May 2, 2012

NTC DICTATORSHIP: New laws criminalise support for Gaddafi family

The NTC has approved a law criminalizing any glorification of Muammar Qadaffi or any support for him or the ex-regime!!

Also passed at the NCT’s meeting on Tuesday was a law expropriating all the assets of Qaddafi and members of his family.

NTC spokesman Muhammed Al-Hareizi confirmed to Libya Herald that the two new laws had been passed. They would be made public on Thursday he said.

Qadaffi family assets have in practice been seized within Libya, but NTC believes that there are more to be discovered. A law will enable a funded "government" department to spend time and effort tracking down assets.

In Italy five weeks ago, the authorities seized more than $1.5bn in Libyan assets, mainly shareholdings in major companies, with the false explanation that they belonged to Gaddafi. These, however, were seized at the request of the ICC. Now Libya needs to pursue its own assets abroad and have them seized back!

This NTC style "democracy" has no room for these people's will
Glorification of Qaddafi and support for him may lend you a LEGAL jail time in newly imposed NTC dictatorship! Up to now a NTC's witch hunt for "Gaddafi's supporters" was done illegaly, tortures of people in illegal prisons included (such as: making them eat green flags and jump like monkeys in cages if they happen to be black, electrocution, pulling out fingernails, rape etc). Even Doctors Without Borders ran away from Misurata cause they were sick with patching up illegal prisoners for the continuation of tortures. Now a simple universal accusation "of being Qaddafi supporter" will be enough for you to legally place behind the bars your first neighbor who plays too loud music, a business competitor, a lady who sold you an out of date vegetable at the market, a boy who pushed you in secondary school in front of the girls... Understandably, citizens in other parts of the world sometimes wish people who simply go on their nerves to go to hell or jail as well, but luckily they have no judiciary support to send them there. In Libya such laws, believe it or not, are now in existence!
NTC- how do you think all these people will react to this law?
Besides, the biggest tribes in Libya are supporters of Gaddafi, such as Warfalla tribe, which numbers 2 million Libyans (the country has 6 million citizens in total). It is not difficult to see that "jail construction industry" might be the next big thing apart from oil in the new Libya. Political prosecutions will replace kidnappings for ransom in this branch of industry. After all, kidnappings for ransom (based on the same "You are Gaddafi supporter" principle) are soooo-last-year.

What do the accomplices in crime, such as HRW, UN and Amnesty say about this? Nothing, why should they? It fits their puzzle. Besides, they are too busy spending your money on the next imperialistic aim, enslaving other nations and taking away their rights in one of the most profitable industry on earth : creating Orwellian PR war games.

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength"

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