May 1, 2012

Libyan Resistance News 30.04.2012

The burial o Saif al Arab Gaddafi and 3 of Gaddafi's grandchildren/ Photo:Reuters

-One year ago Gaddafi's youngest son and 3 grandchildren were killed in NATO air strike on Libya

NATO Bombing of Downs Syndrome School in Tripoli, Libya a year ago.

-Israel, America and NATO turning a blind eye to weapon smuggling from Libya to Syria

- The Timeline of the war in Libya:

- Demonizing the Libyan leader and his army.

- Bombing the cities.

- Send mercenaries to complete the dirty work.

- Creating conflicts between the tribes.

- Sowing the chaos in Libya.

- Stealing and extract oil free of charge.

 Wake up you Libyans!!

-CAMERON HAS A SECRET ABOUT LOCKERBIE that explains why was he desperate to have Gaddafi blamed personally for the sabotage of Pan Am Flight 103 on 21 December 1988, and to have Gaddafi executed without a trial.
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