Sukru Cusack, was kidnapped and beaten by armed men who released him after the intervention of the Turkish Embassy.
12h/ Libya ex-PM [?]  says West has abandoned his country
BRUSSELS — Libya's former prime minister [when ? how? by who?]  Mahmud Jibril on Saturday expressed concern that the West had abandoned his country after the collapse of Moamer Kadhafi's regime.
"It is a fatal mistake to abandon Libya", Jibril said at a forum organised by public policy institute the German Marshall Fund of the United States.
"When the regime collapsed, the state collapsed as well. And when the regime collapsed, everyone disappeared."[ ouuuuuuuu I am so soooooooory Mr Traitor NATOpupet]
11h// BENGHAZI, Libya — Libyan tribesmen have closed the country's main border crossing with Egypt, complaining of a rise in crime and rampant smuggling of drugs and weapons across the frontier, residents and officials said.
Although most of the  smugglers are members of NATO's daling rebels  that has profited handsomely from the smuggling, tribal elders and residents affected by the lawlessness decided the only solution was to take matters into their own hands, said Bassit al-Harram, who lives in the Libyan town of Misaid near the border. The tribesmen seized control of the Libyan side of the Salloum crossing from the smugglers and former rebels late Friday, he said.
 "We decided as residents of the border to close it until the Interior Ministry assists," al-Harram said. 

08h/ TRIPOLI  - 24-03-2012 21: 30 pm all roads were closed

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 24.  March 2012.
24h/ UN rights throws out Russia proposal on Libya detentions
The UN Human Rights Council on Friday adopted a resolution urging Libya's new rulers to probe all alleged abuses, but threw out a Russian proposal calling for a halt to arbitrary detentions.
The council also rejected an amendment tabled by the Ugandans, who sought to include a reference to "express deep concern about the deliberate killings ... of persons of Sub-Saharan origins."
The amendments tabled by the two delegations hours before the council session was due to close sparked frantic negotiations among ambassadors.
Russia said its proposal would have made the resolution backed by Western states "more balanced."
"It calls upon the Transitional Government of Libya to address the cases of arbitrary detention, including of foreign nationals, and to release them immediately or to bring them to fair trial," said Russia.
Uganda meanwhile said its amendment was tabled as it feared that "impunity and a deliberate targeting of a particular ethnic group would continue."
"We hope that this amendment will in some nature treat all situations of abuse with equal measure," said the Ugandan envoy.
However, the United States and Italy both said they could not support the proposals as they came too late.
23h/ AMSAAD (EGYPTIAN BORDER) - The crossing area Amsaad border between Libya and Egypt closed by the people of the region, without specifying the reason.
Many families Libyan and Egyptian  are conected  to this port. They   appealed to authorities to facilitate the transit of the crossing [ about 150 kilometers] from the Libyan city of Tobruk.
Many families including children sleeping on the ground in harsh conditions .
It is noteworthy that at this port had already seen [last February] clashes between the battalion Shield of Tobruk and the Egyptian army. Clashes  resulted in the injury of two members of the battalion, and their withdrawal .
SIRTE  - Violent clashes among the people of  Sirte and Masratah  Al Qaeda  criminals
TRIPOLI  - Storm of the militia at Rixos Hotel and the kidnapping  director of Hotel
One headline from Tripoli Post yesterday truly shocked me, the headline went like this :
 "Libya:Libyan Oil Firms Get more Autonomy to Become Economically Successful"
Pause ...
22h/ Libya before and after NATO 's humanitarian intervention and NTC democracy

21h/ MANGA EDITION of Muammar al-Qathafi and Libya

20h/ ISTANBUL - Police Detain 32 Libyans Who Ransacked Istanbul Consulate

Turkish police detained more than two dozen Libyans after they occupied and ransacked the Libyan consulate in Istanbul
19h/ SIRTE  - Shocking video: Al Qaeda with their black flags entering Sirte yesterday 23.03.2012

17h/ TRIPOLI  - several roads leading to neighbourhoods of the capital have been closed.
These roads are:-- Guergash - Al Gorji - Al Sabri - road of the tribunal - Ghot Al Chaal - round point Al Darene - road number 9 - road number 10 - Al Falah
16h/ LIBYA  - Postcards from Libyan banks

