May 21, 2012

Muammar al Gaddafi : Once Again, an Urgent Call to Form a Party

"Today, it's a party and not the people who rules. There are no popular conferences! Therefore, we must crash this tool, which does not represent the people, so that the people can rule. But what is the people?"
[....then he elaborates on that term, concluding]:
"We have now laid up the definition of 'the people' and it is a truly bourgeois definition, and quite unsatisfying. It is a mixture of contradictions and speculations. No doubt, in this definition, 'the people' includes sections of the population that are hostile to one another, combative elements, groups that are against each other socially. Thus, within a people, there are forces and elements of exploitation, theft and monopoly, as well as partisanship, tribalism, reaction, and corruption."

"Following the definition of 'the people', we return to our call for the forming of a party, but how?
Those who rule now, under the umbrella of popular democracy, are not the masses, building a state of masses, but an alliance - not of the people's laboring forces - but an alliance that is against them. It is a despicable alliance, whose own elements do not know one another, but they know each others methods.
They do not meet together and take an oath of allegiance" their alliance is a tacit one......

There is no option but to form a new party - not a party to rule the people, but to draw out the masses from within the people. Not a partial party that rules the entirety, but an entirety that produces a part- the body triumphing over the cancer.

It is a daring operation, a qualitative leap, a new revolutionary lead to create the state of the masses.
Only the masses have an interest in revolution, which the parasites take their share of, and Dracula drinks its blood..."
Muammar al Gaddafi, an excerpt from his essay written in '90s "Once Again, an Urgent Call to Form a Party"
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