15h/ BENGHAZI  - Libyan NTC Promises Trial Before Elections for Senussi. More excuses for their reluctance to hold the elections?
14h/ BANI WALID -  two explosions in police station of Bani Walid, the first report says no one was injured
13h/ LONDON  - Voter registration is open at the Libya embassy in London.Who to vote for -NTC or NTC? #democracyFAIL
12h/ ALERT Please note the difference between real and dangerous counterfeited gas tanks, which are flooding Libya now, cause there is no real import supervision anymore 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 23.  March 2012.
00h/ Libya: Brigands - Revolutionaries and the UN
As NATO and the GCC persevere with their project of remodeling the Greater Middle East and North Africa, a constant flow of fighters have been crossing from Libya into Syria and vice versa. According to Alexander Mezyaev, far from pursuing peace as stipulated in its Charter, the United Nations has become an instrument of this policy.
The new Ban Ki-moon’s report contains information on combat actions ofthe forces loyal to the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, that continue resistance to NATO/UN occupants and local collaborators. The resistance takes place in the biggest cities: Tripoli, Bani-Walid, Corfu etc [1].
24h/ The International Commission of Inquiry on Libya
The Report of the The International Commission of Inquiry on Libya has been issued and provides some interesting reading.
A few initial comments:
Tawerghans – to be ‘wiped off the face of the planet’
The report supports Human Rights Investigation’s position regarding the crimes committed against the Tawerghans. The report confirms our reporting on the ethnic cleansing (although they do not use the words) of the town of Tawergha:
In the months after Tawergha was emptied of its population, houses and public buildings continue to be looted and destroyed by the Misratan thuwar.
23h/ NTC promise :Libya will be next Dubai
22h/ NATO [ war crime]  bombing the Bani Walid with phosphorus bombs [flashback]

21h/  #Tripoli #freedom made by NATO and NTC. They FIXED IT!

20h/ TRIPOLI - Market few hours later

19h/ TRIPOLI  - Market today! -

18h/ TRIPOLI - big fire destroy Al-Akremia Market in Tripoli at the morning done by armed NTC gangs video is here -

17h/ Ajdabiya [last days] : People waiting in endless lines in front of banks for hours, just to hear the words "No money, Sir" in the end

16h/ Bernard-Henri Lévy BHL  answers questions on the Libyan intervention and universal values

Bernard-Henri Lévy  BHL (French pronunciation: [bɛʁnaʁɑ̃ʁi levi]; born November 5, 1948) [9]
Lévy is proudly [sephardic] Jewish, and he has said that Jews ought to provide a unique Jewish moral voice in world society and world politics.
For some bizarre reason, Levy seems to be convinced that his beloved Jews-only state is an “exemplary democracy”. He says: “One does not boycott the only society in the Middle East where Arabs read a free press, demonstrate when they wish to do so, send freely-elected representatives to parliament and enjoy their rights as citizens.” 
15h/ Quest for truth in Arab media wars  
War is good for ratings, but some Arab networks are being accused of affecting, rather than reflecting, the conflicts. Despite the regional media market being one of the most saturated in the world, there is still much space for unbiased coverage.
14h/ Nikolaj Sologubovski was in Libya . He is eyewintess. NATO killed 3 children [30th April 2011. ] Gaddafi's grandchildren . Can you IMAGINE that someone from another continets come in your house and ... you child ? Imagine ...

13h/ MALI - The Causes of the Uprising in Northern Mali
The Tuareg rebels' recent attacks represent a fourth roll of the Kel Tamasheq dice.
In truth, neither Gaddafi’s fall nor AQIM nor drugs and insecurity are the prime movers behind this latest revolt. They are just fresh opportunities and circumstances in a very old struggle. The first rebellion of the nomadic Tuareg, (or Kel Tamasheq - ‘the Tamasheq speaking people’ - as they prefer to be known) against the central government of Mali broke out in 1963 when a young renegade called Alladi Ag Alla attacked two camel-mounted policemen or goumiers in a remote region north of the town of Kidal. Mali had only just won its independence from France
12h/ MALI - Corporate media pleads ignorance as "flickers" of Al Qaeda once again emerge. [by Tony Cartalucci ]
Western media cites "weapons left over from the Libyan civil war," as the impetus for "Tuareg" separatism. However, while it is true the nomadic Tuareg people exist in a region that includes Mali, southern Algeria, Niger, and parts of western Libya, it should also be noted that Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) operate in territory that almost perfectly overlays that of the Tuareg. AQIM are also the more likely recipients of Libyan weapons handed to them by their Libyan Al Qaeda affiliates, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group who led the 2011 NATO-backed rebellion against Qaddafi. 

Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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